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Chapter 400: Battle Against Di Tian!
Hearing Di Tian’s calmly spoken domineering words was like facing the might of heaven itself. When he spoke, it felt like the heaven itself was interrogating all the living. And Di Tian, especially dressed in that cloak and that unique crown, looked as if he ruled over all realms and was in control of all the lives in the universe.
With that supreme majesty, he looked down on Su Ming. His voice was not loud, but there was a will within them that allowed no dispute, no disobedience. The world had to obey.
It was as if all the living had to tremble once they heard his words and must kneel down to worship. Endless respect and fear must appear in their hearts.
"What a load of bull!" The red-haired Su Ming’s answer to Di Tian’s domineering words were merely those five words! His hair burned in that fiery shade of red and the crimson light in his eyes was extremely bright when he stared at Di Tian.
He said languidly, "What does it have to do with me whether you can repair the defects of the sky and earth? Repairing things is a task given to laborers, why are you bragging about it?! What does it have to do with me whether you can submerge the sun and moon? Do the sun and moon need to bath? Is that supposed to make you mightier than the others?
"But since you like this sort of status, then I will fulfill your dreams!" The red-haired Su Ming looked at the incoming Di Tian and lifted his right hand swiftly to form a seal before he connected his index finger with his thumb. Once they formed a circle, he seized at the ground through the air.
Following his actions, the earth immediately started trembling violently.
At that moment, Di Tian lifted two fingers of his right hand and pointed casually at Su Ming. The instant he did so, Su Ming’s body jolted, as if an invisible force had just crashed into him, pushing him so he instantly tumbled backwards. He was forced back several thousands of feet and cast out of the mountain.
Su Ming’s vision blurred. The mountain disappeared, replaced by the flowing river on the ground. Everything returned to the sight he’d seen when he was outside the mountain’s barrier.
Su Ming’s face darkened. As he fell back, he began forming seals with both hands. He seized at the ground once again through the air and veins popped up all over his face. He let out a low growl.
At the same time, Di Tian took a step forward in Su Ming’s direction, walking out of the area of the mountain in the land of the Shamans as well. His expression was as calm as ever, and not a hint of emotion could be seen. He looked at Su Ming and lifted his right hand once again. This time, he did not use just two fingers but sliced down with four.
That one slash caused the sky before Di Tian to suddenly let out cracking sounds. Four gigantic cracks abruptly split the sky. It was dark inside those cracks, and a great chill spread out from within.
When the sky was cut down by Di Tian’s four fingers, it was unable to bear it and was ripped apart. Those four cracks were like four twisting black dragons that charged towards Su Ming at incredible speed.
The instant the four cracks arrived less than a hundred feet away from Su Ming, he lifted his head swiftly, and the hands seizing the ground through the air swiped upward along with his head’s movements.
"Earth, Rise!"
A strange glow appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, and the instant he brought his hands upward, the ground underneath started trembling violently, and cracks swiftly appeared, causing the long river to look as if it was about to crumble. A large amount of water surged into those cracks, but that was nothing compared to the illusions that formed once the ground started trembling.
Once those illusions started overlapping with each other, the earth’s soul seemed to have escaped its body and started floating outwards. This sight appeared all over the ground in a circular area of ten thousa

nd lis around them.
It did not matter whether it was the river or the plains, the instant their illusions started overlapping each other and the moment Su Ming lifted his hands, the earth’s soul floated up and appeared before him, turning into a gigantic mass of land. That mass of land stood straight, like a gigantic shield blocking the four cracks!
It might have been a simple illusion, but from the distance, that erect mass of land was a shocking sight to behold!
Once the earth lost its soul, the long river dried up and a large amount of cracks formed on the ground. The soil started showing signs of crumbling away, and it seemed as if anyone took even one step there, they would sink into the earth.
The grass on the plains withered away and died, and a dismal atmosphere overtook the land.
Almost the instant the shield, formed by the earth’s soul, rose in front of Su Ming, a loud crash rang in the sky. The four cracks rammed into the earth’s soul, turning into an endless amount of rumbling that spread in all directions.
The four cracks might have seemed like ordinary cracks, but in truth, the power contained within them was incredibly shocking. Once they crashed into the mass of land formed by the earth’s soul, three of them disappeared. The final crack imprinted itself on the earth’s soul, causing the illusionary mass of land to be repeatedly forced back as loud rumbling sounds rang in the air, pushing Su Ming’s body to also continuously move back as well.
However, the red-haired Su Ming did not show a hint of panic on his face. Instead, with a dark smile, he shouted out two words with a voice akin to thunder.
"Sky, Shatter!"
The moment those words fell out his lips, the illusionary mass of land formed by the earth’s soul increased its speed as it moved back, and once it pushed Su Ming several tens of thousands of feet back, a shocking boom reverberated behind him.
The appearance of those rumbling sounds made it seem as if Su Ming had crashed into air itself while being pushed back by the illusionary mass of land. It was as if the air itself was not limitless but contained a barrier, and that crash caused a big hole to appear in the sky!
Right when the hole appeared, the earth’s soul let out a whistle and charged into it, tearing at it and destroying it, causing the hole that had appeared in the sky due to the crash to widen swiftly to nearly ten thousand feet in size. From the distance, it seemed as if the sky was leaking and a large amount of freezing air spilled out from within to spread through the land.
An endless amount of suction force came from within the hole, causing a large amount of soil to immediately fly up and be swallowed up. In fact, the mountain in the land of the Shamans that was originally hidden and could not be seen with the naked eye started distorting where it was hidden away. Clearly, it was only barely hanging on under the power of that suction.
‘With my current power, I can’t cause the sky to shatter, but with the power of the earth, I can use its soul to crash into the sky’s spirit, so I’m still able to tear the sky apart somewhat. Since you want to repair the sky, then go on and repair it!
‘Since you left your projection in this unknown world, then this place must be incredibly important to you. If that’s the case, let’s see whether you’ll repair it!’
With one move, the red-haired Su Ming appeared in another place. He seized at the ground with both his hands once again, and as the ground rumbled, another illusionary mass of land formed by the earth’s soul appeared in midair. As Su Ming moved back, he used its power and rammed it against the air, causing it to let out a ripping sound, and the second gigantic hole of ten thousand feet wide appeared!
An even stronger suction force spread out, and the area hiding the mountain in the land of the Shamans crumbled. The space around it continued distorting, causing the mountain that had remained hidden from the naked eye for numerous years to reveal itself!
That suction force caused the mountain to tremble, as if it was about to be pulled off the ground and sucked into the hole.
Di Tian remained expressionless. As he stood in midair, he lifted his right hand and formed a seal before clenching his fist. The instant he did so, Su Ming’s robes immediately started dancing in the air, and his red hair was also swept up by a violent gust of wind.
He immediately noticed that the power of the world from afar started charging towards where they were with a shocking speed. This was not due to the holes in the sky absorbing them but was brought towards them by Di Tian’s action of clenching his fist.
The power of the world came towards them from such a wide area that it made Su Ming’s pupils shrink.
‘It’s just a projection, and he already has this amount of power..? Damn it! Just how many years have passed? The Di Tian in my memories is definitely not this strong!
‘Just… how many years have passed by..?’ A dazed look appeared on the red-haired Su Ming’s face, but he instantly snapped out of it and a glint appeared in his eyes.
‘Whatever, if I can’t even kill his projection, then I can forget about killing his original body!’ Su Ming lifted his right hand swiftly and seized at the air. Immediately, a bloody eyeball appeared in his hand.
This was naturally the eye containing the Hidden Execution of Justice, which he had just obtained from the old man from Hidden Dragon Sect!
When Di Tian was about to unfurl his fist and press his palm against the first hole in the sky to make the power of the world to gather together to charge towards it in an attempt to mend it, Su Ming tossed up the eyeball in his hand. He rapidly started forming seals with his hands, continuously creating new seals to fuse with the eyeball. His expression was incredibly grave and the variety of seals was so diverse that it surpassed the amount of seals the old man from Hidden Dragon Sect had been able to form.
The revealed mountain on the ground started trembling even more furiously. A large amount of soil was sucked into the sky, and the base of the mountain had also floated several inches from off the ground as the mountain continued trembling.
At that moment, as Di Tian pressed his palm at the first hole and the power of the world continuously surged in, the first crack in the sky started closing up rapidly, shrinking swiftly. While Su Ming was pushing in that large amount of seals into the eyeball, the first hole disappeared, completely mended. Not a hint of it could be seen; the sky looked completely normal.
Soon after, the expressionless Di Tian used the same method to point at the second hole. As the power of the world surged towards it, Di Tian turned his head around and looked at Su Ming, then lifted his foot to take one step towards him.
He disappeared, and almost the instant it happened, a glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. Without even the slightest hint of hesitation, he immediately moved back with that eyeball. When he had retreated ten thousand feet away, a bang rang at the space he’d stood previously. Numerous cracks formed at that spot, as if an invisible fist had crashed into that space.
Those cracks disappeared soon after they appeared, and Di Tian walked out from within, then he took another step towards Su Ming once again.
However, this time, the instant Di Tian took that one step, Su Ming, who was ten thousand feet away, suddenly lifted his head. Killing intent flashed in his eyes, and he pushed his hands forward, pushing that eyeball towards where Di Tian was.
"Hidden Execution of Justice!"

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