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Once the old man died, the bronze-colored halberd slowly turned its body and spread its divine sense swiftly in all directions around it. The light instantly covered Sky Mist City, and to the south, east, west, and north - the four corners of South Morning.

It covered the entire Land of South Morning.

At that moment, almost all the outsiders in the Land of South Morning felt their hearts trembling in fear no matter what level of cultivation they had. Even the old man in the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky felt the same.

There was no point to the Immortals being powerful. At that moment, when the halberd descended, they did not dare reveal even a hint of their presence. All their eyes were filled with terror and anxiety, and that emotion was clear proof of the power of the person who left that halberd behind in the past. It was enough to prove that all outsiders in the land of the Berserkers… were in the end, outsiders!

The halberd in the sky moved forward slowly. Once it spread out its divine sense, a buzzing sound suddenly appeared from its body, and that buzz instantly covered the entire Land of South Morning, reverberating in its sky. That sound… was like a provocation!

It was as if the halberd was provoking all the Immortals hidden in the Land of South Morning to see who would dare to reveal their presence!

"So strong…" There were four old men standing on a plain of grass beyond the Immortals’ Mountain of Descending, the mountain which the Shamans could not see with their naked eye and which Su Ming was headed to. The four old men all looked at the sky with terror ridden, pale faces.

Once they had noticed the strange sight in the sky, they immediately moved, but when they walked out of the place, they had no choice but to descend. They did not dare continue fly in the sky.

"This is the Berserker Tribe… the terrifying, mysterious Berserker Tribe!"

"No wonder the Sect Leader yearned for the Berserker Tribe so much and even told us not to reveal our presence as Immortals too much. If we truly have to reveal our presence, we must have Celestial Maidens by our side to cover the Berserkers’ heavens…"

"This is the third time I saw it appear. You appeared later, but I saw it twice before. Every single time, it would come due to a fellow Daoist not believing in the mysteries of the place and revealing his power, bringing his own death on his head."

Even Sky Mist’s ancestor looked nervous under Sky Mist City. The other two people’s faces were drained of blood, and they quickly suppressed all their power and presence. Shock and terror could be seen in their eyes.

"The Berserkers actually have such a powerful item..? That one strike from that weapon is already equivalent to the peak of the Second Step. Even if the Sect Leader or the others come, they will have trouble preventing this weapon from killing them!

"This… This… This Enchanted Vessel completely defies logic!"

"Just what is this place? This is just a vessel, and it already contains such insane power?! The Berserker Tribe is weak and the Shaman Tribe is insignificant, so why does a weak world like this have such a vessel!"

"Could it be that this is the reason why the Sect Leader and the Sect Elders place so much value on the land of the Berserkers? This is simply too terrifying. I just can’t imagine the weak Berserker Tribe possessing such an Enchanted Vessel that doesn’t even belong to their league! That Enchanted Vessel also clearly has Spiritual Sense. Who… who left it behind? Who… does it belong to?"

"Could it be… the first God of Berserkers?! That person who wrote down a humiliating part of our history, who enslaved us Immortals, who caused the death of a seventh of our people, who made the powerful Immortals prostrate to the Berserker Tribe if they wanted to form their own sects and could only do so if they were given approval..? The first God of Berserkers?!"

"Fellow Daoist Tian Lan, if the Land of South Morning has this thing, then does it mean that there are other Enchanted Vessels like this in the other continents in the land of Berserkers?!"

The people in the underground palace were plunged into shock when that halberd appeared. After a long time, Sky Mist’s ancestor spoke in a low voice.

"The other three continents have these so called sacred vessel of the Berserker Tribe lying around as well. However, compared to them, the truly terrifying one is the tribal vessel of the Berserker Tribe in Great Yu Dynasty… The Great Barren Cauldron. If this thing can be considered a tribal vessel, then you can only imagine just how powerful that one is!"

Besides the underground palace in Sky Mist City, all the other Immortals in the land of the Berserkers fell into silence as the halberd continued letting out that provoking buzz. They did not dare let out a shred of their presence as Immortals.

In the face of the Berserker Tribe’s sacred vessel that could kill them in one hit, fear would rise in the people’s hearts. Such a powerful Enchanted Vessel was rare even among the Immortals, and trying to subdue an Enchanted Vessel like this was so difficult it was practically impossible.

As buzzing sounds reverberated in the sky, all the Immortals in the Land of South Morning fell into dead silence, except… a middle-aged man wearing an Emperor’s robe and crown walking in the sky from Sky Mist City.

That person had an expressionless face and there was not a hint of the presence of an Immortal on him. He did not have any intelligence either, only a natural instinct, and because he did not have any intelligence, that was why even if he heard that provocative buzz and felt the pressure in the sky, he was not bothered by it.

Since he only had his natural instincts, that was why even as he moved, his presence as an Immortal was not evident. Besides, there was something on his body that caused the halberd to ignore him once it scanned through him with its divine sense like it did the deceased old man when he was shielded away by that barrier previously.

The halberd floated slowly in the sky for a distance before it stopped letting out that provocative buzz. It returned to the crack in the sky and slowly disappeared inside. Once it did so, that crack recovered and the pressure disappeared. The world returned to normal.

Yet even so, all the Immortals in the Land of South Morning felt their hearts trembling in fear, and most of them will, for a long time into the future, act extremely cautiously.

Su Ming had his head lifted and kept his gaze trained on the halberd right until it disappeared. There was a spark of curiosity in his eyes, before it eventually turned into regret and he sighed.

"It’s a pity… that I can’t subdue this weapon, or else…" The red-haired Su Ming shook his head and turned his gaze towards the long-haired woman nearby.

Right up till the end, the woman did not reveal too much of her presence as an Immortal. Casting the Art to cover the Berserkers’ heavens mostly required the blood in the bottle, which was why even if the halberd appeared and killed the old man, it ignored her.

At that moment, she also looked towards Su Ming. Her petite body shivered in midair, and when Su Ming cast a glance at her, she averted her gaze.

With an aloof look, Su Ming walked towards her. The long-haired woman’s face was pale and she took a few steps backwards, but she had already made her decision in her heart. She stopped retreating, lifted her head stubbornly, and looked at Su Ming.

Su Ming walked up to the woman and once he sized her up, he lifted his right index finger and used his fingernail to touch the center of the woman’s brows.

After a long while, he lifted his finger.

"I should kill you, but you fit my requirements, so I will spare you." The red-haired Su Ming spoke slowly, and with a swing of his arm, a gust of red wind appeared out of nowhere, lifting up the long-haired woman along with him to charge towards the horizon. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared.

Several hundreds of thousands of lis away from the Mountain of Descending in the land of the Shamans that still could not be seen with the naked eye was an incredibly famous forest. And it was famous due to its beauty.

It was a fiery red forest. The red maple leaves there were special because no matter the season, they would always remain in their fiery red hue. From the distance, when the red leaves in the forest swayed in the wind, they would look like blazing flames.

At that moment, a gust of wind blew through the red leaves in the forest, causing sashaying sounds. The wind brought with it a cool breeze, and there were some leaves that twirled about in the air, dancing with it.

Fallen leaves covered the entire ground. Most of these leaves were red, though some of them had already started showing colors of withering. These leaves covered the entire ground, causing the people to feel as if they were walking in fire when when they stepped on it.

The red-haired Su Ming had brought the long-haired woman here two hours ago. Amidst the wind and the sashaying sounds of the leaves, the leaves around the area were like red fog that swirled in the air, forming a gigantic ball of maple leaves that existed quietly in the center of the forest.

When the sun set in the horizon, the light at dusk caused the fiery red hue in the place to be dyed in gold, giving it a different sort of beauty. At the same time, the ball of maple leaves in the forest slowly dissipated. When it did so and the leaves fell down, Su Ming walked out from within.

His hair seemed to have fused together with the maple leaves in the place. Even if some of them fell on his hair, no one would be able to notice it at first glance, and it was the same for his red robes. He, who walked out of the maple leaves, looked as if he was born in the fire-red forest.

His face was no longer pale and had a hint of red. His lips had already recovered to the normal shade of pink. However, the mark of peach blossoms at the center of his brows had become much more brilliant.

There was a woman sitting cross-legged among the scattered maple leaves behind Su Ming. The woman’s long hair spilled on her shoulders. At that moment, she opened her eyes and looked at the leaving man. The complicated look in her eyes became even more prominent. Her robes were fully intact and not a single article was missing, but her face had become much paler.

"I’ve always been waiting for this day… I wasn’t sure of it myself… I just wanted to see this Su Ming… You are him, but just a part of him…

"You aren’t awake yet…" she mumbled softly. There was an absent-minded look on her face. In her mind, she seemed to have returned to 180 years ago when she was still a coward and a weak girl from a small family who possessed the physique to become a Cultivator.

Under the guidance of her fellow sect members, she went to that place with over a hundred fellow disciples, and over there, she saw a person...

As that long-haired woman continued letting her mind wander, the red-haired Su Ming had gone further away. Gradually, he walked out of the fire-red forest and moved towards the evening sky. The wind sent him off, and there were a few maple leaves dancing in it… It was a truly… beautiful sight.

It did not matter whether it was Wan Qiu or the long-haired woman, the red-haired Su Ming never truly touched their bodies. The Art of the Dragon Subject, Yin Simurgh only required their aura of Yin.

In fact, even if he had killed a lot of people on the way here, he did not feel that there was anything abnormal about it. However, if the old man in the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky learned about it, he would definitely be able to find a few terrifying clues in his actions. In fact, he would definitely do everything he could without care of the consequences to notify his Master once he discovered this.

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