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"But I shouldn’t be so weak. I wasn’t originally so weak…" Su Ming stood on the gigantic red dragon, and as they moved forward, he dipped his head down to look at his own body. He parted his purple lips and sucked in a breath in the direction before him.

With that one inhale, the weather instantly changed. The wind and clouds tumbled back, and with an astonishing momentum, the power of the world from all around him gathered up at a maddening pace, and it was all sucked into Su Ming’s mouth.

Banging sounds rang all over his body. The liquid existing within that opened path in his body instantly increased by several fold. As it continued increasing, that liquid started circulating rapidly through the path. Due to its continuous increase, almost in an instant, the beginning and end of the trail of liquid in that path connected together, turning into a complete circuit. At the same time, a booming sound rang out.

Once the beginning and end of the trail of liquid connected together to form a complete circuit nine times in his body, nine consecutive booms rang within him. The liquid in that path disappeared in an instant. Almost the moment it disappeared, a round core about the size of a fingernail appeared in Su Ming’s stomach!

That core shone with a golden light, causing Su Ming’s body to be surrounded by that light, but that was not the end. At the same time that golden core appeared and Su Ming continued sucking in the power of the world through his parted purple lips, the dense power of the world rapidly fused into that path, turning into liquid to circulate through that path once again before blending into the golden core. This process repeated for an unknown amount of times, and eventually, the golden core in Su Ming’s dantian region [1] swelled up to the size of a fist.

Su Ming continued charging forth in the sky. Wherever the gigantic red dragon passed by, the people in the land of the Shamans who saw it would feel their hearts trembling, and fear shot up swiftly within them.

Su Ming’s power might not be great, but as his red hair appeared and as the will that was sealed up within him woke up when the seal was shattered due to the attack from his own desires, his divine sense manifested within him with a powerful might that it had never possessed before. The power of that divine sense was what the powerful warriors in the Land of South Morning had sensed, the power that surpassed the state of End.

As he moved forward, Su Ming continued absorbing the power of the world. Gradually, wherever he passed by in the land of the Shamans, the earth would become dull as if it had lost its life. The grass on the land withered away, the layers of clouds in the sky crumbled, but in turn, a crack appeared in that golden core within Su Ming’s body.

That crack continued spreading, looking as if there was a new life about to be born from within. A unique presence spread out and surrounded Su Ming.

"This body is too weak… It has inherited my divine sense, but it can only show off a tenth of my power, but with the aid of my divine sense, I can make it grow much stronger, and I’ll be able to bring out about a fifth of my power…" Su Ming mumbled. With red eyes, he lifted his right hand and struck his body. That one strike immediately caused the cracked golden core in his body to explode. As the golden core exploded, a small human with red hair with the exact same appearance as his appeared within his body.

"Still too weak. With a body like this and a level of cultivation like this, how can I kill Di Tian?!" The gigantic red dragon stopped in midair. As Su Ming stood on the dragon’s head, his expression darkened.

"I can feel it. I only have seven days to stay awake this time. Seven days later, I will fall asleep again… Seven days. Damn you, seven days. It’s impossible for me to make this body reach a level where I can kill Di Tian in seven days...

"The only way for me is to… cast that Secret Art. I’ll use that Secret Art to stimulate this body so that I can gain the strongest power possible within a short period of time! I remember that there are two Secret Arts that will allow me to do so!" A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and a frightening expression appeared on his face.

"One of them is the Art of the Dragon Subject, Yin Simurgh [2]. This Secret Art requires nine virgins with absolute Yin physiques. I will have to use their power of Yin to fuse with my divine sense, so that all my potential and life can be brought out in a short period of time!

"The other Secret Art requires me to search for the powerful warriors in this place and absorb the power of Essence from their bodies, which will allow me to become powerful for a short amount of time," Su Ming mumbled. His eyes sparkled, and he spread out his divine sense.

In an instant, his divine sense swept through a large part of the land of the Shamans. Based on his requirements, his divine sense quickly searched through the area which it expanded to, and then, Su Ming turned his head around to look at the sky in the distance.

"There aren’t any who fulfill the requirements for the Art of the Dragon Subject, Yin Simurgh, but this woman… even though she only fits the requirements a little, she’s still adequate. There are quite a few who fit the requirements for the second Secret Art, though." The gigantic red dragon beneath Su Ming let out a roar and charged into the space in the sky before disappearing without a trace.

Soon, the sky above a plain of grass in the land of the Shamans suddenly distorted and a long red dragon charged out with a howl. Without even stopping for even a brief moment, he crashed into the ground.

A furious howl could be heard in the midst of that loud rumble as it reverberated in the sky. The ground shattered under that rumble and a large crack appeared. An endless amount of red fog crawled out as the gigantic dragon crashed into the ground and surrounded the area, causing the place to be shrouded in red fog. At the same time a howl came from within the fog, a red figure in the sky charged into the fog with a ferocious expression.

The continuous rumbles lasted for an hour, then the area fell silent. That red fog gathered together and once it turned into that gigantic red dragon again, it shot up from the ground and flew towards the sky. At the same time it flew up, two figures were revealed in a deep pit on the ground.

One of them stood there with red robes, red hair, and a pair of strange, purple lips. That person was naturally the red-haired Su Ming. His right hand was pressing on an old man’s head.

That old man shivered as he knelt before Su Ming. He had his hands fixed on the ground with a pained expression on his face. As his body was wracked with violent shivers, wisps of white smoke crawled out from his eyes, ears, nose, and lips, and they quickly seeped into Su Ming’s body.

This process lasted for some time before Su Ming let go of his right hand. He turned around and took a step into the air to land on the long, red dragon. As the dragon let out a howl, it charged into space and disappeared once again.

The old man kneeling on the ground coughed out a huge mouthful of blood. With a pale face, he looked in the direction Su Ming had left with shock and fear. His body was incredibly weakened, but he immediately struggled up to his feet regardless of his weakened body and quickly left the area.

Within a mountain range in the land of the Shamans were two gigantic ferocious beasts of 10,000 feet big fighting against each other. One of them looked like a tiger but had a pair of wings. Its roars shook the sky and earth.

The creature fighting against the tiger was a ball of flesh that floated in midair. That ball of flesh continued wiggling around, causing black liquid to fall on the ground, letting out sizzling sounds once it touched the earth. There were numerous tentacles on its body, and at the end of each of the tentacles was a big moth. There were many sharp teeth within those mouths, and they were all fighting against that tiger-like creature.

That fight had lasted for several days, but on this day, as they continued fighting against each other, suddenly, a blood-red dragon charged out from the space in the sky above them with a howl. At the same time it charged towards the two beasts, it stirred up a large amount of red fog in the area. The two beasts were shocked, and when they lifted their heads to look, a red figure jumped into the fog. Loud, rumbling sounds traveled out from the fog, along with the ferocious beasts’ furious howls and roars.

After some time, the red fog gathered together to turn into the dragon. Su Ming stood on the dragon’s head. As the dragon rose into sky and disappeared into nothingness, the tiger-like beast lay in the mountain range on the verge of death. The disgusting ball of flesh was split in half and a large amount of black blood corroded the ground around it, and it was letting out a rotten stench.

The same sight appeared in many places in the land of the Shamans during that day. In their shock, all the hidden powerful Shamans were forced to face an existence that terrified them, and all of them had a large amount of their power sucked away.

Most of the ferocious beasts went through the same fate.

It was midnight. Within a valley in the land of the Shamans was a beautiful woman. She was trembling while staring fixedly at the person standing before her.

With red robes, a head full of red hair, and purple lips, that person exuded a cold presence. He was naturally the red-haired Su Ming. At that moment, he had his right index finger pointing at the center of the woman’s brows with a frown on his face, though no one had any idea what he was thinking about.

"Who are you?!" the woman cried out in a shrill voice. As she trembled, her eyes became filled with despair.

There were eight corpses around her, and all of them had died horrible deaths. It was difficult for her to forget what happened moments ago. She was just training there quietly, but this red-haired man suddenly appeared, and with just one swing of his arm, all her followers started fighting and killing each other as if they had gone mad.

"I am a disciple of the God of Shamans Temple. If you touch me, the entire God of Shamans Temple won’t let you get away with it!" The despair in the woman’s eyes became increasingly prominent.

The red-haired Su Ming looked as calm as ever and did not bother himself with the woman’s shrill screeches. He kept his right hand on the center of the woman’s brows. After a long while, he frowned.

"It’s a pity. You might be a virgin, but your aura of Yin is not enough. It must be related to the cultivation method you’re practicing. You must be training here because the aura of Yin in this place is strong as well." Su Ming shook his head, then lowered his right index finger from the center of her brows. He tapped the woman’s robes, and immediately, her robes was ripped into pieces and disappeared.

With tears and hate in her eyes, the woman closed her eyes.

Su Ming swept his gaze past the woman’s body. He did not seem like he was looking at a body, but his cold gaze made it seem like he was just looking at an ingredient. After a long while, he shook his head once again.

"The damage to your aura of Yin is too great. You aren’t up to standard." Su Ming turned around and no longer bothered himself with the woman. He was just about to leave when the woman spoke.

"Just who are you?!" She swiftly opened her eyes.

"I am Su Ming." With one move, the red-haired Su Ming disappeared from the place.

"Su Ming… Su Ming!" The woman gritted her teeth and engraved that name deep into her mind.

This day was like a disaster to the powerful warriors in the Shaman Tribe. As Su Ming discovered these warriors within the area in his divine sense, as he went to them, as he continued attacking and absorbing their power, his level of cultivation grew at a shocking pace, and he became increasingly stronger.

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