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Autumn Sea Tribe still had yet to complete their migration, but they were about to reach their destination. They were moving slowly at the edges of the land of the Shamans. There were numerous mackerel pikes swimming in the sky. The turtles on the ground were also moving slowly. The End Shaman, Zong Ze, was sitting cross-legged on his turtle. At that moment, his expression was dark, and he was occupied by his thoughts.

By his side, Wan Qiu also kept her silence while occasionally looking towards Zong Ze.

Time trickled by. They should have set up camp to rest during this dark night, but Zong Ze felt a sense of danger in his heart, which was why he asked his tribe to continue moving through the night, causing the entire tribe to stay alert of their surroundings. Only by doing so could they keep their battle power up to the best of their abilities when danger descended on them.

Wan Qiu looked at the sky and saw stars decorating the entire night sky. The warriors in the tribe were still in rather good condition, but most of the normal tribe members and the children were already tired.

"Sir Zong Ze… should we let the tribe rest for a while..?" Wan Qiu bit her bottom lip and asked softly.

Zong Ze remained silent for a moment and was just about to speak when his expression immediately changed. He stood up swiftly and lifted his head to look at the sky in the distance. His face turned incredibly dark.

Wan Qiu was taken aback for a moment. When she looked over as well, she did not see any changes in the dark sky. Just as she began to feel uncertain, a flash of red shot out suddenly from the dark sky, followed soon after by a roar that shook the sky. In that quiet night, that roar thundered in the air, shaking the sky so much that the mackerel pikes shuddered. The turtles on the ground also started trembling.

That red light was a gigantic red dragon that was 100,000 feet long. That dragon seemed to have crawled out from empty air. Once it appeared, it roared, and its roars spread in all directions. There was a man in red robes and long, fiery red hair standing on its head. Naturally, that man was Su Ming!

However, his current appearance had drastically changed from his original look. Those purple lips of his especially filled him with a strange air.

However, even if that was the case, all those who had seen him before could still find a trace of the original Su Ming from his current appearance, just like Wan Qiu did. When she saw him, her eyes immediately widened in disbelief.

Even Zong Ze was stunned when he saw Su Ming. He could clearly recognize that the person standing on the blood dragon in the sky was the powerful warrior that appeared during the day in the land of the Shamans. However, he absolutely did not expect that the mysterious powerful warrior would be Su Ming!

There were also several other people who recognized Su Ming, including that old female Latter Shaman. Once they saw Su Ming, they were all surprised.

"Sir, why did you come here deep in the middle of night?" It did not matter whether this mysterious powerful warrior was Su Ming or not, Zong Ze was still wary. At that moment, he leapt up and appeared in midair to stand before Su Ming.

"You… are very strong, but you’re not my opponent." Su Ming swept his crimson eyes past Zong Ze, then scanned through the entire Autumn Sea Tribe on the ground. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and trained his gaze on Wan Qiu.

"I came for her." Su Ming lifted his right hand and pointed at Wan Qiu with his index finger, along with the three inch long fingernail attached to that appendage.

The moment Su Ming pointed at her, Wan Qiu’s expression immediately changed. She frowned, and an aloof look appeared in her eyes.

"How preposterous. Sir, you’re going too far by asking for Autumn Sea Tribe’s Sacred Lady!" Zong Ze said coldly with a dark look on his face. His eyes glinted, and he had already prepared himself for a big fight.

"I’m not asking for your opinion. I’m telling you that I’m taking her away." As he spoke, the red-haired Su Ming took a step forward with a calm expression, seemingly ignoring Zong Ze. He started walking towards the ground where Autumn Sea Tribe was.

Killing intent shone in Zong Ze’s eyes. He might be wary of the feeling Su Ming brought to him at the moment, but he had to take action. With a move, he rushed towards Su Ming within an instant. As he lifted his right hand, the power of Soul Catchers erupted forth from his body. It also faded out under that power, making it seem as if he had become one with the world. The illusionary shadow of the Candle Dragon also appeared faintly behind him.

Once that shocking power appeared on Zong Ze’s body, even the dark sky seemed to have frozen up. However, the moment he closed in on Su Ming, Su Ming did not even spare him a glance. He only lifted his right hand, and the instant Zong Ze arrived, he made a seal. Once that seal appeared, Su Ming changed that gesture, and within that short instant, he had already changed the hand seal nine times.

"I grant you the crimson eyes of the night…" As Su Ming spoke with a calm tone, he changed those hand seals nine times. With every single word he spoke, he would change a hand seal, and once he finished saying those nine words, he pushed outward.

With that one push, two red dots suddenly appeared in the dark sky. If anyone took a closer look at those red dots, they would find that they were two stars. At the instant those two stars turned red, a heavenly might descended upon Zong Ze, who was closing in on Su Ming.

A violent shudder wracked Zong Ze’s body and his expression drastically changed, because he had just discovered that his body was frozen in midair and he could not move an inch.

"I grant you the violet lips of the sky…" Su Ming walked over to the pale Wan Qiu, and as he spoke, he formed nine seals once again with his right hand and pushed towards the ground.

The ground shook with a loud rumble, and as if it had melted, layers of ripples appeared on the land, which was followed soon by a piercing ray of light shooting out from within the ripples. With just one push, Su Ming made the land disappear.

In its place was a brilliant and bright piece of sky!

The earth had turned into the sky! As the people stood on the ground, they felt as if they were standing on the sky. This strange change caused the members of Autumn Sea Tribe around the area to let out cries of surprise. However, right at the moment they shouted in surprise, they immediately noticed that their bodies seemed to be frozen in place, and none of them could move even a single bit.

All of them could not move, including Wan Qiu, including the old female Latter Shaman.

Zong Ze’s pupils shrank in the dark. His breathing quickened, and disbelief appeared on his face. He might have been expecting Su Ming to be strong, but he did not expect that he would be so powerful. This was not any sort of divine ability or Art, this was the physical materialization of his divine sense!

‘He turned his divine sense into his willpower and sealed up everything that belonged to the night. He imprisoned all the living souls in this morning sky. This person… this person… just what is his level of cultivation?!’ Zong Ze’s face turned pale with shock.

Su Ming’s floating red robes, bewitching red hair, pale face, and purple lips gave him a unique charm. The red-haired Su Ming walked towards Wan Qiu, his target, right under the people’s shocked gazes, in the face of the fear directed towards him from the powerful End Shaman in the sky, and in the midst of the growls coming from the Earthen Aura Fiendish Dragon.

Wan Qiu’s beautiful face was already void of blood. She looked at Su Ming walking towards her, watched him seal Zong Ze by just lifting his hand, the person who was like a deity in their tribe, then with another wave of his hand, seal up the entire land. This mighty power was something she had never seen before in her life.

Su Ming approached her slowly, but there was less than 1,000 feet between him and Wan Qiu. The instant it seemed like he would be arrive before her with just another step, Su Ming suddenly frowned. When he did so, a muffled roar suddenly came from the sky in the distance.

As that roaring sound echoed, a mackerel pike so huge that no one could see its end at first glance appeared high up in the sky. That mackerel pike glared at Su Ming as if it was facing off a powerful enemy and let out a low growl in the sky.

"A blood descent of the Northern Nether Sea..?" Su Ming lifted his head to cast a glance at the gigantic mackerel pike, and a brilliant spark appeared in his eyes.

He immediately gave up on walking towards Wan Qiu. Instead, with a glint in his eyes, he flew up in an instant. The piercing whistle as he broke through air rang through the sky, and Su Ming charged straight towards the gigantic mackerel pike in the sky.

A powerful killing intent appeared on him, and the strength of that killing intent could be clearly felt by all the people in Autumn Sea Tribe.

"No!" Wan Qiu trembled. There were tears in her eyes as she let out that weak, wobbly cry. She could feel the killing intent on Su Ming’s body, and she did not believe that the mackerel pike could win against this him, who could even seal away Sir Zong Ze.

Despair appeared in her eyes and her body shook violently. Su Ming’s appearance and his strength was something she absolutely had not predicted. In fact, under that seal, she was also the only one who could hear her own weak cry.

She watched Su Ming fly up, and as he closed in on that gigantic mackerel pike, she screamed in her heart, telling that mackerel pike to leave.

A shrill howl fell out of the lips of the mackerel pike in the sky, followed by a red fog that covered all of heaven. The mackerel pike’s shrill howls grew stronger within that fog, making Wan Qiu feel as if there were blades piercing through her heart repeatedly.

The entire land fell into silence. Even Zong Ze, too, fell silent.

The fog in the sky dissipated an hour later. The mackerel pike continued floating in the sky, but it had became much smaller and was filled with the aura of death. However, it was not truly dead. There was still a hint of life left within it.

Su Ming walked down from midair. There was still blood at the corner of his lips, blood that belonged to that mackerel pike. His presence had clearly become much stronger than before.

"Since you don’t want it to die, I’ll spare it!" Su Ming walked towards Wan Qiu and stood before her, then lifted his right hand to press at the center of the woman’s brows. After a long while, a smile appeared on his face.

"Not bad. You might also not really fulfill the requirements, but it’s adequate." As Su Ming spoke, he held Wan Qiu in his arms. Just as he was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly turned his head after taking a few steps, and his crimson eyes fell on the old female Latter Shaman standing not too far in the distance.

"I don’t know why, but among all these people, I just don’t like you." As Su Ming spoke, the red glint in his eyes instantly flared up, then he turned around and left.

The moment he was gone, the old woman’s face instantly turned red as if her blood was boiling. Pain appeared on her face and her head exploded a moment later. Her body was torn from limb to limb, and the moment she died, wisps of white smoke left her body. A portion of it seeped into Su Ming, and the other portion circled in the air a few times before it moved toward another direction, crawling into the body of a pale young man standing in the crowd, causing his body to shudder and his level of cultivation to show signs of increasing. That young man… was Ya Mu!

When Wan Qiu saw the old woman die, she shuddered, and the brightness in her eyes faded away.

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