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There was an underground palace located deep beneath Sky Mist City.

The layout of the underground palace was different from the other buildings in the land of the Berserkers. It was built with eight corners, its walls made entirely of spirit stones. It shone in a large variety of colors, and even though it was underground, the light still shone in all directions, and there was a thick layer of spiritual energy spreading through the area.

There were eight doors on the octagonal building. All of them were shut tightly. At the center of the building was a main hall. There were two gigantic statues of people over there, and one of the statues wore a long robe. There was the picture of Taichi sewn around the chest area on his robe. That person was forming seals behind his back with his left hand. His right hand was lifted to pinch his beard. He might just be a statue, but his gaze was still electrifying and he looked alive.

The other statue was a middle-aged man with the body of a Daoist but the temperament of an Immortal. That man also wore a long robe, but the symbol of Taichi could not be found on his robe. There was instead a long leaf embroidered there.

That leaf was green and let out a sensation that it was overflowing with life. The middle-aged man’s face was cold and lifeless, but his eyes were filled with a dignified air. He had his right hand lifted to form seals, and his left hand was placed upon his right hand, as if he was executing some sort of powerful divine ability.

There were five stone chairs located underneath the two statues in the shade, and at that moment, there were people sitting on three of the stone chairs. However, two of the people sitting on the stone chairs could not be seen clearly. Only the person sitting on the third stone chair could be seen clearly, and that person was Sky Mist’s ancestor, whose face was dark as clouds.

A limited amount of powerful warriors in the land of the Shamans had noticed Su Ming’s roar, and as they were all shocked by its appearance, Sky Mist’s ancestor spoke.

"A mysterious powerful Shaman has appeared in the land of the Shamans. You have all heard that person’s roar just now."

"That person shouldn’t be from Hidden Dragon Sect. After all, there is still three years before the date they descend. No sect has the ability to bring forward the date when they descend. They can only come to this place on the allocated date by activating the Rune on Realm Mountain," one of the two people in the shade remarked hoarsely.

"Neither is it possible for him to be someone from Great Leaf Immortal Sect. There are incredibly few of those who descend from Great Leaf Immortal Sect. I don’t think there are more than three who have come here, and they’re all in the main tribes or clans in the land of the Berserkers. They won’t go to the Shamans."

"No matter who this mysterious powerful warrior is, he’s not allowed to ruin our plans. Since that person suddenly appeared in the land of the Shamans, then the people from Hidden Dragon Sect will deal with him."

"In truth, I still don’t understand it. The God of Berserkers in the land of the Berserkers has died and it’s impossible for a new God of Berserkers to appear. Without the God of Berserkers, why should we Immortals be afraid of them!

"The inheritance of Nine Li among the Shamans has also mostly disappeared, and there’s only a hint of it left. Those who obtain that inheritance will at most reach Ascendance. We of Sky Mist Sect only need to send out a senior to destroy the entire Berserker Tribe. Why do we need to work together with the other two sects and carry this plan where we keep descending over the past thousands of years?"

The person who spoke next was Sky Mist’s ancestor. He let out a few barks of chilling laughter before he said languidly, "Hmph. You descended to this place thousands of years ago and don’t know the details. If this place was really as simple as you think it is, then I wouldn’t be spending half of my life here. We cannot reveal ourselves and even have to suppress our power so that we won’t reveal the presence of Immortals too strongly, or else… Heh heh, you can go ahead and try it!"

"Enough. Stop fighting, the both of you. Fellow Daoist Tian Lan has been here for thousands of years, and his knowledge of this place has surpassed mine and yours, Fellow Daoist Sun Yang. We should listen to Fellow Daoist Tian Lan. But I am also curious. Just what sort of secret is hidden in the land of the Berserkers that you would stay so long here. Did you figure out anything?" The person among the trio who had not spoken voiced out his thoughts calmly at that moment.

"Fellow Daoist Chang, how polite of you." Sky Mist’s ancestor smiled and his words towards the man named Chang became gentler, though he was highly concerned about this person’s identity.

"My status in the sect might be ordinary, but I’ve been in the land of the Berserkers for several thousands of years. I believe I am somewhat knowledgeable towards this place. There is a secret in this place. I don’t know it, but if we completely reveal our presence as Immortals here, then we will die.

"I believe the Sect Leader and the Sect Elders know about the secrets of the Berserker Tribe. Isn’t our plan here to open the Tunnel of Descending here so that the Sect Leader and the others could come here with their full power?"

"However, since you asked, Fellow Daoist Chang, then I will tell you what I have analyzed over the past years. From my analysis, I believe that the secrets in this place are related to… how we come to the land of the Berserkers." Sky Mist’s ancestor hesitated for a moment before he spoke in a low tone.

"Are you saying..?" The man named Chang opened his eyes wide and he clutched the armrest on the stone chair with his right hand.

"This is just my suspicion. After all, all the Fellow Daoists who come to the land of the Berserkers, even the Evil Sect in the Eastern Wastelands, come from the same place. No matter who it is, we have to go through that person to come to this place.

"It’s a pity that the person’s body is sealed up by a powerful fog. I have never been able to see his face clearly, or else, I might have been able to discover some clues."

The underground palace fell into silence, and after a long moment, the man named Chang sighed.

"If that is the case, then let’s stop making guesses anymore. If it’s truly related to that person, then it’s definitely not something people like us can take part in or interfere with. We just need to fulfill our role in the plan…"

Deep within the land of the Berserkers far away from Sky Mist City was a land of ice and snow. The Great Tribe of Freezing Sky was located there.

There was a white-haired old man sitting cross-legged in one of the towers. As the three people talked to each other in that strange place under Sky Mist City, he opened his eyes swiftly and shock appeared in his eyes. He stood up hastily and pushed the door to his room open. A freezing gust of wind blew against his face and made his hair dance. He looked at the sky in the distance with an extremely grave face.

After a long while, he lifted his right hand and started forming seals as if he was calculating something. The space behind him distorted, and a figure wearing the Emperor’s robe appeared faintly behind him.

"Damn it, his seal has weakened. This should have been impossible, how did he do it?! This is not part of the plan. I have to find out who appeared after the seal weakened as soon as possible!"

The white-haired old man frowned and anxiety appeared on his face. He turned around and returned to his house, then immediately sat down cross-legged. His hands continued forming seals nonstop, and his eyes shone brightly. Time flashed by in his eyes as he executed a wide area prediction.

His expression started changing from astonishment to shock, then he let out a sigh of relief, though eventually, he settled on being temperamental. After a long while, he gave up on the predictions and sat there stunned for a long moment.

"Progenitor Hong Luo… He appeared… but there’s still three years until the Day of Descending… Right now, I can’t contact my Master… Oh well, since Master let me bring his projected self to the Berserker Tribe, he must have been thinking of letting me use it to prevent such accidents from happening." The old man hesitated for a moment before he gritted his teeth and suddenly lifted his right hand to point behind himself.

Immediately, the middle-aged man wearing the Emperor’s robe and crown in the distortions started materializing. After a long moment, he walked out from behind the old man like a real person and stood before him with an expressionless and cold face.

"It’s a pity that with the interference of the power in the land of the Berserkers, Master’s projection has lost his intelligence and has turned into a puppet. It’ll only act according to its nature." The old man sighed and got up to bow towards the expressionless middle-aged man who looked like an Emperor.

"Master, Destiny’s seal has been lifted and something unforeseen occurred. Progenitor Hong Luo has appeared. Please take action and restore order!" As the old man spoke, he bit the tip of his tongue. Once he coughed out a mouthful of blood, he quickly flung his right hand towards that blood mist. Immediately, three bloody, runic symbols appeared in the blood mist and fell on the body of the man who was like an Emperor.

A glint appeared swiftly in the eyes of the puppet, and a hint of intelligence manifested in his eyes. He cast the old man a cold look, then turned around to take a step forward. His body became invisible and he disappeared.

"Thank goodness Master gave me his projection, or else we wouldn’t be able to suppress the awakened Progenitor Hong Luo… It should be fine. As long as it’s not those three old coots who awakened, it should be fine… I hope it’s fine…"

The old man frowned and shook his head. He, too, did not have any confidence. The rumors that once circulated around Progenitor Hong Luo among the Immortals made the old man incredibly wary.

"In the past, it was rumored that Progenitor Hong Luo was naturally brutal and immensely enjoyed killing. He also loved challenging the strong and then killing them cruelly… In the end, Sir Di Tian took action, and he… sealed Progenitor Hong Luo in Destiny’s body." The old man sighed.

The entire weather in the Land of South Morning could be said to have changed due to Su Ming’s roar. It was impossible for Su Ming to not know what was happening... though perhaps he could no longer be known as Su Ming anymore.

"I like red… but who… who am I?!" The red-haired Su Ming stood in the sky above the land of the Shamans. His eyes were crimson red, and there was a hint of confusion within them.

"Di Tian… I am not Di Tian. My enemy’s name is Di Tian!" After a long while, Su Ming lifted his head swiftly. He did not bellow, but the arrogance and wildness on his face was as clear as day.

"Di Tian, you and I cannot live under the same roof! I will kill you!"

Su Ming lifted his right hand swiftly and pushed down on the ground in the distance through the air. That push immediately caused the land to tremble viciously and cracks started appearing rapidly on the ground. As they spread out, they covered a distance of more than one hundred thousand feet. At the same time, Su Ming formed his right hand into a claw and swiped at the air above him.

"Earthen Aura Fiendish Dragon," he mumbled. Wisps of white mist crawled out of the endless cracks on the ground. They rose into the sky together and the earth withered away as if it had lost its life force. It was as if all the life force on earth had been taken away by Su Ming.

The white mist gathered up and started tumbling about violently. In the blink of an eye, the white mist turned into a gigantic white dragon. The dragon’s eyes were red and its body was white, but soon, that white body turned red, resulting in a gigantic red dragon that was several tens of thousands of feet big. With a roar, it rushed towards Su Ming and stopped under his feet, allowing Su Ming to stand on its head. Once he did so, the dragon moved its gigantic body and charged into the distance.

Su Ming stood on the dragon’s head. His long red hair danced in the wind.

"Who am I..? Just who am I..? Su Ming… That’s right, I’m Su Ming! My enemy is Di Tian! I have to kill him!" A hint of brutality appeared on Su Ming’s lips.

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