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"Patriarch!" Some tribe members immediately cried out anxiously beside the old man.

"Quiet! This is already decided!" The old man’s accent lost its prominence. He licked his lips nervously and kept his gaze fixed on Su Ming.

He hoped that once he offered up these three women, he could satisfy Su Ming’s current state and resolve that horror that made his heart tremble in fear. If he could resolve it… then it was worth sacrificing these three women!

The three women who flew up were not old and looked to be in their twenties. They might not be incredibly beautiful, but they were still pleasant to the eyes, especially when their cheeks were flushed red and their eyes were glazed over. That appearance of theirs that made them ripe for picking was enough to make anyone tempted.

Yet the moment these three people got closer to Su Ming, he lifted his right hand swiftly and struck his chest, coughing out a huge mouthful of blood.

"Get lost!"

A hint of clarity appeared in Su Ming’s red eyes once he coughed out a mouthful of blood. With a low growl, he cast his eyes to the ground, and once his gaze fell on the old man, Su Ming forced himself to turn around, then turned into a long arc and charged out, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

When he left, the three women shuddered and expressions of wakefulness appeared on their faces. All the other women in the tribe also regained their senses, and their faces turned pale. The sight just now struck terror in their hearts.

The monkey-faced old man fell silent for a moment, then looked in the direction where Su Ming left. He did not speak even after a long time had gone past.

Su Ming continued charging forth and the clarity in his eyes became increasingly weaker. During that moment just now, if he had not started desperately struggling against himself and succumbed to his desires by copulating with those three women, then what awaited him would be eternal depravity.

"... I will definitely win!’ Su Ming did not go anywhere else. He instead charged to the mountain range where his cave abode was. Before long, he returned to the place. The only hint of clarity in his eyes was almost completely gone, and he would not even have enough time to return to his cave abode.

Su Ming lifted his right hand swiftly and pointed at Han Mountain Bell. The bell instantly flew towards him and once it grew larger in the sky, Ji Yun Hai’s corpse fell down. As Madam Ji’s aura of death disappeared from him, the puppet that was made from the corpse lost its intelligence and fell to the ground unmoving.

Right at the instant the clarity in Su Ming’s completely disappeared, Han Mountain Bell let out a huge buzz and covered him up, trapping Su Ming’s body on the ground. Rumbling sounds reverberating from within the bell, along with Su Ming’s roars and growls.

Time passed by, and it was soon dawn. Han Mountain Bell was stuck to the ground, and Su Ming did not continue causing any ruckus inside. His body started shivering violently as he sat cross-legged inside. Control was an easy thing to say, but when his desire was increased by that Peach Blossom Fiend by several dozens of fold, even nearing a hundred fold, trying to control it was nigh impossible.

In a flash, three days passed by. During these three days, not a single soul came to the area where Su Ming was. It did not matter whether it was White Bull Tribe or Black Crane Tribe, none of them appeared. In fact, there was not even a single passerby who went by the area.

These three days were like three years to Su Ming, and could even be said to be like thirty years. He continued struggling, refusing to be controlled. Even if there were occasional moments of him falling into a daze, due to Han Mountain Bell’s seal, he could not go out, and when his mind was clear, he would pay full attention to suppressing his urges.

After suppressing himself for three days, Su Ming had become much thinner. His robes were torn, his hair was completely red, and his expression was filled with ferociousness. Similarly, as his mind went through three days of chaos and madness, an invisible barrier formed in his head. That barrier was like a seal. Its existence was something Su Ming had never noticed before, and even at that moment, he still did not notice its presence.

If that primal desire of his had not been enlarged by several fold and continued raging in his body while plunging him into madness, that seal might perhaps never have appeared. As that urge crashed into Su Ming’s mind like the waves in an ocean, it also crashed into that barrier acting as a seal!

During the dawn three days later, as Su Ming continued howling, cracking sounds suddenly rang in his mind, and that invisible barrier, that seal that even he himself did not know of, started showing cracks as that primal desire continued raging in his body.

At the same time, a boom went off in Su Ming’s head. He had been struggling for three days, and now lost his consciousness once again at that moment. However, he did not fall into a coma even though he lost his consciousness. Instead, his hands were fixed onto the ground under Han Mountain Bell while he lifted his head and let out a roar that still shook the sky and earth, even though Han Mountain Bell was between them.

As he continued roaring, an indescribably terrifying power erupted from within his body. Even though it was only spreading outwards, the strength of that power immediately lifted Han Mountain Bell with a bang and flung it into midair.

At the same time, Su Ming flew up into the air. With a bang, the ground exploded. Su Ming appeared in midair. His breathing was rapid, and there was not a hint of reason in his eyes. There was only red. The mark of the peach blossom at the center of his brows had bloomed in a strangely alluring manner. His face was pale, but there was a purple tinge to his lips, which gave him an indescribable appearance when it was set to contrast with his full head of fire-red long hair.

His pupils could no longer be seen in his eyes. His eyes were completely colored red. It took a long while before he eventually stopped roaring while standing in midair. After a long moment, he turned his head slowly and a strangely captivating smile appeared on his purple lips. He dipped his head down and swept his gaze across the land.

The ground immediately trembled when he did so, as if there was a power contained within his gaze that was so strong that even the ground could not withstand it. Some of the spots on the ground even exploded, and cracks appeared.

When Su Ming swept his gaze over the rod snake, that snake actually shuddered and immediately curled up on the ground, not daring to meet his gaze. Its mind was telling it that this Su Ming was someone that it could definitely not get close to.

Its shuddering body made it seem as if it was absolutely terrified of Su Ming’s gaze. The small virescent sword also fell the ground and started shivering.

Su Ming’s gaze paused for a moment on that rod snake, and the red glare in his eyes gave a brilliant flash before he averted his gaze from it. As he moved his gaze away, he lifted his right hand. The fingernails on his right hand were now three inches long and were incredibly sharp. The edges of his fingernails shone with a black glare, and he seized at the ground through the air.

The red ring from the torn piece of flesh immediately flew out and turned into a long arc. Su Ming grabbed it and wore it on his middle finger. Once he did so, he lifted his head slowly and looked at the Han Mountain Bell floating in midair.

He let out a cold harrumph and pointed at it. Immediately, that bell let out a powerful bell chime, and the gigantic body of the Nine Headed Dragon appeared suddenly in midair above the bell. The six awakened heads no longer had Su Ming’s shadow within their eyes, but were instead entirely red. Those heads roared ferociously at Su Ming.

The three heads that were still asleep started trembling nonstop, as if they did not dare face the current Su Ming, just like the rod snake.

In the face of the Nine-Headed Dragon’s roars, Su Ming took a step forward. With that one step, he arrived right beside Han Mountain Bell. Completely ignoring that roaring Nine-Headed Dragon, he lifted his right hand and pressed it on the bell.

The instant his right hand fell on the bell, the Nine-Headed Dragon immediately let out a shrill cry of pain. The three heads that had their eyes shut tight opened them simultaneously. Their eyes were covered entirely in red, and the nine heads howled together.

Su Ming lifted his right hand, and Han Mountain Bell instantly shrank. The Nine-Headed Dragon above it also completely vanished. Su Ming opened his mouth and swallowed the bell.

Once he finished doing that, he seized at the sky with his right hand. With that one grab, the entire sky instantly distorted, as if it was sucked in when Su Ming clutched his hand towards its direction. Then he swung his hand around him.

Immediately, a screen of light appeared below Su Ming. The puppet that was Ji Yun Hai, the rod snake, and everything within the circular area of 100,000 feet, including the mountain range and his cave abode, was completely surrounded in the light screen like a seal, closing them off completely.

Su Ming stood outside the light screen and lifted his head to look at the sky. After a long moment of silence, he suddenly let out a low growl. That growl was not loud, but it made the weather change. Even the moon in the sky looked as if it was about to crumble. A powerful wave of ripples spread out in all directions, and as they created rumbling sounds in the air, those ripples covered all of heaven. A large vortex appeared in the dark sky, and as that vortex started moving, Su Ming’s roars started spreading even further into the land.

"I… like red," Su Ming mumbled hoarsely. A red robe abruptly appeared on his body, and when it set in comparison to his long red hair, it made him look incredibly strange and fascinating.

There was a mountain in the land of the Shamans that was surrounded by a sea of clouds. At the peak of the mountain was a big hall, and within that hall was a white-haired old man sitting alone in there. There were nine skulls surrounding him, and each of those skulls were lit with a green flame.

The old man’s face was originally calm, but the instant this Su Ming, whose presence changed drastically after he awakened, let out that roar, the old man opened his eyes swiftly. His expression changed and he stood up hastily. The flames in the nine skulls around him were all instantly extinguished.

"This presence… Who is it?!"

There was an old man wearing a Daoist robe taking a stroll in the sky above in the land of the Shamans. There was a giant sword under his feet, and it was cutting through the air at an extreme speed. Yet at that moment, the giant sword suddenly trembled. The old man also came to an abrupt halt and his expression went through an instant, drastic change.

"This is… Whose presence is this?!" He immediately lifted his right hand and started forming seals to attempt to predict it, but he only managed to go through half of it before he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

At that moment, many people from different spots in the land of the Shamans walked out with shock on their faces, and these people were all Immortals and Shamans!

Zong Ze was sitting cross-legged on the giant turtle in Autumn Sea Tribe. The tribe was still migrating and were about to reach their destination. His expression was calm his long hair fallen around him. Yet at that very moment, he opened his eyes swiftly, and a hint of shock could be seen on his face.

‘The power of that roar…’ His eyes sparkled and he suddenly stood up to look at the sky in the distance.

Wan Qiu was right beside him, and she saw the change in expression on Zong Ze’s face. She looked towards him.

"Sir Zong Ze?"

"Someone has broken through the state of End among us Shamans. That roar he let out just now… His power… Just who is he?" Zong Ze mumbled and sucked in a sharp breath.

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