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It was quiet all around. Moonlight scattered on the ground, and if anyone looked at the air alone, they would feel that the moon was filled with a gentle color. However, if they cast their eyes on the ground, they would be terrified. There was a large amount of torn pieces of flesh there that were mixed with quite a large amount of blood. The wind was stirring up the bloody stench, causing it to stay around the area for a long time.

Among one of the torn pieces of flesh was a red ring. It was flashing with a red light, and not too far away, in another spot littered with flesh and blood, was a pink bag, but the bag was also torn.

There was a dried up corpse on the land far away. That corpse belonged to the man from Black Crane Tribe. He had died a horrible death and was practically left with only skin and bones. There was not a hint of flesh or blood remaining on him, and he looked like a dried up twig. His original appearance could no longer be seen. His eyes were sunken and he looked like a skeleton.

All his life force and essence had disappeared without a trace. A rotten stench spread from the lower half of his body, and it mixed with the bloody stench in the wind to turn into an indescribably terrible stench.

Xiao Hong had gone missing. When Su Ming was fighting against Madam Ji, it had run off as if it had gone mad.

Su Ming sat on the ground under the moonlight. He was trembling and had his eyes shut tightly. His cheeks were flushed pink, and a large amount of veins popped up on his skin. There was pain and struggle on his face.

It had been very difficult for him to dodge Madam Ji’s counter before she died, the final Peach Blossom Fiend. Once its aura seeped into his ears, nose, ears, and mouth, a nigh uncontrollable urge and lust immediately rose within his body. That lust was madly attacking his reason, and once his lust won against everything, then he would be unable to control his own actions.

Su Ming’s head was a mess. All the women he had seen in his life flashed by, and their appearances came along with moans and seductive movements, causing his breathing to become increasingly faster.

He had no idea how much time had passed by the time he opened his eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked incredibly savage, especially since there seemed to be a ball of fire burning at the depths of his pupils. As that ball of fire burned, Su Ming lifted his head and let out a roar towards the sky.

His roar reverberated in the air and spread in all directions.

‘This isn’t a simple aphrodisiac, it’s a Curse that brings out the most primal urges in the body!’

The struggle on Su Ming’s expression became stronger. He could still keep his reason at the moment, albeit with great difficulty, and with whatever remained of his logic, he quickly analyzed that feeling in his body. It was not difficult for him to figure out that the so called Peach Blossom Fiend was the thing that was planted in Madam Ji’s body by Ji Yun Hai in the past.

That item had been continuously perfected, increasing in number, over the span of sixty years, causing it to be incredibly violent.

‘All the images in my head are lewd and evil. If I let my lust control my body, then I will end up like Madam Ji. Even if I find a woman and succumb to my urges, I will definitely not be able to break the Spell. And I have a feeling that once I’m unable to control myself and sink into my desires, it will last forever and will be extremely difficult for me to get out of …

‘Unless I use my own power and force down my urges!’ Su Ming lifted his right hand quickly, and with a red glare in his eyes, he quickly tapped a few spots in succession on his body, but it did no good. Even the black stone fragment hanging on his neck did not react.

‘The black stone can allow me to not be bothered by external things, but now… Now, there isn’t any external factors causing a threat to me. It’s that Peach Blossom Fiend increasing my lust by several fold. If that is the case, then it’s only natural that the black stone is useless…’

Su Ming trembled even more violently. His hair was no longer pure black, but gradually, at the roots of his hair, a fiery red shade could be seen.

That red hue from the roots of his hair started spreading rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, half of Su Ming’s hair had turned into a brilliant shade of red. At the same time, the pink hue on his face sank down, causing his face to return to that pale shade. However, the pink hue that had gone away had now gathered at Su Ming’s chest.

The veins that had popped up on his face looked as if they were about to explode. At the center of his brows, the mark of the sword flashed and the small virescent sword was forced out. It started flying around him while whistling in the air, as if it was very anxious. Su Ming lifted his hands and brought them down to seize the earth by his sides, plunging his hands deep into the ground.

As the mark of the sword disappeared from the center of his brows, gradually, the mark of a peach blossom appeared. At the same time, most of his hair turned red as well. His appearance had changed so drastically that, compared to his calm self from before, he looked like a completely different person.

A large amount of sweat broke out on his body. The appearance of that sweat caused an indescribable scent to start spreading from Su Ming’s body, and if any woman smelled it, their minds would immediately turn into a mess and they would be unable to control themselves.

Su Ming’s expression became increasingly pained. He had practically used all his strength to fix his hands to the ground, but the power of that Peach Blossom Fiend was too strong. After persevering for a long while, when the mark of the peach blossom completely formed, his hair turned completely red, and at that moment, Su Ming could no longer suppress his lust. He lifted his head and let out the strongest roar ever since he came to the land of the Shamans.


As he roared, Su Ming flew into the sky with red eyes. There was no longer any hint of reason in his eyes, only that urge caused by the most primal desire within him. Once he flew up, Su Ming charged in the direction before him without any hint of hesitation - the north.

He was so fast that he turned into a long arc in midair and disappeared in the blink of an eye, not even retrieving Han Mountain Bell, that red ring, or the other objects. He simply charged forward like that, and in a short moment, he crossed the distance of 10,000 lis.

As he charged forward, Su Ming continued growling. Those growls echoed in the air as he moved forth, and sounded like something from a wild beast, instilling fear among all those who heard it.

It was midnight. Most of the tribe members in White Bull Tribe, which was located to the north, was asleep. Almost all who were awake were members of the tribe patrolling around the area, and the only other one who was not asleep and not a patroller was the Patriarch of White Bull Tribe.

That monkey-faced old man was sitting up straight in his house and holding a small plate of round peas the size of a fingernail in his hand. Occasionally, he would eat one of them while looking very content.

However, just as he narrowed his eyes and picked up another pea to chew down on it once he brought it to his mouth, an earth shaking howl suddenly reached his ears. The appearance of that voice stunned the old man.

Once he opened his eyes, his expression suddenly changed drastically. He did not care about the plate of peas scattering on the floor and quickly rushed out of his house. When he lifted his head to look at the sky, his pupils shrank and shock appeared in his eyes.

A long arc charged through the sky and closed in in the blink of an eye, turning into Su Ming. His long red hair, crazed eyes, and the strong growls were enough to let anyone tell with just one glance that there was something wrong with him.

That monkey-faced old man’s heart trembled and he immediately let out a piercing howl. That howl instantly woke up the slumbering tribe, and all the tribe members walked out of their houses in shock. At the instant the men and women saw Su Ming in midair, he also saw them.

Struggle appeared once again in Su Ming’s eyes, causing his growls to become increasingly stronger. The monkey-faced old man immediately flew up and stared at him as if he was facing off a powerful enemy.

All the warriors from all over the tribe stared up as well. The moment the old man gave his command, they would attack without care for their own safety to protect their own tribe.

That monkey-faced old man was groaning in his heart at that moment. He clearly saw that Su Ming was in a near state of madness. While he had no idea what made him this way, it was still clear that he no longer had any shred of reason left in him. Once a person like this went into a state of frenzy, then the damage that would be brought to their tribe would be incredibly great.

When the women in the tribe walked out of their houses and looked towards the sky in fear, the old man clearly saw Su Ming trembling, and the struggles on his face made him seem as if he was about to break down.

"Go back!"

The old man let out a low shout, and the normal tribe members that walked out of the houses quickly retreated while shivering. However, the moment those women started moving back, their bodies suddenly jolted and a red flush appeared on their faces. With a dazed look in their eyes, they looked towards Su Ming in the sky as if they had lost their senses.

This change immediately attracted all the attention and shock from the rest of the people in the tribe. Some of the warriors even let out angry howls and were just about to attack Su Ming, but the instant they were about to launch their attacks, they were immediately held back by the Patriarch.

The old man stared at Su Ming. He could already already tell from Su Ming’s current condition that if they launched the preemptive strike and he counterattacked, then he would definitely flip out. At that moment, it would mean disaster to the entire White Bull Tribe.

More importantly, the old man could clearly sense a strong sense of danger coming from Su Ming’s body. That threat made his heart tremble. He had a vague feeling that this Su Ming was even more terrifying than when he had met him previously.

This was simply a feeling. He had no evidence to back it up.

He could not tell much with his level of cultivation. He could only vaguely feel that the strong sense of danger came from within Su Ming’s body, as if there was a terrifying power that was enough to make him shiver contained inside him.

It was as if… that existence was slowly waking up…

"It’s aphrodisiac!"

The old man saw the strangeness on the women in the fear amidst his own fear. Once he linked it to that faint feeling, that terror in his heart, he gritted his teeth and made a decision that would anger all his tribe members, but they would not dare resist.

In fact, that decision could even threaten his own position! Even he himself found it hard to voice it out, but he had a strong feeling that once Su Ming went mad, then what awaited their tribe was complete annihilation.

It was especially so since he just sensed that power that terrified him once again from within Su Ming’s body. The signs that the power was waking up grew increasingly clearer. In fact, most of the other tribe members had also sensed it, and their hearts shivered.

"Xia La, Ahua, Xiao Yun… The three of you, fly up!"

Once the old man gritted his teeth and said those words, the only three women in the tribe who practiced the ways of the Shamans flew up with glazed eyes and walked towards Su Ming, who was still struggling in midair.

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