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The Ghost Child fell back and his body started rapidly disappearing while crying out shrilly. When he returned to Madam Ji’s side, there was only a small part of him left. Just as he was about to completely disappeared, he looked towards Madam Ji, the murderous look in his eyes gone, replaced by a dependence and a reluctance to part.

As a complicated look surfaced on Madam Ji’s face, the Ghost Child went towards the floating small drum and grabbed it, then gave Madam Ji a smile that belonged only to babies, and with the smile on his face, his body gradually disappeared. Ashes to ashes…

"My baby… you also left me…" Madam Ji was momentarily stunned, then lifted her head to look at Su Ming walking over from the distance. There was no longer hatred in her eyes, only a cold desire for death.

"You’re very strong… If you can continue becoming stronger, then I will give you a valuable treasure! This treasure is the source of Ji Yun Hai’s Curse, a Spell that came from an age where there were no Berserkers or Shamans… It was because he obtained this item that he managed to learn the Curse!" As Madam Ji spoke, she lifted her right hand and pressed it on the fist sized scar beneath her right breast.

The instant she pressed on it, all five of her right hand’s fingers pierced through her flesh and sank into her body. She staggered a few steps backwards, and when she took out her right hand, a rib appeared in her hand.

That rib belonged to her!

There was a red ring fixed on it.

Madam Ji crushed that rib and started forming hand seals with her left hand as words that were difficult to understand fell from her lips. Once she did so and the rib was crushed, the red ring instantly floated in the sky, and with a red flash and a buzz, it disappeared.

Su Ming’s expression changed. His divine sense was still spread around the area, and during that instant just now, he could vaguely feel that the ring had not disappeared but had instead expanded by several times its size. The spot where he and Madam Ji were at this moment was within that enlarged ring.

Su Ming did not even have time to think. A buzzing sound appeared by his ears, and soon after, he saw a red line in the horizon in the distance. In an instant, the world in his eyes had turned blood-red.

If anyone looked from high up in the sky downwards at that moment, they would see that there was a circular red line that was shrinking from several tens of thousands of feet around Su Ming, and the speed at which it shrank was so fast that it was indescribable.

Su Ming did not even have time to dodge. In fact, he did not even have time to execute any of his killing moves. He did not even have time to lift his hand, and the red line that was shrinking around him had already arrived a hundred feet away from him.

That red line was the ring!

Once that ring was enlarged and surrounded Su Ming, it started swiftly shrinking. It did not come with a great momentum, but the sense of danger it brought him was rare. Once it shrank down completely, his body would definitely be unable to withstand it and he would shatter, not just his body but his soul as well.

It was too quick. Before he even had time to resist, the red line had already closed in on him, and with a bang, Su Ming’s body crumbled and blood mist scattered into the air. What remained in midair was that small red ring that floated there, unmoving.

The Fire Ape was gone. When Su Ming and Madam Ji were fighting, it had left the place. As for the strange rod snake, it had hidden itself on the ground obediently, under Su Ming’s orders from a long time ago, and was staring at Madam Ji coldly.

Madam Ji looked at the spot where Su Ming had disappeared before her, then looked at the floating ring, and her entire being relaxed. A shrill laughter escaped through her lips, and the malice in her laughter was as thick as ever.

"Ji Yun Hai was sealed by your hands, my Soul Catcher’s Spell was useless towards you, my Curse could not kill you, even if the Ghost Child attacked you, you still had ways to fight against it, but now, you still died.

"You aren’t the first powerful warrior I’ve killed using this ring, and you won’t be last. A Berserker… I didn’t expect that you would be a Berserker!

"But it doesn’t matter, your body has already been crushed by the ring. Under that powerful force, even your soul has scattered into nothingness."

Madam Ji’s breathing quickened, and her laughter grew even more wanton. This might not be her last move, but it was one of the killing moves she would definitely not use easily.

She could only control that ring once and with great difficulty. Every time she used it, her head would feel as if it was going to be ripped apart and she would lose all her senses. She would need about half a month before she could return to normal.

She lifted her right hand, and the ring flew to her while wobbling in the air. Once she held it in her hands, she turned around to leave. She had already made her decision. When she had fully recovered, she would go massacre Black Crane Tribe.

Yet the moment she turned around, dark light suddenly shone at the spot where the ring floated once it shrank down, and Su Ming swiftly materialized in the air. His entire body was drenched in blood, and the mask on his face was no longer there. Blood trickled down the corners of his lips, and his right leg was no longer nimble. The moment he appeared, he charged towards Madam Ji with a speed as quick as lightning.

During that moment just now, Su Ming did not have any time to execute any killing moves, but he had already learned how to constantly keep the stone fragment’s dimension open when he was being hunted down by that old Berserker. That was how he managed dodged that calamity in this battle. However, the ring’s speed was simply too quick. Even if Su Ming had managed to escape into the stone’s dimension, he had still been injured.


Madam Ji’s expression changed drastically and disbelief appeared on her face. She was just about to retreat, but Su Ming was closing in on her quickly. As green light shone, Madam Ji let out a shrill cry and her head flew up. Her arms were also cut off from her body. Her legs exploded at the same time, and the instant they turned into blood mist, Su Ming’s sword swept past her body and she was cut into four pieces!

All of this happened in an instant. When Su Ming reappeared, he was already far in the distance and was panting harshly, but he did not relax his guard. Instead, the moment Madam Ji’s body was cut into pieces, he lifted his right hand and started making hand seals before pointing towards Han Mountain Bell in the distance.

He had already decided not to continue getting entangled with this woman. This Madam Ji had too many killing moves and they were dangerous and varied, causing Su Ming to fear her, especially just now, when he was practically at death’s door. He no longer hesitated and activated the power of materialization he’d received after awakening the fifth head on Han Mountain Bell.

Even if a large amount of his power would be absorbed, Madam Ji’s large variety of attacks should also have reached its end. The chances of killing her at this moment with this skill compared to him activating this skill previously had become much higher.

Right when Su Ming made those hand seals, a shrill screech came from Madam Ji’s shredded body. Her exploded legs recovered in an instant and her torn arms swiftly returned to her. In the blink of an eye, her body appeared before him unscathed.

However, the presence of her power had become much weaker. Her face was sickly pale, and as she let out that shrill screech, a demented expression formed on her face. As she screeched, a large amount of Five Colored Fog spread from within her body. The Five Colored Fog in the air also started rapidly gathering towards her.

At the same time, the tribe leader of Black Crane Tribe in the distance shuddered and started withering away rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he turned into mere skin and bones, and once that happened, while he still had his eyes shut, he coughed out blood, then his head fell to the side and he breathed his last.

Once he died, a gust of strangely alluring Five Colored Fog crawled out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and started gathering rapidly towards Madam Ji in the distance.

"This is my final killing move. There’s no way I won’t be able to kill you with this!" Madam Ji screeched with her shrill voice, and the Five Colored Fog around her started tumbling and surging, then a bundle of it split apart from the rest, forming a five colored peach blossom by the side, but it had not bloomed. It was just a bud!

When that five colored peach blossom appeared, a lascivious presence immediately spread out.

"Thirteen Peach Blossom Fiend! This is the result of Ji Yun Hai Cursing me for sixty years. He originally wanted to use my body to refine that Curse, and once I died, he would take it out, and it would have turned into a Fiend!

"I have used my life to force out the Peach Blossom Fiend, there’s no way you’re not going to die now!!" As Madam Ji screamed, the fog around her swiftly dissipated to turn into another twelve five colored peach blossom buds, adding together with that one bud from before, they now numbered thirteen!

Immediately after, an illusionary shadow appeared behind Madam Ji’s body. It was a branch that looked like it came from a tree, and it was using her body as its core. At the same time that branch materialized, it connected with the thirteen peach blossom buds and turned into a peach blossom branch with thirteen flowers in midair!


Madam Ji coughed out blood and an endless amount of bloody cracks appeared on her body. Those were the cracks that were left behind every single time her body had shattered over the years. At that moment, all of them appeared, making it seem as if her body was made up of patches. Fresh blood flowed out of those cracks, and it was clear that this Thirteen Peach Blossom Fiend was her final killing move.

The instant she opened her mouth, the thirteen peach blossom buds on the peach blossom branch in midair bloomed swiftly. Once all of them had blossomed, they fell off the branch and charged towards Su Ming.

"Nine-Headed Dragon, Southern Emperor, Absolute Genocide!"

Su Ming’s face was pale at that moment. A cold glare shone in his eyes, and he had also finished forming the hand seals. He pointed at Han Mountain Bell, and instantly, a strong bell chime was rang out. As that bell chime rang in the air, the shadow of the Nine-Headed Dragon appeared grandly in the sky above Han Mountain Bell.

Six of the heads of the gigantic Nine-Headed Dragon had awakened, and Su Ming’s shadow was within their pupils. Once they let out a shocking roar, the six heads moved together, and with a presence that shook the sky and earth, they charged towards the Thirteen Peach Blossom Fiend that was rushing towards Su Ming.

The strong boom that followed could be heard even from White Bull Tribe. The booming sound from Su Ming’s side had also traveled to Black Crane Tribe, causing terror to appear in all the tribe members of the two tribes, and all of them turned in the direction the sound had come from.

When the Thirteen Peach Blossom Fiend crashed into the Nine-Headed Dragon amid that boom, they started dissipating one by one, and with each flower that disappeared, the cracks on Madam Ji’s body would tear open wider. Blood covered her entire body.

When there were only four of the thirteen peach blossoms left, despair rose in Madam Ji’s eyes. She let out a shrill screech, and with madness on her face, she exploded. She knew that she was definitely going to die, which was why she had decided to bring forward her own death to drag Su Ming into hell with her.

The moment she chose to self-destruct and die, three of the four peach blossoms also crumbled. Their destruction caused the five colors on the final peach blossom to turn into one, which was pink, a shade of pink that was filled with an air of lust!

That pink peach blossom shot through the Nine-Headed Dragon’s illusionary form, and when most of it had dissipated, it appeared before Su Ming, turning into a wisp of pink air that made his expression change. Just as he was about to escape into the stone’s dimension, that pink air closed in on him and seeped into his nostrils!

Su Ming twisted and was forced out of the stone’s dimension. His face turned red instantly and struggle appeared in his eyes. Reason and lust started fighting viciously for control.

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