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This Yue Feng was naturally He Feng, who had hidden away when Su Ming left the battlefield outside Sky Mist City. This person had swallowed a Berserker and turned into him, and his days in Sky Mist City had been rather fruitful over these days. His ambitions had also become increasingly savage.

In fact, he had even made the decision that once his power had grown stronger, he would devour Su Ming and turn into him to travel through the land. The reason for his ambitions was because he had obtained a sliver of memory regarding a particular inheritance when he was fusing with the Wings of the Moon. He did not tell Su Ming about this and had been training in secret.

These days, besides gaining battle achievements in the battlefield, he had used up all his other time to seal away the Wings of the Moon in his body. It caused Su Ming to be unable to use these creatures anymore because He Feng had turned them into one with him.

He was certain that he had sealed up most of them through the legacy he had gained in his memories, and his confidence had grown even more. However, he would never have expected that such a large amount of his life force would start draining away so suddenly in the battlefield. The loss of his life force shocked He Feng and also horrified him.

He did not even need to think about it too deeply and could instantly guess that this was Su Ming casting his Art!

‘Damn it! I’ve already sealed up the Wings of the Moon in me, so how did Su Ming manage to cast his Art?!’

With a pale face, He Feng stumbled and staggered a few steps back on the battlefield. His companions went to him and protected him with surprise on their faces. At the same time, they also asked about his condition.

"It’s nothing. I injured my body yesterday night when I was training. I originally decided to heal myself today, but when I remembered that we have to fight, I forced down the injuries, and what happened just now was my injuries acting up…

"Thank you for your concern. I hope you will all help protect me for a moment, just until I force down my injuries once again!" He Feng said in a low voice and wrapped his fist in his palm to bow towards the crowd. After the people around him nodded their heads, he sat down without a hint of hesitation and tapped a few spots on his body with both his hands.

Yet at that very moment, He Feng’s expression changed drastically once again. His face started withering away in that strange manner once more, and sharp pain traveled through his entire body and soul, causing He Feng to be unable to help himself but let out a cry of pain. His cheeks sank and his body started drying up rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he looked as if he had turned into a dried up corpse.

That strange change made all the Berserkers around him terrified.

Horror appeared in He Feng’s eyes. He could clearly feel his life force and essence draining away from his body, forcefully absorbed by some power from above, but when he lifted his head to look up, he saw that the sky above him was calm.

In fact, the draining of his blood, his essence, and his life force, had nothing to do with the Wings of the Moon. It was absolutely useless whether he had chosen to seal them or not.

‘It must be Su Ming. He… What is he… Just how did he do it?!’

Terror filled He Feng’s heart. He had come to a sudden realization that even if Su Ming had left him, and even if he had escaped from his eyes… If Su Ming wanted to punish him, he could do so from wherever he was, and it horrified him.

However, what He Feng did not expect was that Su Ming was not even casting an Art on him. In fact, he could not even be considered to have cast an Art.

At that moment, Su Ming’s eyes were shining brightly as he stared at the vortex in the sky above him. As it turned each time, Su Ming’s expression would occasionally be filled with astonishment, then with delight, but it would also turn into confusion soon, and eventually, he became subject to ever changing moods.

Madam Ji was only skin and bones, her appearance ugly. She stared at Su Ming not too far in the distance with scorn and malice in her eyes. She had naturally seen his actions, but she did not believe that he would be able to find any clues about her Curse.

Yet even so, Madam Ji had also become doubtful once she saw how long Su Ming persevered under her Curse. While he had become thin in her eyes, he still had a long way to go before he became a dried up corpse.

It was as if ever since he performed the burning of blood and the moon in the sky shone with that strangely alluring red, the great power of the Curse had shifted from him. It was as if there was some other, seriously unfortunate, person who was suffering in his stead.

Su Ming had not even thought about letting He Feng take his place. He had originally cast the burning of blood with the intention of slowing the draining of his life force and blood. However, he did not expect that once he cast that Art, he would sense a power belonging to a Fire Berserker in the direction of the land of the Berserkers.

The instant he sensed that power, the force of the Curse gathered on Su Ming’s body was mysteriously shifted away, falling onto He Feng through Su Ming, as if he was a medium.

‘I am the Lord of the Fire Berserkers, that is why when I cast the burning of blood, the strange power of the Curse will be sent to my people to bear. Once they are unable to withstand it any longer, only then will I continue suffering through it.

‘Now, the only Fire Berserker besides me in this world… is the Fire Berserker I created, He Feng!’ A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, and he gained more understanding towards the power of the Curse.

He looked at the vortex in the sky. His eyes sparkled, and he felt as if he had gained a vague sort of epiphany. However, this epiphany was insignificant for him to master Curse.

‘Curse… what if curses fall on those that come from the same source! He Feng is the Fire Berserker I created, that is why he can be said to be from the same source as me. Which is why he is within the area of effect of the Curse… But besides affecting those related through one source, does the Curse also affect those related by blood..?’ Uncertainty appeared in Su Ming’s eyes.

He remembered that Wu Duo did not mention the power of cursing those who came from the same source when he talked about the mysterious Curse in the land of the Shamans. He mentioned instead that it seemed to affect those related by blood, and had even said that there was once a Shaman who was cursed by a powerful Soul Catcher, and all those related to him by blood in his tribe, even if barely, died.

Eventually, as most of the people in the tribe were connected by blood, more than half of the people died.

‘If what Wu Duo said is true and Curse will really affect those connected by blood, then the power of that Spell shouldn’t be that great, or else, should there be powerful Shamans in the Shaman Tribe, they could just Curse the entire Berserker Tribe… and let them all die, or they could also let the Berserkers be forever unable to break through a certain Realm… Huh?!’

Su Ming widened his eyes. This was some of the assumptions he had made after he saw the power of the Curse. However, the answers he had obtained through these assumptions stunned him.

‘Ever since the third God of Berserkers died, all my tribesmen have only been able to reach the Berserker Soul Realm and it was difficult for them to break through that state… They said that only when the fourth God of Berserkers appears would the entire Berserker Tribe be able to continue forth past the Berserker Soul Realm… This is… Could this be… Perhaps I’m thinking too much.’

Su Ming’s breathing quickened, and he only managed to calm it down after a long moment had passed.

Right when Su Ming was stunned by his own thoughts and obtained that epiphany, He Feng’s shrill screams of pain echoed through the battlefield outside Sky Mist City. His body had already withered away until he no longer looked like a human, and a large amount of decaying spots also appeared on his body. They let out a rotten stench, causing shock to appear on the faces of the people around him.

He Feng could clearly feel his blood and essence scattering away rapidly, and his life force was also draining away swiftly from his body. His mind had become muddled, and the feeling of death loomed over his heart and soul once again, turning into a strong sense of fear.

"Master… I was wrong! I really did wrong this time!" He Feng’s screams were fixed with pleads for mercy. Once his companions heard those words, especially of him calling out to his Master, they were all momentarily stunned.

Right then, He Feng suddenly shook violently and turned into a puddle of blood. Even his blood had also melted away, but since he had obtained that body by devouring it, even if it had disappeared, He Feng’s soul was still around and was floating as a ball of black shadow.

With a flash, that black shadow appeared beside a Berserker, then opened its mouth wide to swallow the young man. Before anyone could react to it, the young man let out a pained scream and his entire body was swallowed up by that black shadow.

"Big brother Yue Feng, you…"

"He’s not Yue Feng! He’s the Shaman who killed Yue Feng! Kill him!"

All the Berserkers gathered around swiftly attacked, but when their divine abilities closed in on the young man enveloped by He Feng, the black shadow disappeared and the young man’s face was revealed. It was a face that had withered away…

In the land of the Shamans, the vortex in the sky beyond Su Ming’s cave abode in the mountain range had started dissipating, as if it was very difficult for it to maintain its form. Madam Ji was so stunned that her mouth was hanging open in shock. With a blank look, she stared at Su Ming, who had only become slightly thinner, almost unable to believe her own eyes.

She knew well of the strength of the Curse. Even a Latter Shaman who fell under it accidentally would lose a large amount of their life force if he or she did not end up dead. However, Su Ming was practically unharmed right before her eyes. The drainage of his life force could also be considered insignificant.

This strange sight made Madam Ji suck in a sharp breath. Her face instantly turned pale, but she did not retreat. Instead, madness appeared in her eyes. She knew that the Curse would exist for the span of ten more breaths, and after those ten breaths, it would disappear. Then, this Su Ming would be able to get out of that restricted area of ten feet.

"I don’t believe that I can’t kill you today! Once I kill you, I’ll turn you into a puppet, and you will turn into my defender along with Ji Yun Hai. With your divine abilities and your strange skills, you must also be quite well known in the Shaman Tribe. But today, you must die!"

The killing intent in Madam Ji’s eyes became stronger. She took a few steps backwards and spread her arms wide open before sucking in a deep breath.

With that one breath, a huge gust of wind charged towards Madam Ji, and when it entered her mouth, a Tattoo suddenly appeared on her ugly face!

That Tattoo was a hideous looking head, and the size of the head was definitely not of an adult’s… but an infant’s!

The span of ten breaths slowly trickled by. Su Ming eventually stopped examining that Curse. The previous research had allowed a slight epiphany, but if he wanted to gain the true Curse, he would need to figure out a way to get it from Madam Ji.

A stern look appeared on his face. This Madam Ji might not be a Latter Shaman, but she was one of the extremely powerful Medial Shamans Su Ming had ever encountered before. Her methods were also numerous and varied.

Yet the more that was the case, the more Su Ming dispelled the thought of immediately using the power of the God of Berserkers and all his other killing moves.

He did not have a lot of experience in fighting against Shamans. Large scale battles could not be counted in that number. This sort of battle where two people tried to kill each other with Arts and Spells was something Su Ming lacked experience in. Now that he ran into someone who was skilled in this and had a large variety of Spells, he did not want to give up on such an opportunity.

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