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"I will definitely make you scream and wail for seven days and seven nights before you die, and once I suck all your blood and essence, I will turn you into a dried corpse!"

With a leap, Madam Ji charged towards Su Ming. The instant she got closer, all the expressions on the familiar figures around Su Ming twisted, and all of them swiftly charged towards him from all directions.

At the same time, that Five Colored Fog in the air started churning and swept towards Su Ming from all directions. Madam Ji was the quickest of all to arrive. When she was less than five feet away from him, she lifted her right hand and a black fork appeared on her palm. Then, right when she was about to stab that fork into the center of Su Ming’s brows—

The murky look in Su Ming’s eyes was replaced by a hint of mockery, and along with it, a pair of clear eyes. At that moment, there was not a hint of lust on his face. All of that which happened before was an intentional act, and there was only one purpose for it—he wanted to draw Madam Ji closer, then kill her in one move!

Madam Ji had a lot of tricks up her sleeve, and Su Ming was worried that she might still have other moves left. That was why he used himself as bait to lure her in!

The moment she saw the mocking look in Su Ming’s eyes, Madam Ji’s expression drastically changed. Her heart let out a loud thump. She wanted to retreat, but it was already too late. Su Ming took a swift step forward, and he was so quick that he arrived before her in the blink of an eye. He lifted his left hand and grabbed Madam Ji’s right hand which held the fork, and at the same time, he rammed his body straight into her chest.

Madam Ji shuddered and cracking sounds came from her body. She fell back and blood flowed out of her lips. Dismay and shock appeared on her face, along with a hint of terror. However, before she could retreat a little further away, Su Ming had already activated that terrifying speed of his and caught up to her once again. With one sweep of his leg, he kicked Madam Ji’s head.


Madam Ji coughed out a huge mouthful of blood. Her head had snapped to the side and her body was flung out. However, Su Ming frowned. He did not notice any aura of death from the woman’s body. Instead, her life force had become even more exuberant. He let out a cold harrumph.

Su Ming did not stop. He took a step forward and caught up to her once again, then lifted his right hand and curled it into a fist in midair. Immediately, bolts of lightning started swimming in the sky. The instant he unfurled his right hand, bolts of lightning swiftly gathered together to turn into balls of lightning.

Thunder rumbled, and the balls of lightning let out a piercing lightning in Su Ming’s hand, then he pushed them all into the center of Madam Ji’s brows.

A loud bang rang in the sky, and Madam Ji let out a shrill scream of pain. However, Su Ming’s attack had not ended. With one move, he once again closed in on her and lifted his left hand. Immediately, a whirlwind swiftly formed in the air, and once it closed in on Madam Ji, it started spinning rapidly, causing blood and flesh to fly all over in the air.

Madam Ji was repeatedly injured during her retreat. She wanted to resist, but when Su Ming closed in on her, he made a hand seal with his right hand and pointed at the sky. Immediately, the distant Han Mountain Bell suddenly let out a bell chime that stunned the heart and soul.

The bell chime came too suddenly. When it fell into Madam Ji’s ears, it made the woman’s movements as she tried to resist slow down. The instant her mind and soul shuddered, green light shone before Su Ming, and the small virescent sword shot out with a flash. Under the control of Su Ming’s divine sense, it charged towards Madam Ji’s head.

In that instant, a large amount of blood sprayed into the air. As the small sword swept by, a head flew up. It was night, and the full moon hung high in the sky. At that moment, that head flew up with blood scattering all around it.

However, Su Ming did not relax even when Madam Ji’s head flew into the sky. Instead, when her head shot up, the life-threatening sensation became much stronger. The instant his pupils shrank, he saw Madam Ji, who had already lost her head, lift up her right hand to grab the head that had been separated from her body. Madness and hatred appeared in her eyes, and as she stared at Su Ming, she let out a piercing screech.

That screech turned into a wave of sound that stirred up ripples in the air. The strength of that wave of sound was like a needle that stabbed into Su Ming’s ears, making his ears ring. He immediately moved back, and at the same time, he drew several circles before him with his right hand.

With each circle he drew, the power of the wave of sound would be reduced. Each of those circles was a whirlwind, and after drawing several of those circles and having retreated about three hundred feet, blood flowed out of his ears.

‘Could it be that all Soul Catchers have refined their bodies until they’re all Undying?!’ Su Ming’s mood went sour. Madam Ji not being dead was not surprising to him. Her current state was the same as the young Soul Catcher he had met in the past.

Spirit Plunder had amazing effects when used against these Undyings, but the power of this Madam Ji was different from that young Soul Catcher.

It was as if she did not just practice the cultivation method of a Soul Catcher alone.

As Su Ming moved back, he lifted his right hand and seized the air in the direction of the mountain range behind him. Immediately, from his cave abode in the mountain range, the three Spirit Plunders floating above the old Berserker’s head to freeze him in place turned into three long arcs that shone with a dark light and shot out of the cave abode to charge towards Su Ming’s right hand.

Yet the moment he summoned them, Madam Ji had already grabbed her head and placed it back on her neck. Her blood and flesh quickly grew back in place, and in the blink of an eye, her head had fused back with her neck. At the same time, she lifted her right hand, and in her palm was a drop of fresh blood.

That blood did not belong to her, but to Su Ming. This was a drop of blood she had obtained secretly when he coughed out his blood previously!

She was holding that drop of blood with a dead grip in her fist at that moment and did not bother with the three pearls that were rapidly charging towards Su Ming, giving her a sense of pressure. She narrowed her eyes into slits.

"The Shamans’ Lord of Nine Li, after the ninth morning since the day you were born… the power of your companion that which you have abandoned has turned into the desolate shadows in the world and fused into the path of life for all the living, and hence, all those with souls must live and die. If they exist, there will come a day when they will disappear, and if they are blessed… there will come a day when they are cursed!

"I offer my blood and life to the desolate shadows of the world, and with this person’s blood as the lure, rob him of his blood and life! Curse!"

Madam Ji’s body started rapidly withering away, and in the blink of an eye, she looked as if she had turned into a dried up corpse. She also aged. Her beautiful face became ashen, and her lascivious body turned ugly.

A bang came from her right hand, and that drop of Su Ming’s blood exploded, turning into blood mist that entered Madam Ji’s eyes, nose, ears, and mouth as she inhaled.

Killing intent appeared in Madam Ji’s eyes. Curse was the strongest spell for Soul Catchers. In fact, this Spell did not come from the Candle Dragon. Instead, through the research of generations of Soul Catchers, they had come up with this powerful killing move along with those walking down the path of Spirit Mediums and Thought Soothsayers using some unique methods.

There were even rumors that said that this Spell was not created by Shamans but was left behind on some items from ages back in the form of pictures. It only gradually turned into this spell after some people started examining them.

This Spell could be casted by Spirit Mediums and Thought Soothsayers, but the Spell’s power when casted by Soul Catchers was the strangest and most unpredictable! However, it was not something that everyone could cast either. The Spell’s chants were the most classified secret among the Shamans and the records of that chant were only kept in big tribes, and most of them were incomplete. The complete chant only existed in the God of Shamans Temple.

Not even Ji Yun Hai could obtain the complete chant with his status. He could only get the incomplete chant. However, he had come across an ancient artifact that had been left behind since ages past by chance, and with his genius, he had discovered how to cast the Curse through much trial and error. Yet by doing so, he had also brought disaster upon himself.

Madam Ji’s Curse came from her husband, Ji Yun Hai. However, with her potential, she could only master the basics, and she could only make offerings to the ancestor of the Shaman Tribe - The Soul of Nine Li. If it had been Ji Yun Han, then he would have been able to make an offering to a powerful existence that existed before the Shaman and Berserker Tribes in exchange for a terrifying power.

The instant Madam Ji sucked in the blood mist, Su Ming started trembling. A gigantic vortex of blood suddenly appeared in the air above his head. That vortex appeared too suddenly, and the instant it manifested, it started rapidly turning.

As it turned, Su Ming instantly discovered that his body had been frozen in place and he could only move in an area of ten feet. He could not leave it. White mist started spreading from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and that mist was rapidly sucked away by that vortex.

His body started withering away slowly and a grayish hue appeared at the roots of his hair. His blood, his life force, his everything were being sucked away incessantly by that vortex.

That was not all. Su Ming also discovered that his organs were beginning to fail him, as if they were rotting away. Even his breath had the smell of decay.

Madam Ji’s face was dark where she stood outside the vortex. Casting that Spell had also put a huge burden on her. But she had already made up her mind. Once she killed Su Ming, she would definitely go back to Black Crane Tribe and eradicate it.

"Enjoy the feeling of death as it comes to you. Look at your flesh withering away. Watch your life seeping out of your body. See yourself turning into a corpse. This is the result of you offending me!" Madam Ji’s face was filled with malice. Her voice was shrill, her face was ugly, and she was so dried up and thin, she looked like a skeleton.


A chilling glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. Even if his actions were restricted and he could only move in an area of ten feet, he was not afraid. He had a move that could allow him to leave. In truth, he only needed to use the power of the God of Berserkers once and he could walk out of that place.

However, he did not do that. The power of Curse had incited a great deal of interest for Su Ming. He lifted his head and stared at the vortex with sparkling eyes as his life force and blood were drained from his body. He completely ignored Madam Ji and sat down in that area to examine that vortex.

When she saw Su Ming’s conceited actions, Madam Ji’s lips curled up into a cold sneer, and her heart burned with an even stronger anger.

Time passed by, and seven breaths later, Su Ming’s body had already dried up, but his eyes were still sparkling. He seemed to have discovered something from the vortex, but there were many things that remained unclear to him.

The moon was hanging high in the sky at that moment. With a glint in his eyes, Su Ming lifted his right index finger, placed it by his mouth, bit through it, and swiped his finger across his left eye, then smeared his blood on his right eye as well.

Burning of blood!

With the power of burning of blood, he could obtain life force and use it to gain more time to allow himself to examine this vortex. Su Ming had formed a very great interest towards this strange Spell.

This was not the first time he had heard of Curse. In truth, he’d heard of this mysterious Spell among the Shaman Tribe from Wu Duo. Very few people had control over this Spell, so now, this was the first time he saw it, and there was no way he would give up on a chance like this.

There was a graceful-looking, long-haired man dressed in a white robe that looked somewhat similar to Su Ming in the daily small scale battle between the Shamans and Berserkers outside Sky Mist City. Almost the instant Su Ming began the burning of his blood, that man took a Shaman’s life with a cruel smile on his lips.

"Big brother Yue Feng, your rank should reach the top sixty this time once we return to the city after the battle." There were some Berserkers beside the man, and these were the words spoken by one of them with a smile as they continued fighting.

"I’m not thinking about that. The ranking is not important to me. What I care about is this war for us, Berserkers." Yue Feng shook his head, and there was a hint of worry on his face. His words and his expression immediately caused the people around him to grow respectful of him.

Yet at that moment, Yue Feng suddenly shuddered, and for a moment, a hint that something bad was going to happen, along with a sense of danger, appeared in his heart. He was just about to examine his surroundings when his expression drastically changed. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood and his face aged by ten years in an instant.

‘Su Ming! It’s Su Ming!! He’s casting an Art!’ Disbelief appeared in Yue Feng’s eyes as he screamed madly in his heart.

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