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Madam Ji’s expression was fierce, causing the Tattoo on her face to become increasingly more frightening. That infant’s appearance and the dark look in its eyes caused it to seem like Madam Ji had four eyes staring at Su Ming.

She lifted her hands and moved her fingers in a strange manner. Very soon, distorted ripples appeared before her. As those ripples spread out, Madam Ji let out a piercing screech.

"Ghost Impregnation Shaman Tribe has always offered living spirits as sacrifices since past generations. As the only Ghost Wife, I offer my body to summon my tribe’s sacred spirit!" Madam Ji’s shrill voice was piercing to the ears and sounded like bones grating against each other, and layers of echoes stirred up all around them.

The instant she said those words, Su Ming’s pupils shrank. He clearly saw Madam Ji’s sunken belly on her dried up body start wiggling, as if there was something in it that was crawling about as if it was in a hole, and it was also swelling up rapidly.

At that moment, Madam Ji seemed to have turned into a pregnant woman!

She was continuously sucking in a large amount of wind and her belly swelled up even further, eventually, she looked as if she had been carrying for ten months. However, when compared to the withered state in the other parts of her body, her swelled up belly made her look terrifying.

Veins popped up on Madam Ji’s swollen stomach, and on her belly were bumps that were about the size of a fist each. All of them started popping up all over her belly, and shrill laughter came out of Madam Ji’s mouth. She stared at Su Ming with eyes that burned murderously.

"My husband, Ji Yun Hai was sealed by your hands, my Soul Catcher’s Allure was useless towards you, my Curse was ineffective as well. Ever since I married Ji Yun Hai, I have never been injured. Since I can’t kill you, then I will let my baby… I will let my tribe’s sacred spirit, Ghost Child, kill you!"

Madam Ji’s belly became bigger, and a strange tone seeped into her laughter. She pressed her left hand to her swollen belly and seized the air with her right hand.

Immediately, a toy drum appeared in her hands, and once she let go, that drum floated by her side.

The vortex in the sky above Su Ming dissipated, and the restriction placed upon him was also rapidly weakening. He stared at Madam Ji and spoke slowly. "You malicious woman. Not only did you kill your own husband, you’re also using your own child to cast a Spell!"

"Malicious?" Madam Ji laughed loudly, and the hatred in her laughter was incredibly strong. She looked at Su Ming and said shrilly, "I’m malicious? That’s only because you haven’t seen a truly malicious person. Ghost Impregnation Tribe might be mysterious, but we’ve always set ourselves apart from the world. But now, I am the only one remaining of my tribe. All my other tribe members are dead, and they were all murdered by Ji Yun Hai when he used them to experiment with his Curse in the past…

"From the elderly folk who did not have a hint of shamanic power in them to newborn infants. Have you ever seen the elderly clawing through their chests and tearing out their hearts to eat them just so they could be released from suffering? Have you ever seen newborn infants crying in pain while they rot away and die?!

"Have you ever seen the pain of all the men in a tribe having their bones grow out of their flesh? Have you ever seen all the women in the tribe being forced to watch their own family suffering this way but being unable to control their own lust? To only laugh foolishly, coquettishly and pounce on the enemy of your tribe, who made all your tribe members suffer