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Madam Ji’s expression was fierce, causing the Tattoo on her face to become increasingly more frightening. That infant’s appearance and the dark look in its eyes caused it to seem like Madam Ji had four eyes staring at Su Ming.

She lifted her hands and moved her fingers in a strange manner. Very soon, distorted ripples appeared before her. As those ripples spread out, Madam Ji let out a piercing screech.

"Ghost Impregnation Shaman Tribe has always offered living spirits as sacrifices since past generations. As the only Ghost Wife, I offer my body to summon my tribe’s sacred spirit!" Madam Ji’s shrill voice was piercing to the ears and sounded like bones grating against each other, and layers of echoes stirred up all around them.

The instant she said those words, Su Ming’s pupils shrank. He clearly saw Madam Ji’s sunken belly on her dried up body start wiggling, as if there was something in it that was crawling about as if it was in a hole, and it was also swelling up rapidly.

At that moment, Madam Ji seemed to have turned into a pregnant woman!

She was continuously sucking in a large amount of wind and her belly swelled up even further, eventually, she looked as if she had been carrying for ten months. However, when compared to the withered state in the other parts of her body, her swelled up belly made her look terrifying.

Veins popped up on Madam Ji’s swollen stomach, and on her belly were bumps that were about the size of a fist each. All of them started popping up all over her belly, and shrill laughter came out of Madam Ji’s mouth. She stared at Su Ming with eyes that burned murderously.

"My husband, Ji Yun Hai was sealed by your hands, my Soul Catcher’s Allure was useless towards you, my Curse was ineffective as well. Ever since I married Ji Yun Hai, I have never been injured. Since I can’t kill you, then I will let my baby… I will let my tribe’s sacred spirit, Ghost Child, kill you!"

Madam Ji’s belly became bigger, and a strange tone seeped into her laughter. She pressed her left hand to her swollen belly and seized the air with her right hand.

Immediately, a toy drum appeared in her hands, and once she let go, that drum floated by her side.

The vortex in the sky above Su Ming dissipated, and the restriction placed upon him was also rapidly weakening. He stared at Madam Ji and spoke slowly. "You malicious woman. Not only did you kill your own husband, you’re also using your own child to cast a Spell!"

"Malicious?" Madam Ji laughed loudly, and the hatred in her laughter was incredibly strong. She looked at Su Ming and said shrilly, "I’m malicious? That’s only because you haven’t seen a truly malicious person. Ghost Impregnation Tribe might be mysterious, but we’ve always set ourselves apart from the world. But now, I am the only one remaining of my tribe. All my other tribe members are dead, and they were all murdered by Ji Yun Hai when he used them to experiment with his Curse in the past…

"From the elderly folk who did not have a hint of shamanic power in them to newborn infants. Have you ever seen the elderly clawing through their chests and tearing out their hearts to eat them just so they could be released from suffering? Have you ever seen newborn infants crying in pain while they rot away and die?!

"Have you ever seen the pain of all the men in a tribe having their bones grow out of their flesh? Have you ever seen all the women in the tribe being forced to watch their own family suffering this way but being unable to control their own lust? To only laugh foolishly, coquettishly and pounce on the enemy of your tribe, who made all your tribe members suffer so terribly, while crying and spreading your legs, and thrusting your hips lustfully?!

"You haven’t seen any of these before, so what right do you have to say I am malicious?!" Madam Ji shouted shrilly. Agitation and hatred appeared on her face, along with grief and agony. She lifted her right hand and seized at the air once again, and this time, what appeared in her hand was a toy bow, which floated beside the drum.

"I’m malicious? I’m indeed malicious, but all my malice is due to Ji Yun Hai, it’s all because of him! He killed all my tribe members just so he could experiment with his Curse. At that time, I cried while moving my body against him. I hate him, I hate myself. I begged the heavens for help, I begged all the gods and spirits for help, as long as someone helped me, I could sacrifice everything…

"But no one helped me. The gods and spirits closed their eyes and coldly walked away. Dark clouds appeared in the sky and used rain to wash away all traces of what happened. When that nightmare was over, all the men in the tribe were dead, and I saw among them my husband, my father, my mother, and my newborn daughter…

"Can you understand that sort of pain?! But that nightmare didn’t end at that point, Ji Yun Hai used a Spell on all the women in the tribe so that they would show signs of pregnancy.

"He didn’t just want to use my tribe to test his newly refined Curse, he also took an interest towards the sacred spirit of my tribe, the sacred spirit of Ghost Impregnation Tribe that we have been offering sacrifices to for several generations, the Ghost Child!

"He wanted to use a diabolical method and force all the women to give birth to the Ghost Child so that he could use it to bear the power of his Curse and make his Curse even stronger!" Madam Ji had never said these things to anyone before and had hidden them in her heart for many years.

At that moment, she was fighting to try to kill Su Ming and was forced to this extent. Because of this, in her bout of madness, due to Su Ming calling her malicious, she poured out all the words in her heart to him.

"Everyone died. My elder sister, my mother, all of my sisters in the tribe had their stomachs cut open by Ji Yun Hai, and because they weren’t pregnant with the Ghost Child, they died… Why do you think I’m alive? It’s because I was successfully pregnant with the Ghost Child. A long time is needed to carry the Ghost Child, that is why I didn’t die. I was taken away by Ji Yun Hai… He wanted to wait for the birth of the Ghost Child!

"I turned into his toy. The reason why I am so lewd is because the Curses he planted in me have increased over the years. I became the specimen for his Curse.

"Am I then considered among the malicious people in the world?! I was pure in the past! I believed that the sky would forever be blue! I believed the dark clouds would only last for a moment! But the truth is, the blue in the sky is also a form of oppression!

"That’s why I thought of everything I could to please Ji Yun Hai, and eventually, after using every method I had in my disposal, I finally found his weakness. After a full sixty years, when the Ghost Child was born, I killed him! I turned him into a puppet, but the price was that my Ghost Child dissipated. There’s only a hint left in my body, and it turned into a Spell I did not want to use.

"I originally thought everything would end at the moment of his death. I originally thought I would be free and could search for a new life, I would settle in a remote corner and live out the remainder of my days…

"But do you know what? DO you know..? I got used to this sort of lifestyle. I’m already used to the pleasures of lust. I’ve changed… I’m no longer me. I’m no longer my past self…" Tears fell out of Madam Ji’s eyes. As she screamed at Su Ming, she lifted her right hand, and this time, a baby’s skull appeared in her palm.

That skull was blood-red, and it floated beside the small drum along with the toy bow and arrow.

Madam Ji’s words fell into Su Ming’s ears. The restrictions placed on his body had completely disappeared, but a look of conflict appeared on his face. From Madam Ji’s expressions and her voice, he could tell that what she said was very likely to have transpired.

Vaguely, he seemed to be able to see a pure, innocent figure that had disappeared in the passages of time standing behind Madam Ji.

"It wasn’t anyone else who made this scar on my face, I did it. Every single time I couldn’t control myself, I would tear it open and ruin my own face so that it won’t heal, but it’s useless… it’s useless… I can’t control my own body… All of this is because of Ji Yun Hai!"

Madam Ji looked as if she had lost her mind. At that moment, with that huge belly of hers and eyes filled with hatred, she glared at Su Ming.

"I’ll kill you, then absorb your flesh and essence to make you bear my suffering! Ghost Child, my baby, be born. Choose your path. If you choose to help mama, then… kill him!" Madam Ji’s shrill voice suddenly became gentle. She stroked her belly, and the instant pain appeared on her face, Wisps of black mist suddenly spread from her stomach.

As the black mist appeared, Madam Ji’s belly started sinking rapidly. In the blink of an eye, an infant’s cry rang out, and right before Su Ming’s eyes, that vast amount of black mist gathered together and turned into a black infant in front of Madam Ji.

There was a black horn on the infant’s head and golden patterns on his face. Right then, it opened its mouth, revealing sharp teeth, then crawled towards the spot with the small drum, the bow and arrow, and the infant’s skull.

A ghastly chill immediately enveloped the area when the Ghost Child appeared. However, it was clear that this Ghost Child was incomplete. Its body was rapidly dissipating, and the chill was also swiftly disappearing, allowing the normal temperature to return. It was just as Madam Ji said, this Ghost Child was just the shadow left behind after it dissipated in the past.

Su Ming sighed and took a step forward to charge towards Madam Ji. He lifted his right hand, and a faint light shone. Then right when a vast amount of power spread from Su Ming’s body—

The Ghost Child took one swift leap forward and appeared beside the baby’s skull, then once it grabbed the skull, it opened its mouth and bit down on it. Crunching sounds reverberated through the air, and he crushed the baby’s skull with his bite. When he swallowed the skull, he lifted his head, and with eyes shining darkly when he looked towards Su Ming, he charged out.

"Kill him!" As Madam Ji screamed shrilly, the Ghost Child had already closed in on Su Ming.

Booming sounds reverberated in the air, and Su Ming was forced back. Blood trickled out of the corners of his mouth. The Ghost Child was invisible. All of Su Ming’s attacks felt as if he had just attacked air. However, that was not all. The force that hit the air had appeared on his own body with a method Su Ming could not understand.

He had never seen such a strange Spell before. As he retreated, a glint appeared in his eyes. It was not as if he did not have any killing moves for invisible objects. He lifted his right hand swiftly, then drew one line towards the Ghost Child!

One line - Berserker Obliteration!

This was the first Style Su Ming had created himself. It was also the strongest Art among all the divine abilities he possessed! Right now, as he had arrived at the middle stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm, the power of the four Berserker Bones in his body was activated for the first time. The instant that stroke was finished, an ancient voice reverberated in the air, and it belonged to Su Ming’s very own God of Berserkers Song!

That voice spread out, filled with a majestic might. As Su Ming drew that one line, the Ghost Child let out a shrill scream of pain. If he had been in his peak condition, he might have been fine, but he was now a manifestation of a hint of what remained of him in the past.

He was dissipating quickly enough to begin with, and now, he’d run into Su Ming’s Berserker Obliteration which could cut through space itself. That one line fell on his body.

It was also at that moment when the stroke fell down that Su Ming’s identity was revealed, for the God of Berserkers Song reverberated in the air and his clothes were torn apart due to the powerful force emanating from within his body, revealing his Berserker Mark.

"You’re… You’re a Berserker!"

Due to the injuries sustained by her Ghost Child, Madam Ji coughed out a huge mouthful of blood and her expression changed drastically.

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