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Chapter 385: Ji Yun Hai
"Ji Yun Hai is the best Soul Catcher beneath Hollow Shaman among all the Shamans in the Land of South Morning. He is known as the person who is most likely to become a Hollow Soul Catcher among all the Latter Soul Catchers.
"It’s a pity… he has gone missing for many years, or else if he joined in this battle, then he would definitely be able to cast that wide area Spell of his that would allow him to kill a large amount of people, a spell that he’s very proficient with and is his unique Soul Capturing ability."
The number of Shaman tents seemed endless and covered seventy thousand lis of the land of the Shamans outside Sky Mist City. Those tents were spread around the place to the extent that their end could not be seen. There were more than one hundred thousand Shamans over there, and there were also a large number of warriors from other Shaman Tribes joining their numbers everyday, so they continued growing stronger.
There was a tall mountain by the endless sea of tents. If anyone with a certain level of cultivation went to stand atop the mountain, they would be able to see the faint contour of Sky Mist City from there.
At that moment, there was a woman standing at the top of the mountain. She had long, flowing locks, and appeared elegant. Her gaze was profound, and she contained a different temperament compared to the other Shamans. That bearing gave her an ethereal air, and that serene demeanor of hers seemed to be able to affect the others around her, causing all those who stood beside her to feel their hearts calming down.
"There haven’t been many powerful End Shamans who appeared in the entire Shaman Tribe over the years, and as time went by, now, there are only eight left among us… and there are three among them who still haven’t submitted themselves to the Immortals."
There were about a dozen Shamans standing beside the woman, and there were both men and women in that group. Only three of them were in their middle ages, while the rest were all elderly folk. The person who was speaking at that moment was an old man with a head full of white hair. He held a cane with a crocodile's head in his hand, and he was speaking as he stared at Sky Mist City.
"Speaking of Ji Yun Hai, that person was originally a member of Heaven Follower Tribe. When Heaven Follower Tribe was destroyed, this person survived, then he obtained some sort of chance, and his Soul Catcher’s path became different from others.
"He’s skilled in using poisonous insects and came up with the Nine Colored Poison Fog. That Origin of his, the Heaven Follower Insect, had also reached an Undying state after he refined it. Once that sea of bugs appears, even powerful Hollow Shamans would have a problem dealing with them.
"If he was here by your side, my Immortal friend, not only could we kill the Berserkers, we could also use the Heaven Follower Insect to send your orders to the entire Shaman Army so that we could gather as one and the Berserkers wouldn’t be able to intervene.
"This unique Soul Catcher is very rare, but it’s a pity. The last time I heard of him was around a dozen years ago. I heard that he had taken a woman his wife, and then all news about him disappeared." The old man shook his head and continued talking about the next person, introducing all the elites of the Shamans to the long haired woman.
It was difficult for all the people there, including the woman, to know that the Ji Yun Hai they were speaking of was now in a remote spot far away from them in the land of the Shamans, and was currently pouncing on Su Ming with gray eyes and with the aura of death completely surrounding him.
The endless black beetles surrounding him were the Heaven Follower Insects, and all of them were refined by Ji Yun Hai personally to become Undying insects!
However, even if the old man was talking about Ji Yun Hai with a regretful tone on the mountain beyond Sky Mist City, if

he was standing where Su Ming was now and saw the man with his own eyes, he would also have a difficult time recognizing that the dried up monster with gray eyes was Ji Yun Hai.
Not only had his appearance changed drastically, his level of cultivation had also fallen. He did not look as if he was a Latter Shaman, but had sank to the level of a Medial Shaman.
The only thing that did not change about him was the slight presence of a powerful Shaman, the one he had when he was still powerful. It was as if that presence would not die and would not be destroyed, remaining like an Undying - the essence of what a Soul Catcher practiced, or perhaps it was… unwillingness, something that did not want to go away, bringing with it an endless storm of enmity and hatred.
As Ji Yun Hai closed in, a chilling glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He lifted his right hand, and as he formed those three different seals, Han Mountain Bell seemed to have gained physical form and appeared outside his palm. Then he pushed it swiftly at the lunging Ji Yun Hai, straight towards his chest.
With that one push, Su Ming immediately felt a large amount of power surging up his hand and traveling through his entire body in an instant, causing a sickeningly sweet taste to fill his mouth, and a mouthful of blood spilled out of his mouth. He staggered and fell back a few steps, and with each step, a strong wave of ripples would form in the air.
Once he retreated several hundreds of feet back, the cloth covering Su Ming’s right arm exploded with a bang, revealing the veins that had popped up on his arm. Some of them had even swelled up and exploded. Blood mist scattered into the air, and Su Ming’s face instantly turned pale.
At the same time, the sea of insects charged towards Su Ming. Buzzing sounds filled the air, and it was enough to make all those who heard it feel their skins crawl.
Su Ming might be in a sorry state, but Ji Yun Hai also shuddered, and the mark of Han Mountain Bell immediately appeared on the spot where Su Ming’s palm had pressed on his chest. That mark then spread through Ji Yun Hai’s entire body like a flood. If anyone looked over at that instant, they would also see Han Mountain Bell’s illusion surrounding Ji Yun Hai’s body.
"Seal!" Su Ming let out a low shout.
If Ji Yun Hai still had some form of intelligence left and knew how to retreat, then Su Ming knew it would be rather difficult for him to seal that person. But now, Ji Yun Hai was just a puppet that did not know how to think and could only move when told. His reactions, naturally, could not compare to a living person, especially when Su Ming had even risked getting injured to get closer to him to finally seal him up with Han Mountain Bell.
As Su Ming shouted his command, Han Mountain Bell immediately turned from an illusion to a physical entity around Ji Yun Hai’s still lunging body. Once Han Mountain Bell completely manifested, it trapped Ji Yun Hai within.
Buzzing sounds hummed in the air and Han Mountain Bell floated in the sky. Crashing sounds continuously came from within; it sounded as if Ji Yun Hai was repeatedly ramming himself against the bell.
The endless amount of Heaven Follower Insects in that black insect fog froze in their pounce towards Su Ming once Ji Yun Hai was sealed by Han Mountain Bell.
Su Ming had already awakened six of the heads in Han Mountain Bell. Besides gaining control over some new power, he had also gained more understanding towards the few divine abilities that belonged to the bell.
This break, which was the move followed after activating the seal, brought a change as to how Su Ming could use Han Mountain Bell, one that he gained through the epiphany he obtained during these past few days. Once that word fell from his lips, bell chimes immediately spread from Han Mountain Bell. As they reverberated in the air, all of Ji Yun Hai’s presence disappeared without a trace in an instant.
If that was just the case, then this seal was not that much different from a normal seal. However, Ji Yun Hai’s presence was not the only thing that disappeared, the connection between him and the Heaven Follower Insects, one that was akin to that of a blood connection and not to that of a control he held over them through his aura, also disappeared.
Almost the instant the word ‘break’ fell off Su Ming’s mouth and Han Mountain Bell started chiming, the black sea of insects that was lunging forward froze once again, and soon after, as if they had lost their dictator and their will, they fell to the ground right before Su Ming.
Cold sweat broke out on Su Ming’s forehead. The battle between the puppet Ji Yun Hai might have been short, but it had been incredibly perilous. The sea of insects had been an incredibly great threat towards, along with Ji Yun Hai himself. If he had not been dead and was alive, then Su Ming would definitely have not been his opponent.
Yet now, even if this person had been long dead and had turned into a puppet, if Su Ming wanted to kill him, he would have to do so by using an incredibly powerful killing move. If he could not, then he would have to seal him.
Su Ming’s face was dark. The instant the sea of insects fell to the ground, he cast his gaze towards that Madam Ji, but when he did so, Madam Ji had already shed the last piece of her clothing, revealing her curvy body.
If no one looked at the scar that was about the size of a fist under her right breast and did not pay attention to another one, red in color, on her face, then they would see a body that seemed to contain all the blessings of the world.
She looked at Su Ming and lifted her hands to clasp them above her head. Once she did so, she started moving, dancing in a primal way right before his eyes. That dance was not pleasant, but if anyone looked at it for any period of time they would feel their throats drying up and their hearts pounding. Their blood flow would increase, and all sorts of thoughts would start clogging up their minds.
Because while that dance was primal, every single time that body moved, it would seem to bring out the most primal urges within a person, and as Madam Ji continued moving, the illusionary forms of other women started appearing in the air. They wore revealing satin dresses, and once they appeared, they started dancing as well.
In the blink of an eye, the number of illusionary women increased and surrounded Su Ming. In fact, some of them were so close to Su Ming there seemed to be virtually no distance between them, and once they started moving, a dim fragrance filled the air…
Su Ming would perhaps not have been affected too much if that was all, but… the bodies of the women that appeared in those illusions were filled with seduction, bringing out his most primal urge, and as they moved, their appearances started changing.
Tian Lan Meng, wearing a white satin dress, passing by before Su Ming with a gentle smile…
Bai Su, Bai Ling, these two girls with almost the exact same appearance, dancing in that way that would make hearts race… All of it fell into Su Ming’s eyes.
Han Cang Zi, Han Fei Zi… and the rest appeared as well. Their seductive bodies that were only partially hidden, their different figures tempted Su Ming, causing his breathing to become distinctly labored.
Even the Sacred Lady of Autumn Sea Tribe, Wan Qiu, also wore a purple satin dress and walked towards Su Ming with a beautiful posture and pace from the distance.
A look of struggle appeared on Su Ming’s face as he looked at those familiar faces. Murkiness clouded his eyes, and they were no longer clear. Right then, he saw Wan Qiu turning into Madam Ji, and she was walking over with a flirtatious look.
Su Ming’s eyes seemed to be burning with fire, but there was a dullness to them. At the same time, his breathing grew more labored and he started growling instinctively.
At that moment, Su Ming looked almost the same as how Xiao Hong did previously. Lust seemed to be burning in his dull eyes, turning them red.
His breathing was hot and labored. Sweat dripped down from under his mask, and he pounced on Madam Ji, who was walking towards him.
Cackling laughter spilled out of Madam Ji’s lips and a pleased expression appeared on her face. The hatred in her eyes turned into a cruel intent to kill. That one Style of hers would bring out the lust within a person’s heart, and even Ji Yun Hai’s desires had been drawn out in a moment of carelessness, that was why Madam Ji was not at all dubious of Su Ming’s actions at that moment.

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