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Chapter 363: Berserker Soul’s Killing Intent!
There was a powerful gust of wind at the highest part of the sky. This wind was the strongest wind that could only be found high up in the sky. If anyone traveled at a high speed under it, they would find it incredibly hard to endure through it. Their bodies would start feeling as if they were being torn apart.
This was the power of the wind.
Even Su Ming, who had the Provenance of Wind in his body and also stored wind inside body, found it hard to last for a prolonged period of time under this high wind. Once half a day had gone by under his continued charge, he found that it was already too difficult for him to continue, and with a turn, he charged towards a lower altitude.
To Su Ming, the wind in the sky became stronger the higher he was. On the other hand, if he was at a lower altitude, the wind would be significantly weaker.
As he charged forward, he flew towards the deeper parts of the land of the Shamans. He did not stop even for a single instant, and continued dashing forward at this speed even when night arrived.
The dark sky turned bright, then turned dark once again. Most of the places Su Ming went to were remote areas, and since this was a time of war, most of the Shamans from the tribes in this large area had went away. That was why even though Su Ming had been running away for three days straight, he had not run into too many members of the Shaman Tribe.
Besides, he was simply too fast. Even if he did run into other Shamans, they would usually only see a long arc and could not tell whether he was a Shaman or a Berserker, causing him to be able to travel unhindered.
Su Ming only stopped during the fourth evening and opened up a cave as a place for him to stay on a large plain. With exhaustion filling every inch of his body, he sat down inside that cave.
He had already gone past his limit with four days of flight. If it had not been because he had been taking in medicine all this while, he wouldn’t have lasted till now. By then, he had already lost his direction, and he also did not know where exactly he was in the land of the Shamans. However, as long as he could shake off that old Berserker, all of this was worth it.
Su Ming panted harshly and evened out the chaotic power in his body as he remained sitting with his legs crossed. The period of time since he reached the Bone Sacrifice Realm was too short, and as he had been flying rapidly for such a long period of time, his power had gradually started to show signs of instability.
‘I’ve been flying for four days, and that old Berserker has gone off to kill that Shaman. Since we went off in two separate directions, he should not be able to find me now, but I still need to be careful in case he has other tricks up his sleeve.’
Su Ming closed his eyes, but he did not dare immerse himself completely in exercising his breathing. He kept his divine sense spread outward and slowly started circulating the power of Bone Sacrifice within him.
Time gradually passed by. One day, two days, three days… On the fifth day, Su Ming opened his eyes. The exhaustion in his eyes had gone down slightly. He took a deep breath. The power of Bone Sacrifice within him had finally become stable and was no longer like five days ago, where it was showing signs of deteriorating.
‘But in case of emergencies, I can’t stay in this place for long.’ A look of caution appeared on Su Ming’s face. He stood up and was just about to leave the place when his expression drastically changed.
Within his outspread divine sense, he could clearly sense a strong wave of ripples charging towards him from one hundred thousand feet away. Naturally, the person within those ripples was the old Berserker.
‘I knew it. He had a way to find me.’ Su Ming did not hesitate and shot up from the ground, then charged out with gritted teeth in midair.
The old Berserker looked as calm as ever. He had a cold sneer on hi

s lips, but his face was rather pale. Clearly, killing the Shaman and chasing after him for a few days had also caused him to be injured by the time he found Su Ming.
However, he believed that even though he was injured, it was still incredibly easy for him to capture his target.
‘You can’t escape.’ A glint appeared in the old Berserker’s eyes and he relentlessly chased after Su Ming.
The two shot through the sky one after the other. There was one hundred thousand feet between them, but that distance was gradually being shortened. Two hours later, when there were only eighty thousand something feet between them, a chilling glint appeared in the old Berserker’s eyes, and a mocking sneer formed on his lips.
Almost the instant that mocking look appeared, the old man’s body trembled. As he trembled, popping sounds abruptly came from his body. It was as if his bones were knocking into each other. The old man’s face instantly turned purplish red and veins also started popping up on his skin.
All of this was soon followed by the old man letting out a roar towards the sky. With a single charge—it was as if a crack had appeared in the sky—he flew so indescribably quickly that he was already faster than Su Ming by several fold. Right when he created a crack in the air before him, his body disappeared.
A life threatening sense of danger shot up in Su Ming’s mind. He came to an abrupt halt and forcefully changed his direction. He no longer went forward, but instead retreated.
This forceful change in direction made blood flow out of Su Ming’s mouth, but the instant he started retreating, the air before him looked as if it was shattering. As if he was forcing his way through, the old Berserker appeared before Su Ming out of thin air.
This sort of movement could not even be considered as speed anymore, but was more like an instant warp.
The old man who had come out also coughed up blood. His face was pale, but his expression was ferocious. Once he appeared less than one hundred feet away from Su Ming, he swiftly lifted his right hand, and instantly, a sea of blood surged up beyond him. That sea of blood covered a circular area of 1,000 feet and charged at Su Ming like a tidal wave.
As that tidal wave surged forward, it adopted a shape that seemed like a blood wave with its mouth wide open as it pounced on Su Ming to devour him.
All of this might have seemed to happen over a long period of time, but in truth, it happened in an instant. It had taken less than two breaths for the old man to warp to this spot 80,000 feet away and cast that divine ability.
As for Su Ming, he had only managed to retreat 100 something feet after forcefully changing his direction.
The intense, life threatening sense of danger made Su Ming’s skin crawl. The world before him became completely dyed in blood when that blood wolf completely filled his vision, howling and pouncing on him.
A strong power that made Su Ming’s heart and soul tremble spread from that blood wolf. This was the power of those in the Berserker Soul Realm. This was the power of the divine ability belonging to that old monster in the Berserker Soul Realm.
To Su Ming, who had just recently reached the Bone Sacrifice Realm, it was impossible for him to clash against this sort of divine ability. But it was also difficult for him to dodge it, because as that blood wolf closed in on him, an oppressive feeling enveloped the area as if it had sealed off the place where Su Ming was.
The shadow of death covered Su Ming’s entire body and his eyes instantly turned red. The blue armor of Bone Sacrifice immediately manifested on him with Runes aligned within the armor. At this moment of life and death, Su Ming’s potential seemed to be infinitely brought out, and with just one attempt, he managed to align all the Runes successfully.
Right then, the blood wolf pounced on Su Ming defended by the Divine General Armor. He shuddered violently and coughed out a mouthful of blood. It was as if 10,000 mountains had crashed into him. His Qi surged within him and his power started shattering. Even the four Berserker Bones started cracking.
What made Su Ming’s mind go off in loud booms was that he felt a force of absorption that was difficult to resist coming from the blood wolf’s mouth. It was as if it wanted to suck away his soul, but thank goodness… he had the Divine General Armor.
His Divine General Armor struggled for a few breaths before it shattered. Su Ming was flung backwards violently, but his actions were not completely useless. The strength of the Divine General Armor, coupled with the alignment of the Runes caused Su Ming to only be heavily injured under that hit from the Berserker Soul Realm. He did not die immediately.
He was continuously pushed back by that huge force like a kite with a broken string. As he coughed out blood, the blood wolf howled and rushed forward once again.
However, that blood wolf was no longer as distinct as it was before. Once it clashed into Su Ming’s Divine General Armor, the blood wolf fell into a semi-transparent state, but even so, killing or capturing the completely defenseless Su Ming was still a piece of cake for it.
The old Berserker’s pupils shrank. He did not expect that Su Ming’s Divine General Armor would be able to resist his divine ability. Even though that armor had shattered, he had not been able to instantly retrieve Su Ming’s soul.
"Glimmering Light!" With a cold harrumph, the old man took a step towards Su Ming.
Almost the moment he walked forward, that semi transparent blood wolf caught up to Su Ming and continued attacking him, looking as if it would not disappear if it did not retrieve his soul.
In the blink of an eye, the blood wolf closed in on him and was just about to ram against his defenseless body, but right when the blood wolf got closer, a big bell abruptly appeared around Su Ming!
Han Mountain Bell!
The blood wolf instantly knocked onto the bell. Rumbling sounds shook the sky and earth. Loud bell chimes hummed in the air, and the strong chimes made even the old Berserker freeze for a moment.
The instant he froze, a black line suddenly shot out from the spot where Han Mountain Bell and the blood wolf crashed into each other. With a shocking speed, it charged straight towards the center of the old man’s brows.
However, that old Berserker was a monster who had already reached the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm. In an instant, he had recovered, and with a swing of his arm, he caught the incoming black line. However, what awaited him was a sharp pain on his palm and blood spilling out of his lips.
That black line pierced through his palm, but similarly, when the black line shot through the old man’s palm, it also suffered the power of the palm strike. Its tail instantly exploded and it fell backwards.
"What is this?!" The old Berserker’s palm was a bloody mess and shock appeared on his face.
Almost the instant he was injured by that black line, the blood wolf’s gigantic body crumbled and dissolved beside Han Mountain Bell. Han Mountain Bell also shrank in an instant and fell back into Su Ming’s body.
Su Ming coughed up blood once again. He was already gravely injured, but he did not continue running away. Instead, with bloodshot eyes, he charged against the old Berserker as if he had gone insane.
The distance between the both of them was not far to begin with, which was why Su Ming managed to close in on him right when the old Berserker’s palm was shot through and shock appeared on his face. By doing so, while it seemed as if Su Ming was running headlong into his own doom, his charge allowed him to arrive less than 30 feet away from the old Berserker.
Like a moth charging into a flame!
With Su Ming’s level of cultivation, his current move could only be described with those seven words. However, if he did not do this, he would not be able to run away either and would still die. The willpower he had refined from the battlefield allowed his mind to not breakdown despite being under this intense life threatening crisis.
He counterattacked.

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