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Chapter 362: Chase!
As the three of them dashed forward, they gradually left the battlefield. The sounds of battle behind them slowly grew distant.
Su Ming had managed to time his leave from the battlefield incredibly well. Or else there would definitely not just be two people chasing after him, there would be more, and with a high possibility of those old monsters from the middle stage of the Berserker Soul Realm appearing as well.
Thank goodness this was just the beginning of the battle in Sky Mist City. With Sky Mist City’s own protection, the city would not be conquered in a short period of time. There were also more warriors from the Berserker Tribe who were moving towards the city, because the number of powerful Berserkers that were originally staying in the city itself were not many.
It was the same for the Shamans. The battle was going to continue and would not end in a short period of time. All of these things that were happening now were just them trying to probe for information from the other party.
Su Ming activated his full speed and traveled through the land of the Shamans like a gust of wind.
The two men behind him pursued him relentlessly. However, they were also wary of each other and had split up, especially the old Berserker. If it was not because Su Ming was just too big of a temptation for him, he would definitely not want to risk charging into the land of the Shamans during war or entering too deep into their land.
On the other hand, the old Shaman’s eyes were sparkling and a cold sneer was on his lips. Not only was he determined to capture Su Ming, he also wanted to kill the other person.
With their own thoughts in their heads, the two charged forward, and as they did so, the two old men frowned. Su Ming’s speed did not show a hint of stopping even after so long. Not only that, he was also becoming faster.
But that was not all. As Su Ming continued flying before them, he was also going higher. The two of them could only follow, but once they reached a certain height, they found themselves facing a strong gust of wind existing in the sky that seemed to be above the nine heavens. Once a person exceeded a certain level of speed with that wind around, it would definitely turn into a strong repelling force.
In fact, if they went even faster, that gust of wind blowing right against their faces would slice against their bodies like knives and cause them intense pain.
While one of them was at the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm and the other an End Shaman, if they were exposed to this sort of wind for an extended period of time, their speed would also be affected.
Yet before their eyes, Su Ming was like a fish in the water. Not only did the strong wind resistance not slow him down, it instead made him faster. As he charged forward, he widened the gap between them until they were 80,000 feet away from each other in an instant.
That distance between them was only going to continue growing. Once they were more than 100,000 feet apart, it would only become harder for the Shaman to chase Su Ming down. A glint appeared in his eyes, and he lifted his right hand as he dashed forth. He clenched his fist before loosening it abruptly, and the instant his fingers unfurled themselves, wounds appeared on all five of them. Five drops of blood flowed out at the same time. With the wind against them, the five drops of blood gathered together to turn into a small human.
That small human’s entire body shone with a red light, and once it appeared, a shrill sound rang out. Flames appeared on it as if burning away the power contained within the body. It charged forward.
It was so quick that in an instant, it was already only 30,000 feet away from Su Ming, then with another shrill cry, that small human shrank once again. When it shrank to the size of a palm, its speed increased exponentially, and this time, it appeared less than 1,000 feet behi

nd Su Ming. That small human’s body instantly exploded, and a drop of blood charged straight towards Su Ming.
Right before the old Shaman and that old Berserker’s eyes, they saw that drop of blood falling on Su Ming’s back, causing him to shudder and cough out blood. In an instant, his speed abruptly fell.
The old Berserker’s eyes sparkled and he drew a line in the air before him with his right hand. A strong ray of light gathered and turned into a runic symbol. The old man slammed his palm down on the flashing runic symbol, and it instantly disappeared.
However, the space 10,000 something feet behind Su Ming distorted and the runic symbol instantly appeared. As it flickered, it exploded, turning into a wave of air that did not spread outwards, but instead turned into a wolf made of air waves that pounced on Su Ming with a howl.
Su Ming coughed out blood again as if he was already incredibly weakened by this extended period of rapid flying. Now, as he was also heavily injured by those two old monsters, he could no longer fly and pummeled to the ground.
When he plunged down, his face was directed towards the two old men behind him, allowing the both of them to clearly see that not only was his face pale, completely bloodless, his eyes were also shut tight. Pain could be seen on his face, along with fatigue that could not be hidden away. The two old men would not have easily believed in it if that was all, but the chaos in Su Ming’s Qi and his weakness was something that could not deceive their senses.
After all, Su Ming could not hope to compare to these two people in terms of everything besides his speed.
The old Shaman’s eyes sparkled and he charged towards Su Ming, but just when he showed a sign that he was about to rush towards the youth he lifted his right hand and swung it at the old Berserker who was traveling on the other side.
As he swung his arm outward, booming sounds reverberated in the air and a wave of ripples instantly appeared before him. The ripples rapidly spread out and closed in on the old Berserker. That old Berserker let out a cold snort, then bit his tongue and coughed out a mouthful of blood. It turned into a sea of blood that crashed into the incoming ripples, causing a large amount of booms to echo in the air.
At the same time, the old Shaman pointed at the plummeting Su Ming with his left hand, and immediately, a gentle wind charged towards Su Ming and went under him, causing his descent to slow down considerably.
This did not mean that the old Shaman was helping Su Ming. He was simply afraid that Su Ming would die when he fell down unconscious from the sky. If he died, then the losses would outweigh the gains.
The two of the old men had already given up on chasing down the plummeting Su Ming and chose instead to first attack each other; Su Ming was already not a cause for them to worry about. As long as they got rid of the other, then the remaining person could capture him.
Because Su Ming was already unconscious and could not run away.
As these two people fought against each other and Su Ming plunged downwards, he suddenly opened his eyes. They were bloodshot and filled with exhaustion, but they were sparkling. He allowed himself to continue falling, and as he stared at the spot where the booming sounds were coming from in the sky, a cold smirk appeared on his lips.
He continued staring until his body closed in on the ground and he crashed with a bang. The instant his body touched the ground, he shifted slightly, allowing himself to be completely uninjured by the fall. He laid down on the mountainside, still as a rock.
‘With their power, the chances of either one of them dying should not be high… but it’s not completely impossible. If the old Berserker dies, then I’ll be up against the Shaman. Escaping him will be slightly more difficult. After all, this person is a native to the area compared to me…
‘But if the old Berserker wins, it’ll be easier…’ Just as Su Ming was busy thinking, his expression suddenly changed and he narrowed his eyes into slits.
Right before his eyes, he saw the old Shaman quickly retreating from the spot where the two of them were fighting. As he retreated, he coughed out a mouthful of blood, and when the old Berserker chased him down, the Shaman lifted his right hand swiftly. As red light shone, a long red spear charged towards Su Ming from the sky with a howl.
The long spear traveled incredibly quickly and closed in on Su Ming in an instant. Judging from where the tip was pointed, the spear was aiming for the center of his brows.
The old Berserker’s expression changed drastically and he instinctively moved, wanting to stop that long spear. But once he stopped it, the old Shaman would escape, and once he escaped, then it would mean that the old Berserker’s return to the land of the Berserkers would be filled with all sorts of dangers.
However, if he did not save Su Ming and he died, then all his efforts in chasing him down would be wasted. This was a difficult decision, but the old Berserker still managed to make up his mind in an instant.
He did not take the risk but instead charged straight towards the old Shaman. To him, his life was the most important thing. Once he killed that Shaman and destroyed all possibility of him sending any information out, then he could cautiously go back to the Berserker Tribe.
Even if Su Ming died, he could still examine his corpse, and he might be able to find some clues from those items as well.
Almost the moment he chased down the old Shaman, Su Ming swiftly flew up from the ground and dodged that long spear charging towards him. He lifted his right hand and quickly popped the thing he had been holding onto since a long while ago into his mouth.
It was a drop of liquid - a drop of Sea Marrow!
The instant it entered his mouth, Su Ming’s exhausted body seemed to be pumped back full of life force. His power instantly recovered and his body overflowed with life force. A glint appeared in his eyes and he charged in the distance at full speed. In an instant, he was already 10,000 feet away.
The old Berserker who was chasing the Shaman immediately noticed that Su Ming’s Qi had recovered. The old Shaman’s expression also changed. They had examined Su Ming’s condition thoroughly just now, but had absolutely not expected that he would be in possession of a medicine that would allow him to recover so swiftly!
This sort of medication was incredibly rare and it would be highly difficult for a normal Berserker in the Awakening Realm to obtain such a thing, and it would also be a complete waste if they took it!
"Damn it!" Struggle appeared in the old Berserker’s eyes once again. Should he chase down Su Ming or kill the Shaman..?
The old Shaman’s eyes shone and without any hint of hesitation, he charged into the distance. Behind him, the old Berserker gritted his teeth and chased after.
He had to first kill that old Shaman, or else a crisis that could endanger his life would appear. Only when he had reduced all threats to his person to the minimal degree would he feel safe going after Su Ming’s life.
Su Ming flew at full speed, sighing. This sort of deception where he made himself look weakened could only be used one, and it would only be effective the first time he used it. His plan had only been successful because his two pursuers were wary and hated each other, or else this would not have worked.
If they continued chasing him down, then this method would lose its effectiveness. After all, while a person who had already reached the level of the Berserker Soul Realm might occasionally make a mistake, those mistakes would definitely not happen too frequently.
Now, even if Su Ming used any other methods, he would still be unable to compare to these old monsters who were already wary of him. His experience was simply still not enough…
‘I might need to use the power of the God of Berserkers!’
Su Ming gritted his teeth.

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