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The old Berserker let out a cold snort. With a glint in his eyes, he lifted his left hand and swung it at Su Ming. That one swing caused the sea of blood beyond his body to surge high into the sky, but right at that moment…

The old Berserker’s expression suddenly changed in a manner so great it had never happened before!

Because the incoming Su Ming lifted his right hand and stretched out his index finger, the finger with the strand of hair containing the power of the God of Berserkers wound around it. The finger that could destroy the sky and earth and contained a power that could make those in the Berserker Soul Realm appalled!

It was just a lift. It was a movement made to touch the sea of blood that was created with the power of his entire body. There was a hint of flame on the strand of hair on that finger.

It was just those actions, and a terror that horrified the old Berserker out of his wits burst forth from the depths of his heart uncontrollably. Ever since he reached the Berserker Soul Realm, he rarely ran into things that made him this terrified.

This terror even surpassed the fear he experienced when he gritted his teeth and took that one step that could very spell his doom when he had attained great completion in the Bone Sacrifice Realm.

This terror was something he had never encountered and experienced before in his life. This unique shock surpassed everything that he had ever experience. It was like… a judgment!

This was judgment!

It was as if the person standing before him was not the weak and fragile Su Ming, but was instead a person who radiated with supremacy. That person was looking at him, lifting his right hand, pointing towards him.

That person was like the first God of Berserkers!

This was the judgment of the first God of Berserkers. This was the finger of judgment that robbed him of his life, robbed him of his will, robbed him of everything that made him who he was!

He could not bring up even an ounce of resistance before this finger, not even the slightest of thought to fight back. He even had the feeling that he was as weak as a layer of thin ice that would shatter the moment it was touched.

That terror turned into a tidal wave that almost flooded his heart and soul, making the old Berserker’s pupils shrink. He let out a shrill cry and quickly retreated. This was an instinctive reaction. If he did not retreat, he would definitely die. If he did not retreat, even his own body would go against his own will.

As his heart pounded in his chest, it suddenly seemed to have stopped. It was as if even his heart did not dare move under the power of that one finger.

Almost the instant he retreated, blood poured out of the corner of Su Ming’s lips. A glint suddenly appeared in his eyes. Just when the power of that one finger was about to be released and a small part of the strand of hair on his finger burned away, he immediately put down his finger.

He had mentally prepared himself towards the might of the God of Berserkers’ power beforehand, but even if he did prepare himself, he was still shocked by what he felt in his heart.

Su Ming was unwilling to use such a mighty power to kill this Berserker in the Berserker Soul Realm before him!

‘I can only use this twice, and I was forced out of the land of the Berserkers because of the God of Berserkers’ power. If I use it once here, it’s not worth it!’

The instant Su Ming put down his right index finger, green light shone at the center of his brows, and the small sword charged towards the old Berserker.

Su Ming did not linger around to look at the outcome. Instead, with one move, he charged towards the sky in the distance. As he traveled forth, he brought out some medicine and swallowed them, leaving far into the distance in the blink of an eye. The small virescent sword’s speed was incredibly quick. It rushed towards the old Berserker and pierced through his chest, and once it did so, it left with Su Ming. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared.

Once Su Ming disappeared, the old Berserker coughed out a mouthful of blood and lifted his head, revealing a complicated look formed through lingering fear and savageness.

After a long while, he dipped his head down and looked at the puncture on his chest. His heart had been pierced through by that sword. If anyone else had this sort of injury, they would have died a long time ago. However, this wound was not fatal to that old monster in the Berserker Soul Realm.

With a complicated look, the old man stared in the direction Su Ming had left, and hesitation appeared on his face, but soon, the greed in his eyes vanquished his hesitation. He gritted his teeth but did not continue his chase. Instead, he flew down to the ground to begin healing himself.

‘Power of the God of Berserkers… This is the power of the God of Berserkers… This is a power that has surpassed those within the Berserker Soul Realm. If I have it, then no one in the Berserker Soul Realm will be my equal!

‘And the true use of this power isn’t to kill, but to be used to gain an epiphany!’ A mad wave of greed appeared in the old man’s eyes.

‘If I can reflect on this power constantly once I have attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm or have reached the later stage, then perhaps… I will have a chance to break through the Berserker Soul Realm! This power can drive all those monsters who have great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm mad!’

The old man’s breathing quickened, and his breathing tore at his wounds, but he had already long since ignored that pain. Right then, his mind was filled with the shock brought to him by the power of the God of Berserkers.

Su Ming’s caution had allowed him to evade a life threatening crisis. If he had been greedy and attacked once again while the old man was caught in a daze, then he would definitely have to use the power of the God of Berserkers once again, or else once that old monster from the Berserker Soul Realm launched a counterattack, he would be unable to take it.

After all, he was still too weak! Besides, he could not always use the power of the God of Berserkers. This power would be released when the strand of hair started burning. If he had to do this repeatedly, he would much rather kill that old man.

That old man had temporarily given up on chasing him down. As that old man went to the ground to heal himself, Su Ming escaped in the sky. Blood continued flowing out of the corner of his mouth. If he did not have his medicine helping him, he would have collapsed a long time ago.

After fleeing for three days straight, Su Ming plummeted to the ground abruptly. It was a greyish piece of land, and every inch of earth exuded an air of ruin. Once Su Ming crashed down with a bang, he coughed up blood once again.

‘If I don’t want to waste the power of the God of Berserkers, then I must think of a way to kill that person!’ Su Ming wiped away the blood. Panting, he surveyed his surroundings. This place was completely empty. There was not a hint of a living soul here.

‘That person’s speed is far too astonishing. He actually managed to close up 80,000 feet in an instant. This is not a matter of speed anymore, he must be using another method!’ When Su Ming thought back on the fight three days ago, it still made his heart pound in fear.

‘Berserker Soul… This is the Berserker Soul Realm…’ Su Ming struggled up. Once he swept his gaze past the ground, he saw an endless amount of ravines and cracks on the plain. It was unknown how this strange terrain was formed.

He stood there and watched for a long moment before lifting his right hand and patting a bag in his bosom. A red light instantly flew out from the bag and turned into the Fire Ape by his side.

There was still a large amount of human heads tied around the Fire Ape’s waist, and it held a rod in its paws. There was a nervous look on its face when it appeared, a clear sign that it had been paying attention to all the things Su Ming did while in the storage bag.

Like that battle, like the appearance of the two deity statues, like the old monster from the Berserker Soul Realm going after his life.

Su Ming looked at the Fire Ape and saw a hint of terror in its eyes. In his silence, Su Ming lifted his right hand and swung it wide. The chain on the Fire Ape’s neck was instantly released.

The chain fell, causing the ape to immediately regain its freedom.

The desire for freedom had been something the Fire Ape had been dreaming about ever since it was caught, but having it suddenly given to it like this made it momentarily stunned.

"I promised you that I will return you your freedom once I come to the land of the Shamans. This is the land of the Shamans. Be careful and don’t get close to people. Before long, this place will go through a huge catastrophe. Perhaps you can find another way to survive with your intelligence.

"Go. Someone is after my life now, so I can’t send you off. If we are ever fated to meet again, we will." Su Ming looked at the Fire Ape. No matter what, this ape was not Xiao Hong. Su Ming still knew that.

That was why he would not force the Fire Ape to stay. Instead, he gave it freedom.

The Fire Ape was momentarily stunned, then cast Su Ming a glance before it turned into a fiery red blur that charged into the distance. With just a few leaps, it disappeared from Su Ming’s sight.

Melancholy appeared in Su Ming’s heart as that fiery red blur disappeared. He remained silent for a moment before he shook his head. He swept his gaze through the ravines and cracks on the ground before choosing one of them and jumping inside.

He had to immediately start exercising his breathing to heal himself. The power contained in that palm strike from the old monster in the Berserker Soul Realm had made him feel as if his organs were about to be crushed, and there was the fact about him pressing onward incessantly for several days as well. Su Ming would have collapsed if he had not swallowed a large amount of medicine.

More importantly, his four Berserker Bones had cracked after that old monster from the Berserker Soul Realm struck him. This, to Su Ming, was the most devastating blow.

Su Ming opened up a temporary stone chamber to heal himself in that giant ravine on the plains, then sat in there and closed his eyes to begin exercising his breathing. Yet the moment he closed his eyes, he opened them immediately again. Right before his eyes, he saw a fiery red figure appearing at the exit of the stone chamber.

It was the Fire Ape.

It bared its teeth at Su Ming, then lifted its fist and waved it in the air before pointing outside, then began gesturing once again before finally rolling its eyes and leaning at the side as if it was angry.

"I know this is a desolate place… Fine. Continue staying by my side for the time being, when we reach a place that is not a wasteland, you can leave." Su Ming smiled and looked at the Fire Ape, then closed his eyes again.

The battle Su Ming joined beyond Sky Mist City had ended, but the war was still ongoing. There was a new group of warriors assembling in the territories belonging to the two races.

Perhaps it would not take too long before another battle started.

Most of the people in Sky Mist City chose to remain silent about Su Ming’s departure. It was as if everyone had unanimously chosen to not talk about this matter. The others also chose to not talk about the old Berserker who went after Su Ming. An indescribable atmosphere had strangely surrounded the powerful Berserkers within Sky Mist City.

Tian Lan Meng remained silent about this. No one knew exactly what she was thinking of.

As for Su Ming’s over a hundred followers, Yan Bo, Zi Che, and the rest of them did not understand why Su Ming did such a thing. They, too, remained silent.

The stone monument in Sky Mist City that recorded the Berserkers’ battle achievements would be renewed every single day as it recorded the achievements made by the Berserkers. Su Ming was not up there, but there was a person called Yue Feng who had made it to the top 200.

At that moment, there was a handsome young man with long black hair who gave off a strangely captivating air when he smiled standing underneath the stone monument in Sky Mist City. He was standing before the person from Sky Mist City who recorded battle achievements and was handing over a storage bag to that person.

"An additional 37 battle achievement points to Yue Feng, now ranked 198th!" The person from Sky Mist City recording the battle achievements lifted his head and cast a glance at the black-haired man.

"Thank you." That strangely captivating man smiled. Then as he turned around to leave, he cast a glance in the direction of the land of the Shamans.

"Master, what are you doing now..? Are you being chased down by others? Heh heh, I can feel it. One of these days, I will surpass you and become the true Fire Berserker in the world!"

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