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Chapter 361: Leaving the Battlefield!
There might be people existing in the world who had the guts to attack the deity statues, but they were rare and few in between. Within the Land of South Morning, there were naturally no Berserkers who had this sort of presence and this sort of courage, and there was only person among the Shamans who had this sort of power and presence!
That person was the strongest among the Shamans, whose level of cultivation had broken through End, the Great Patriarch who was the pinnacle of the Shaman Tribe!
Only he would have this sort of presence, he who had fought alone against the three great Berserkers in the past, and though gravely injured, had not died, had only fallen into deep sleep!
He was also the only one who would not care about Su Ming being the scion of the first God of Berserkers and would throw that spear out in an attempt to destroy the statue of the God of Berserkers, because he was the Great Patriarch who wanted to prevent all future Berserkers from ever entering the Bone Sacrifice Realm forever!
That spear sliced through the air, and wherever it went, the sky would seem to be split apart, revealing a large crack. With a presence that was difficult to describe with words, that spear appeared right before the disappearing deity statue of Bone Sacrifice with a whistle and crashed into it.
There were no ripples, neither were there any rumbles. The deity statue of Bone Sacrifice might have been pierced through by that spear, but there was not a hint of damage on it. It merely cast a freezing glare at that black fog before it vanished without a trace.
"If our deity statues could be destroyed so easily, the Berserker Tribe would have not have existed till this date. If the Immortals can’t do it, then how could you, you old Mo Luo? You’re just a dog of the Immortals!" an old voice stated from Sky Mist City. At the same time, a middle-aged man in long blue robes walked into the sky.
He did not look old, but his eyes contained an aged an ancient look that was formed after living through an endless amount of time. He looked very handsome, and his features looked rather similar to Tian Lan Meng.
"Besides, only some of your clones have woken up. Your real body must still be asleep, yes? Do you think that with just a clone, you can step into Sky Mist City?!" As the middle-aged man spoke, he walked into the sky and stood beside Su Ming, who was just about to retreat.
"Back down and go to Sky Mist City. I have some questions to ask you later." The middle-aged man’s voice was calm, but there was a tone in his voice that said he would not tolerate any disobedience. His eyes also casually swept past the strand of hair wound around Su Ming’s right index finger.
Respect appeared on Su Ming’s face along with a hint of fear. He quickly lowered his head and obeyed, then obediently backed down to fly towards Sky Mist City.
Almost the instant he did so, a cold snort came from the fog where the long spear had rushed out. With a whistle, that fog charged straight towards the blue-robed middle-aged man. The sky instantly shuddered, and the battle resumed.
The three powerful Shamans followed suit at the same time to finish the fight that was interrupted just now and started clashing against the six Berserkers in the sky.
The people from the two races on the ground also started fighting against each other once again.
Right then, a loud screech burst forth from the land of the Shamans. It was the mackerel pike that swam in the sea of clouds which Su Ming had seen during the day!
The size of the mackerel pike could not be measured by feet. At that moment, it had revealed a part of its body from the horizon in the distance, along with an astounding presence. The woman standing on it held a green bamboo with some holes in it. She placed it by her lips and blew gently into it and a string of notes drifted into the air.
The instant those notes ech

oed in the air, the vengeful spirits of the dead from the entire battlefield started gathering out of nowhere. The corpses littered everywhere on the ground also started crawling up slowly. A thick aura of death enveloped the area in an instant.
The sounds of battle thundered viciously in the battlefield. The appearance of the mackerel pike had also caught the attention of the eight old men from the walls on Sky Mist City. The instant chaos appeared on the battlefield due to the gathering of the aura of death and the corpses who started crawling up, Su Ming, who was flying towards Sky Mist City, suddenly stopped moving.
His eyes sparkled, and without a moment of hesitation, he quickly changed his direction. With his full speed, he turned into a long arc and charged towards the southern warzone.
His action still caught some attention even with the chaos happening on the ground, but because he was going to the southern warzone, most of the people who were keeping close watch on him became uncertain.
By the time doubt rose within these people who were watching him, Su Ming had already arrived at the southern warzone. He stopped for a while, disappearing into the fighting crowd, then with one move, he reappeared on the other side of the crowd, coming face to face with a Shaman who came forth to kill him. Su Ming walked past him, and when he did so, his fist shot out like a gust of wind, and he struck the Shaman’s chest, causing the man’s body to tremble and cough out blood. Then he fell to ground dead.
Su Ming was very cautious. He had no idea just how many people were watching. Even if he was moving quickly through the crowd, he could only shake of those who were not that strong. The true powerful warriors, especially those in the Berserker Soul Realm, could somewhat lock onto his position. If he did anything out of hand, someone would definitely come searching for him.
The battlefield was in a slight state of chaos at that moment. The vengeful spirits that filled the air, the corpses that crawled up from the ground, and the aura of death that surrounded them caused the area to turn hazy. Su Ming fought without stop, just like the other Berserkers.
It was as if he did not return to Sky Mist City because he wanted to continue fighting, not because he was trying to run away or anything. Gradually, as Su Ming continued moving, he seemed to have arrived at the edge of the southern warzone by chance. When he arrived at that place, a distinct, uneasy feeling filled his senses, as if there were ants running down his entire back. Clearly, this was a sign that there were powerful warriors watching him from some unknown spot, and their gazes were filled with hostility, or else he would not be having this feeling.
Without batting an eye, Su Ming retreated with a fellow Berserker by his side who had killed until he lost control of his reason.
‘It’s just as I expected, I’m in trouble because I have something precious…’ Su Ming’s eyes sparkled.
‘I need a chance, a chance where everyone’s attention is shifted away…’ Su Ming frowned and resumed fighting, but he did not wait for too long before a chance like this appeared on the battlefield!
The ground trembled. It started off with light tremors, but soon, the ground started trembling with a force that could cause mountains to shatter and the earth to crack. The tremors came from the eastern warzone located right before Sky Mist City and continued spreading outwards. Soon, as a muffled roar shot out from the ground, all the people from the eastern warzone quickly withdrew to both sides of the place.
A gigantic crack split the ground, and a humongous, ferocious beast in the form of a snake that was one hundred thousand feet long and several thousands of feet wide charged out from within.
The revealed part of that creature alone was 10,000 feet long, but it was not a snake, because it did not have eyes. It was a gigantic thing that looked like an earthworm. Its entire body was purplish red and there was a large amount of mucus dripping down its skin, causing all the people who were splashed by that to let out shrill cries of pain while their bodies immediately started rotting.
That ten thousand feet creature only had one mouth, and as of then, it opened it wide, revealing the eerily sharp teeth inside. It howled towards the sky, and with one swing, it flung its gigantic body against Sky Mist City.
But that was not all, almost the instant that creature flung itself at Sky Mist City, a second crack appeared on the ground in the northern warzone. Another creature like this shot out, and as it howled, it flung its body vertically against Sky Mist City.
At the same time, when the ground started trembling in the southern warzone, a crack suddenly formed not too far away from Su Ming. That crack seemed to possess an invisible pair of gigantic hands that tore it apart, causing it to suddenly widen and allow the third creature such as the previous two to charge out.
Almost all of the powerful Berserkers within the entire Sky Mist City could not help but turn their gazes towards the three terrifying creatures at that moment. It was also at that instant that Su Ming started retreating, and when he did, a glint appeared in his eyes. He saw the gigantic creature that shot out of the crack in the southern warzone opening its mouth as if it wanted to howl.
Su Ming suddenly moved, and black smoke appeared under his feet. That black smoke rapidly gathered on his body and turned into a body that looked exactly the same as his.
It was the transformed form of his Phantom Fork, and it had the exact same appearance as well as his presence.
Once the Phantom Fork turned into Su Ming, it charged straight towards the howling creature. At that same time, Su Ming took a deep breath. A strong gust of wind suddenly burst forth from the spot within his body that stored wind. That wind swept through him, and his speed suddenly increased exponentially. Then he charged towards the south, straight towards the edge of the battlefield.
Su Ming left behind a few afterimages on the ground, and when he reappeared, he was already several tens of thousands of feet away. With another flash, he charged towards the south.
Almost the instant Su Ming sped forth with his full speed, and old man that had never given up on watching him from the walls of Sky Mist City instantly moved, with a glint in his eyes and a cold snort on his lips. His speed did not lose to Su Ming’s, and in the blink of an eye, he was already ten thousand feet away from the wall.
At the same time, there was also a dried up old man among the Shamans who took a step forward and turned into a wisp of green smoke. In an instant, he had already traveled ten thousand feet.
The two of them chased after Su Ming, one behind the other.
Su Ming spread out his divine sense as he traveled. His liquefied aura stored in the opened passage in his body started circulating rapidly, causing his divine sense to instantly cover an area of several tens of thousands of feet, and he could also sense everything within that area incredibly clearly in a manner that far surpassed what he could do before.
He clearly saw the two old men quickly chasing after him, and there was a distance of thirty thousand something feet between him and them.
Su Ming let out a cold harrumph. He had already analyzed his situation previously and knew that he absolutely could not return to Sky Mist City. He would not take any risks in this matter and did not want to hand over the initiative to anyone’s hands. It would be for the best if he had control over it himself.
As he charged forward, the four Berserker Bones in him burst forth with the power belonging to those in the Bone Sacrifice Realm, causing Su Ming’s speed to abruptly increase by a fold, and in an instant, he widened the gap by fifty thousand something feet.
‘I have to widen the distance between us and shake them off, then leave the battlefield!’
The violent gust of wind formed by the Provenance of Wind in Su Ming’s body started circulating rapidly once again, causing his speed to instantly increase by a large margin once more. His body was barely visible, and in the blink of an eye, he was gone.
But the two people still continued chasing him.

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