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Chapter 356: Thou Art the Wind Berserker!
Affected by the pressure from the deity statue of Berserker Soul, the dozen odd ferocious beasts lurking around shivered as they knelt down. They did not stop Su Ming. In truth, even without the appearance of the deity statue of Berserker Soul, with that rod snake, Su Ming could still pass through these ferocious beasts safely. This was also the reason why he came alone and why he was not afraid of these creatures.
In a flash, Su Ming was only a 1,000 feet away from the woman. The 10,000 feet ferocious beast floating in midair was also retreating while shivering under the pressure from the deity statue of Berserker Soul.
The woman still remained calm. As she looked at Su Ming charging towards her, uncertainty and confusion appeared in her eyes, but in an instant, those emotions turned into surprise.
"It’s you…"
That was the first sentence spoken by that woman!
The moment she said those words, a complicated look appeared on her face, along with a hint of pity…
At that moment, Su Ming had stirred up a violent gust of wind with that indescribable speed as he charged through the Shamans who had lost all power to resist and were shivering as they prostrated themselves on the ground.
The instant he arrived at his destination and the very moment he was about to stabbed that black cone in his hands into the ground, those two phrases, the three words from the woman fell into his ears.
It had been a long time since Su Ming had heard that word.
The instant he heard it, his body trembled, but he did not stop moving his hand and threw the cone onto the ground.
The woman did not stop him during the entire process. Su Ming did not plan to take the woman’s life either, because while the woman was standing along over there, the presence coming from her gave Su Ming the feeling that she was an incredible threat to him, but strangely, even though she was a threat, there was also a hint of familiarity that he could not describe.
That familiarity was just like when he had met Si Ma Xin in the past and when he met Han Mountain’s ancestor all those years ago…
The two phrases, those three words echoing in his ears made Su Ming’s heart lurch. Just as he was about to retreat once he accomplished his task, he lifted his head and looked at that woman.
The complicated emotions and pity in the woman’s eyes made a bang go off in Su Ming’s head. This was not the first time he had heard of the word ‘Destiny’. He had already etched that word into his heart a long time ago, and that was why while he was shocked, the bewilderment and lack of knowledge he had when he heard that word from Han Mountain’s ancestor was absent.
Instead, as those rumbles went off in his head, Su Ming’s heart went through an intense transformation; he had finally found another person who called him Destiny!
This was a chance, a chance that Su Ming had been waiting for a very long time. He was no longer a teenager, neither was he an immature child any longer. He had already experienced many things, and these experiences had allowed him to grow up, to gain his own will.
"Is my little sister alright..?" he suddenly asked, but the instant he opened his mouth and spoke, the black cone he stabbed on the ground suddenly shone with a black light. That light shot outwards and covered the entire area, and as if it knew where Su Ming was, it charged towards him.
A powerful force of absorption came from that black light. From Su Ming’s experiences, he could tell with one glance that the black light was not harmful to him. What was contained within was a power akin to that of Relocation.
Clearly, Zhou De had already thought of a way of retreat for the person carrying out the mission when he gave it to them. Judging by the area it surrounded, the Relocation was not limited to just one person. It could cover all the Berserkers in its area and quickly R

elocate them.
Almost the instant that black light enveloped Su Ming, the woman heard his question. She was stunned, then gave him an answer that made him feel as if he his soul was devoured by millions of lightning bolts.
"To her, Dao Chen… You… You…" The woman instinctively said the first half of her sentence before her expression suddenly changed drastically. Terror appeared in her eyes and she took a few consecutive steps backwards.
Su Ming’s breathing quickened. He had asked that question to test whether the voice in his dreams truly existed and was really connected to him.
Even though the woman had not finished her sentence, Su Ming had understood.
His body was swallowed by the black light, and in an instant, he disappeared from the land.
The instant Su Ming disappeared, suddenly, a voice that shook the sky and earth came from the deity statue of Berserker Soul that had revealed a small part of itself in the air. There was not a hint of emotion in that voice as it echoed in all directions, only aloofness and mercilessness.
"Thou art the Wind Berserker… Thou hast fulfilled the laws governing the True Divinities set by the first God of Berserkers, I shalt grant thee the name of the Wind Berserker… Make haste to the Great Yu Dynasty and receive the True Spirit…"
When the voice spread in all directions, Su Ming, who had originally disappeared with that black light, was suddenly surrounded by a ray of blue light and appeared in the sky above the battlefield, right underneath the deity statue of Berserker Soul that had revealed a small part of itself.
Confusion appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, but that confusion soon disappeared. He forced down the emotions that had stirred up due to the woman’s words. Right then, as he looked at the small part of the deity statue revealed under the endless vortex, a strong wave of pressure crashed into him.
The strength of that pressure was one Su Ming had never encountered in his life, but he could tell that this pressure did nothing to his body. Almost the instant he appeared, the countless number of Berserkers on the ground all saw him appearing, but what they saw was different for each of them!
Most of the people could only see a piercing blue light. They could not see Su Ming’s face within.
There were only a few who could see his face. One of them was Zhou De. Tian Lan Meng also saw him, the old Commander of the northern warzone saw him as well, and even Tian Lan You’s expression changed. She, too, saw him.
The old men from Sky Mist City also saw Su Ming in the sky.
It should have been the same for the Shamans since the Berserkers saw him, but the moment Su Ming appeared in the sky, a cold harrumph came from within Sky Mist City.
That harrumph started off weak, but as it begun, it stirred up a large amount of ripples that echoed in the world. If it had been some other time, the appearance of these ripples would not have been anything, but now, with the mighty pressure coming from the revelation of a small part of the deity statue of Berserker Soul that seemed to have sealed off all power in the world, it could be seen that the person who let out that sound was incredibly strong—that cold harrumph had still managed to cause this amount of ripples.
The sound of that harrumph echoed in the ears of all the powerful Shamans, causing their minds to instantly begin ringing. Their vision became clouded, and as if all their senses had been sealed off, they found themselves unable to see Su Ming!
If this sort of power was used during the battle just now, it would have brought about miraculous effects, but it never happened. Clearly, casting this sort of divine ability was not easy.
Su Ming stood in midair and looked at the deity statue that had revealed a small part of itself in that gigantic vortex. He could not hear that harrumph, all he could hear echoing in his ears were the deity statue’s cold words.
A huge storm had stirred up within him and his heart started pounding against his chest. Among all the living things in this land, including this deity statue, only Su Ming himself knew that he was not that Wind Berserker!
He was not the Wind Berserker, if he was, then it was impossible that he would not have noticed anything prior to this. If he was, then he would have definitely not needed such a long time to understand the concept of speed, he would also not have needed to repeatedly train and refine his body to withstand that sort of speed.
He was absolutely certain that he was not that so called Wind Berserker!
However… that deity statue, so mighty that it made him feel like an ant, had just stated without a doubt that he was the Wind Berserker.
This made Su Ming’s heart race, and at the same time, he remembered how the black stone had shone with that dark light when he willed himself to become faster so that he could make that Berserker Bone melt.
It was that dark light that had turned Su Ming into wind, causing his speed to arrive at an extreme pace that had surpassed his previous attempts.
‘Deceiving the world, huh..? It tricked Dark Mountain’s statue of the God of Berserkers in the past, allowing me to gain the method to practice the Ways of the Berserkers so that I could become a Berserker… and this time… it deceived this deity statue!’ Su Ming was taken aback for a moment, and he found himself somewhat in disbelief.
‘It’s lying to the deity statue so that it thinks I’m the Wind Berserker?’ Just as Su Ming sank into a state of shock, the voice of the deity statue of Berserker Soul appeared in his ears once again.
"Thou art the first Wind Berserker, by the will of the first God of Berserkers, I shalt grant thee the Provenance of Wind… This item is no longer in the world, and was refined personally by mine own master, the first God of Berserkers…"
As the deity statue’s voice echoed in the air, a crystalline light shot out of the vortex in the sky and went straight towards Su Ming. In an instant, it fused into the center of his brows and started dissolving once it entered his body.
When it started dissolving, Su Ming trembled. He could feel the presence of wind within his body. The power of that gust of wind was so strong that it dried his throat right when he noticed its presence.
"Thou art the first Wind Berserker, by the will of the first God of Berserkers, I shalt grant thee the Wind Separation Slash Art…" That aloof voice echoed in the air, and another ray of crystalline light shot out from the vortex to disappear into the center of Su Ming’s brows.
"Thou art the first Wind Berserker, by the will of the first God of Berserkers, I shalt grant thee the Crystal of Inheritance…"
The Crystal of Inheritance was clearly an incredibly valuable item. It shone with a dark blue light and descended slowly from within the vortex, then went before Su Ming as if it wanted to fuse into the center of his brows. Yet the moment it touched his forehead, the crystal suddenly started shaking violently as if it wanted to retreat!
At the same time, a change instantly appeared in the voice of the deity statue of Berserker Soul that seemed to be coming from within the vortex.
"Thou art not…"
The instant the deity statue of Berserker Soul spoke, Su Ming swiftly lifted his right hand and grabbed the Crystal of Inheritance that was shivering and withdrawing from his forehead. At the same time, he began rapidly shouting in his heart.
‘Deceive it!’
The two encounters had allowed Su Ming to gain a vague sense of the black stone fragment’s other uses. As he shouted in his heart, that stone shone with a dark light once again. During that one single flash, Su Ming had already grabbed the Crystal of Inheritance and put it away into his storage bag.
"Thou… art the Wind Berserker!"
Su Ming’s heart pounded against his chest. He was feeling slightly nervous at the moment, because once the deity statue of Berserker Soul finally finished handing him all the things that belonged to the Wind Berserker, the eyes of the true and complete form of the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice right underneath the small, exposed part of the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice began shining with a brilliant light.
"Thou art the scion of the Wind Berserker. Thou hast fulfilled the first law set by the first God of Berserkers for those in the Bone Sacrifice Realm, I shalt grant thee… the Southern Barren Square Caldron. Make haste to the Great Yu Dynasty to obtain it…"

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