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Chapter 357: Bone Sacrifice!
The voice belonging to the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice was devoid of emotion and filled with indifference as it echoed in Su Ming’s ears. Su Ming’s heart was pounding intensely against his chest, and he felt a hint of nervousness within him.
He was nervous because he knew that all of this should not have come into his possession!
Yet due to some unforeseen circumstances, all of these things now belonged completely to him. He also obtained the legacy of the Wind Berserker and everything that belonged to a Wind Berserker because of this.
The fusion of the Provenance of Wind had especially allowed him to clearly feel a gust of wind that was different from the wind in the world around him. While he might not be able to control that wind at will, once he refined it, he would definitely be able to stir up strong gusts of wind within him that may or may not be the same as the wind in the world.
Once he managed to do it, then his speed would surely… reach a level so amazing that the mere thought of it was making his heart pound in excitement
This alone was extraordinary in itself, but he had also obtained the Wind Separation Slash Art. That Art had also fused with the center of Su Ming’s brows and was left deeply etched into his memories, like a brand.
It was the strongest wind related divine ability among the Berserker Tribe - Wind Separation!
Su Ming had only glanced through the Art in his head, and was already shocked by its level of strength and terrifying presence. Although this Art was not his own creation, but its power was definitely anything but ordinary. After all, this was an Art personally created by the first God of Berserkers, it was a legacy Art he created for the Wind Berserker under his command!
Su Ming’s throat was dry, because besides these two things, he had obtained the even more important Crystal of Inheritance. That item was now in his storage bag, and just now, the instant he grabbed it, he sensed the astonishing life force and power within the crystal. If he could obtain that power, then he would definitely be able to instantly reach another level of cultivation!
It was a pity that the Crystal of Inheritance possessed a strange sensory ability. It was the first to notice that there was something off about Su Ming. If the black stone fragment had not shone once again with that dark light, he would have been exposed.
The surprise came too suddenly, and Su Ming felt a little overwhelmed. Once the title of the Wind Berserker was bestowed upon him, the voice of the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice immediately followed suit and reverberated in the air.
"Thou art the scion of the Wind Berserker. Thou hast fulfilled the second law set by the first God of Berserkers for those in the Bone Sacrifice Realm, I shalt grant thee the illusionary armor of Bone Sacrifice. Make haste to the Great Yu Dynasty to retrieve the true armor…"
As that aloof voice spread out, the blue light on the 10,000 feet deity statue shone and a ray of light shot out from the center of its brows straight towards Su Ming. When it surrounded Su Ming, the Divine General Armor of the Awakening Realm automatically manifested on his body. The black smoke appeared in the form of threads and swirled around him, fusing rapidly with the blue light.
The black smoke and blue light blended with each other. Gradually, that black shade disappeared, and a dark blue armor appeared on Su Ming’s body. That armor looked incredibly mighty, covering Su Ming from head to toe. In fact, judging by its looks, his armor was about the same as the Divine General Armor he’d seen Bai Chang Zai wearing in the past!
The Divine General Armor of the Awakening Realm could not even hope to be at the same level as this!
This was just an illusionary armor to boot. The true armor would definitely be even more outstanding.
Yet even now, the string of gifts bestowed onto him had not end

"Thou art the Wind Berserker…"
"Thou art the Wind Berserker…"
Humming sounds appeared in Su Ming’s head. He listened to the words bestowing those gifts to him, but felt that it was a pity that all of them were in the Great Yu Dynasty and that he needed to go and obtain them himself. Yet even so, those gifts were already enough to make all those people who heard go mad with envy.
"Thou art the scion of the Wind Berserker. Thou hast fulfilled the laws set by the first God of Berserkers, thou wilt… Sacrifice thine Bones now!" The 10,000 feet deity statue of Bone Sacrifice spoke with a thunderous voice, then lifted its gigantic right hand and pointed towards Su Ming.
That gigantic finger looked to be about several dozens of feet in size, and it was charging straight towards Su Ming. Su Ming did not dodge. He already had a similar experience when he Awakened, and he did not want to deny Sacrificing his Bones either. After all, he knew that he did not exactly obtain his identity as the Wind Berserker through the regular way…
‘Sacrifice my Bones! I want to Sacrifice my Bones!’ A bright light appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He wanted to become stronger, wanted to obtain great power, because only by doing so could he become a powerful Berserker and gain the right to be above all wills!
Only then could he be his true self and search for the answers he wanted, to open his eyes and look at a world no one else could see!
That finger closed in on Su Ming in an instant and touched the center of his brows. Although it came charging with an incredibly mighty presence, when it tapped the center of Su Ming’s brows, its touch was as gentle as the wind.
That one touch made Su Ming’s body tremble furiously. He could feel an indescribable wave of energy swiftly surging into his body, charging into him with a force like a hot knife cutting through butter and starting to flow through his veins.
Once it circulated through his body nine times, that wave of energy let out a huge bang and rushed straight into his spine.
A person’s spine was different when he was an adult compared to the time when he was a child. Normally, a child’s spine was formed by 33 vertebrae, but once that child became an adult, he would only have twenty-six vertebrae.
But due to the differences between people, there were also some who had a different number.
Su Ming’s spine was formed by twenty-six vertebrae! The spinal cord formed from twenty-six vertebrae was now trembling under the power coming from the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice.
It absorbed that power, and had even absorbed that Berserker Bone Su Ming had obtained earlier. At the same time, it had also sucked in an endless amount of wind.
Su Ming’s Qi had dissolved and turned into the power of Awakening when he Awakened in the past. That power of Awakening was stored within his body like blood and flowed through him just like blood. If he needed it, that power would also burst forth from within with incredible strength.
However, the Bone Sacrifice Realm and Awakening Realm were completely different from each other. This was not just an increase in power, it was also a change of Realm, and even his body would have to go through an astounding transformation.
Bone Sacrifice! Bone Sacrifice!
The meaning of these words was to sacrifice the bone in a Berserker’s body, and that bone was the spine!
The Ancients of the Berserker Tribe believed that the most important part of a person’s body was the spine. As if connecting the sky and the earth, it allowed a person to stand and allowed people to be known as humans!
The spine could also let people summon an explosive amount of strength, and at the same time, it was also the pillar of the mind. It supported a person’s will and his body. It was the source of everything in a body.
The Blood Solidification Realm in a Berserker’s cultivation was to continuously manifest their blood veins so that the Berserker Tribe’s source of the power could burst forth from within their body. As they continued gathering that power and as their blood veins increased, it would cause their blood to become purer as if it was refined.
This was the goal of Blood Solidification. Only by doing so could the power of Awakening be born from that pure blood when a Berserker Awakened, a power that was akin to blood and was stored within the body, a power that could not be seen but could be felt!
This would be the first time the person would use the power of the Berserker Tribe’s blood, which would allow Awakened Berserkers to fly and draw their own Berserker Mark. With their Berserker Mark, they could stimulate the very basic level of power from their blood.
The Bone Sacrifice Realm was different!
This Realm required a deeper level of utilization and application towards the power of the Berserker Tribe’s blood. Due to the belief of the Berserker Tribe and the importance they placed on the spine, they placed all the power of Awakening in their bodies onto a piece of bone on the spine with a unique method. At that time, when that bone had absorbed all the power of Awakening, it would go through a transformation, and as it continued to be refined and sacrificed, it would turn into a true Berserker Bone!
Only then would that Berserker be considered to have entered the Bone Sacrifice Realm!
The powerful Berserkers in the initial stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm were not that much different from the Berserkers who attained completion in the Awakening Realm. There were still not too many obvious changes. After all, if there was only one bone that was turned into a Berserker Bone, the power of the Bone Sacrifice Realm could not be revealed.
As long as a Berserker had turned one of the vertebrae into a Berserker Bone, he would be considered to have reached the initial stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm according to the stage division among the Berserker Tribe. However, it was precisely because of this that the subsequent refinements would be increasingly more difficult.
When a Berserker obtained his or her second Berserker Bone, then that Berserker would be considered to have arrived at the middle stage of the Bone Sacrifice, if he or she wanted to arrive at the peak of the middle stage, then thirteen Berserker Bones were required to do so.
This was also the reason why Su Ming could kill those in the initial stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm and even some in the middle stage. Yet if he ran into the powerful warriors in the middle stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm, Su Ming’s battle would be incredibly arduous. He would need to use all his attacks in his disposal with all sorts of combinations to be able to put up a fight.
Once a person had fourteen Berserker Bones, then he would be considered to be in the later stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm. The powerful Berserkers in that stage could be said to be at the most magnificent moment of the Bone Sacrifice Realm. Their power could usually turn them into the rulers of an area.
That sort of glory would reach its peak when they obtained twenty-five Berserker Bones in the later stage of the Realm! In fact, the people in that stage would be considered the strongest among all those below the Berserker Soul Realm!
This was because the completion of the Bone Sacrifice Realm was to offer all twenty-six vertebrae in the spinal cord and turn them into true Berserker Bones, and once they did so, it would be as if they had opened a path between heaven, and from a mortal they would become a saint!
However, the sacrifice of the twenty-sixth Berserker Bone was too difficult. Even if by a pure stroke of luck a Berserker obtained a great opportunity and managed to offer up the twenty-sixth Berserker Bone, once it appeared, he or she must immediately attempt reaching the Berserker Soul Realm.
There was only one chance!
If that person succeeded, then he or she would arrive at the Berserker Soul Realm and become one of those who had reached the highest level among the four great Realms in the Berserker Tribe. If that person failed, then his or her entire spine would be crushed into dust and disappear into nothing, and he or she would instantly die!
The completion of the Bone Sacrifice Realm was like a cord of life that bound all the Berserkers who had reached that Realm. If they managed to break free, they would turn into saints. If they did not, they would die.
That was why there were many who did not dare try and were willing to stop at twenty-five Berserker Bones, becoming the strongest among all below the Berserker Soul Realm!
Su Ming had already known about these things regarding the Bone Sacrifice Realm when he was at the ninth summit. As his body shuddered and the deity statue’s power surged into the very first vertebrae at the top of his spine, that piece of bone started transforming rapidly, and gradually, it became different from his other bones.
It shone with a dazzling blue light that shot out of Su Ming’s body and spread in all directions. If anyone looked from the distance, they would see that his entire body was covered in blue!
The speed of the transformation was so quick that in the span of a few breaths, that bone was utterly transformed and turned into Su Ming’s very first Berserker Bone!

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