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Chapter 355: The Change in the Sky!
As the green fog tumbled about in the sky, it looked as if a pair of invisible hands were plunged deep into the fog, and with one vicious tear, ripped it apart.
That layer of fog disintegrated completely, and as it scattered around the area, the three powerful Shamans within retreated with an expression of shock on their faces. The five powerful Berserkers also quickly fell back with the same expression.
It was as if the green fog in the sky was ripped into shreds in an instant and was tumbling backwards in all directions, and as it did so, the black sky was revealed!
In that sky, they could see clearly that there were rays of blue light shooting out towards them from the distance, and as the light appeared, the originally dark sky turned blue! Yet that shade of blue was different from the blue hue of the day. It was a dark blue filled with a strange solemnness.
At the same time, whistling sounds appeared out of thin air in the sky. Those whistles sounded as if someone was singing, as if someone was roaring, and though people could not discern it, they could still feel an indescribable wave of pressure rapidly gathering in the sky, then descending upon the land and spreading in all directions.
"The deity statue of Bone Sacrifice!" someone instantly cried out from among the six powerful Berserkers who were falling back in the sky.
"This is the sign of the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice about to descend upon us. The deity statue from the Great Yu Dynasty is crossing over through space to come here!
"Someone has reached a breakthrough in the battlefield and has called upon the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice!"
The six powerful Berserkers were not ignorant fools. With just one glance, they already knew that someone had reached the Bone Sacrifice Realm. This should have just been a trivial thing to them, but at that moment, their expressions had revealed that this was definitely not something minor!
"A normal Berserker breaking through the Awakening Realm to reach the Bone Sacrifice Realm definitely won’t be able to summon the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice. The only way for the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice to appear is through… the birth of a Divine General in the Bone Sacrifice Realm!" one of the eight old men watching the sky from the walls of Sky Mist City commented in a hoarse voice.
"And this is its true self! If it was just a projection, then it would definitely not have the power to tear apart that fog, neither would it create a pressure so mighty it could put a stop to their battle!
"This is its complete, true form! Someone actually managed to summon the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice to reveal its complete form! From what I can remember, there is only one Berserker who managed to summon the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice in its complete form in the past one thousand years. Just who is it that managed to summon the deity statue in its complete form?!"
"Even if a Divine General in the Bone Sacrifice Realm was to be appointed, only half of its true self would show up. But now… the deity statue is here in its complete form! In this year, the second True Divinity of the Land of South Morning has appeared!"
Compared to these powerful Berserkers making their guesses regarding the change in the sky and their knowledge towards it, while some among the tens of thousands of people on the ground already had an inkling of what was happening, most of them were still in a daze and did not know what was happening. They were filled with shock in their hearts as they looked at the sky.
At that moment, Zhou De had also shifted his gaze to look at the sky. His attention was no longer on Su Ming. On the entire battlefield, only Tian Lan Meng and Su Ming’s hundred followers still had their eyes glued on him.
Only they were looking in his direction.
Su Ming’s entire person had turned into a dazzling ray of blue light. That blue light existed

in itself. The people could only see the light and not see what was inside it. As that blue light flashed, Su Ming’s speed continued increasing, and in an instant, he was already only 10,000 feet away from his destination compared to the 35,000 feet from a moment ago.
Everything else had turned into a blurry mess besides his destination in Su Ming’s eyes. He only saw a woman 10,000 feet away with groups of people around her to protect her.
That woman wore a long robe and was also looking at Su Ming elegantly. She was not a breathtaking beauty and could only be called as pretty and clean. There was a colorful feather stuck in her hair, and she wore no other accessories in her long locks.
Her gaze was profound, as if it contained some unknown power that could make all those who fell into her line of sight feel as if they had sank into her eyes and could not get out.
When Su Ming was 10,000 feet away from the woman with his current speed, the sky had already turned into a dark shade of blue. Under that dark blue hue, the entire sky turned into a giant vortex, and as it spun rapidly, an indescribable pressure descended upon the land swiftly.
With that pressure, the Shamans and Berserkers on the ground were no longer able to continue fighting. The Berserkers were not the only ones who felt respect growing from the depths of their hearts under that pressure, the Shamans were the same.
For the first time, a ceasefire had appeared on the battlefield!
Only Su Ming continued moving towards the only place that existed in his eyes. However, there were only a few people who were watching. Even most of the Shamans had their eyes turned towards the strange sight in the sky.
When Su Ming was 8,000 feet away from the woman, a powerful and brilliant light that illuminated the entire ground shone out from the center of the giant vortex in the sky. That light was blue and covered the entire land in an instant.
Almost the moment that strong blue light illuminated the land, a deity statue of 10,000 feet slowly descended from within the vortex.
The deity statue’s light shone far and wide. Its face could not be seen clearly, but as it appeared, it was as if even time was forced to stop. That incredible pressure made all the Berserkers on the ground immediately prostrate themselves on the ground.
They were not the only ones. Visible struggle appeared on the Shamans’ faces, but without being able to control themselves, they also prostrated themselves on the ground. It was as if the existence of the deity statue could make not just the Berserkers revere it, even they had to show their reverence towards it.
At that moment, if there was a foreigner who looked down from the sky, he would definitely not be able to tell just who was a Berserker and who was a Shaman. They looked as if they belonged to one race and were battling against each other for two different causes.
The only ones who were not kneeling down were the powerful Berserkers with truly incredible power. They were standing in midair in Sky Mist City, and while their expressions were respectful as they looked at the deity statue in the sky, they were not too deeply awed by its might and pressure.
Besides these people, the ferocious beasts were also not kneeling down, along with the woman with the long hair dancing in the air. She was standing alone underneath a 10,000 feet sacred beast and in the middle of the dozen over ferocious beasts, while everyone else besides her were prostrating on the ground.
That woman was even lifting up her hand and picking up a lock of her hair that was dancing in the wind. There was a ring on her finger.
The Berserker Bone in Su Ming’s body had completely dissolved and was absorbed into his spine, which had also sucked in an endless amount of wind. That wind disappeared into Su Ming’s body, causing him to be so fast that with one move, he already appeared 5,000 feet away from that long-haired woman.
Right then, the eight old men who had their heads lifted as they stood on the walls of Sky Mist City to observe the change in the sky suddenly experienced changes in their expressions. Gradually, looks of disbelief and shock appeared on their faces.
They were not the only ones who reacted this way. The six powerful Berserkers and the three Shamans all reacted the same way.
"The pressure… has increased!"
The pressure that had originally existed in the sky as the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice descended suddenly increased. At the same time, the center of the vortex in the sky suddenly started spinning backwards.
In an instant, the direction of the vortex completely changed, but that was not all, the vortex even started spreading in all directions while emitting huge rumbling sounds, surpassing the presence of the deity statue’s appearance. It spread to an area so wide that it did not just go past the entire battlefield, but also went past the entire Sky Mist City.
"This is… this is the sign of the deity statue of Berserker Soul appearing!" Someone from the eight old men standing on the city walls immediately cried out in surprise.
As he spoke, a shocking boom came from within the vortex in the sky as if the sky itself had shattered. A small part of a deity statue that could not be described with words slowly peeked out from within.
It was just one small part, and it already made the entire land tremble, made all nine of the powerful warriors from the Shaman and Berserker Tribes floating in the sky to rapidly retreat and fall to the ground, as if they could no longer stay in midair.
That small part that was revealed was shining with a brilliant red light, and it could be seen that this was just an edge of the very bottom of this deity statue whose size was completely unknown. It was just an edge, and it was already showing off such a powerful might. If the entire deity statue descended upon them, then the pressure alone might cause several tens of thousands of people on the battlefield to burst apart.
The deity statue of Bone Sacrifice and the deity statue of Berserker Soul had appeared together. This sight had completely surpassed everyone’s expectations. This strange sight was never recorded in any ancient texts, and when it appeared, it made all those who saw it be struck dumb with awe.
Once that small part of the deity statue of Berserker Soul came out, the deity statue sank down several inches once again, and even the powerful Berserkers in the Berserker Soul Realm could not withstand this pressure and were forced to prostrate themselves.
"Just what is going on? Why is this happening?!"
"Could it be that someone had just gone straight from the Awakening Realm to the Berserker Soul Realm? This… This is…"
"Just what is the reason behind two deity statues appearing at the same time?!" Just as everyone’s minds were thrown into a confused mess and the war was suspended because of this incident, a small voice came from within Sky Mist City.
"This is the Wind Berserker… he is the first to receive his legacy…"
That voice was ancient, as if it had traveled far along the passages of time. That voice spread in all directions and fell into all the ears of the powerful Berserkers in the Berserker Soul Realm. As for the others, they could not hear it.
"Divine Generals in the Bone Sacrifice Realm are different from the Divine Generals in the Awakening Realm. They have some slight divisions of class between them, and the True Divinity has the highest class of them all… The will of the True Divinities had disappeared along with the first God of Berserkers, and their will now only exists in an indistinct haze...
"I have some information regarding the True Divinities remaining in my fragmented memories. There are four classes of True Divinities. The head is Wind, and what comes next is Cloud, then Lightning, and finally Fog.
"Scions of Cloud, Lightning, and Fog have appeared throughout the ages, but the Wind Berserker has never appeared… Now, the scion of the Wind Berserker has appeared.
"Because only the first scion receiving his legacy from the deity statue of Bone Sacrifice will have the true form of the deity statue of Berserker Soul appearing to anoint him personally… If that person dies, then the subsequent scions of the Wind Berserker won’t find this happening to them."
When the deity statue of Berserker Soul revealed a small part of itself from the gigantic vortex, Su Ming was less than two thousand feet away from that woman.

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