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When the second wave of Shamans charged over, many people did not expect that the hundred Berserkers behind Su Ming would rapidly retreat under Zi Che and Yan Bo’s lead.

Almost the moment they chose to retreat, displeasure instantly appeared on Zhou De’s face and he frowned.

As for the cold Tian Lan You, scorn appeared in her eyes, and she was just about to avert her gaze to no longer pay any attention to them when her pupils suddenly shrank.

Because she saw one person standing there even as all the other Berserkers retreated. He stood there, right in between the retreating Berserkers and the advancing Shamans. At that moment, this person was like a ravine between the sky and earth, separating the crowd of people who were advancing and retreating!

Su Ming did not retreat!

‘This is a performance. A bloody performance. Since you want to see it, since all of you want to see it, then there’s no need for so many people to die… I will perform for you!’

Su Ming stood there and turned his head around to look towards the southern warzone. He could somewhat see that there was a person over there staring at him solemnly.

‘Since I decided to join this battle, then I will do my part. I will obey your orders, but… I will use my own ways to obey them!’ Su Ming averted his gaze from the southern warzone and looked towards Sky Mist City.

‘My actions and will all belong to me! No one, absolutely no one, can interfere with them or impose their will on me. Not Di Tian from the void, not Zhou De from the southern warzone, and if I don’t want to… not even Sky Mist City!’ Besides the blood light and aloofness in Su Ming’s gaze, there was also a wild and untameable will.

That untameable will was one that would not submit to any of the wishes in the world, it was a light that would not bend down to any power!

‘I have already reached completion in the Awakening Realm, and there’s only a slight distance left for me to reach the Bone Sacrifice Realm, but that small distance has always been difficult for me to conquer… What happened just now was definitely not a figment of my imagination… Perhaps this is my chance to break into the Bone Sacrifice Realm from the Awakening Realm!

‘If I can completely melt that Berserker Bone in my body, then perhaps… I will be able to reach the Bone Sacrifice Realm!’

After going through so many things from Dark Mountain right up to the war between the Shamans and Berserkers now, Su Ming had finally grown up. He was no longer a teenager, but was now a fine young man.

Not only did his body grow, but his spirit did as well, and due to the birth of his willpower, Su Ming was like a new man who now had determination within him. He had been like a wooden puppet who was bound by a cord, and now, that cord was showing signs of snapping.

He had obtained his own thoughts, obtained his own will, and obtained the courage to press onward resolutely!

He turned around and looked at Sky Mist City. Around 7,000 something feet behind him were several Hunters from the Shaman Tribe at the peak of their form, leading over a hundred Shamans. There was a strong will to kill in their eyes.

These Shamans came like an army and stirred up the dust on the ground that was not overly soiled by blood. As the dust flew into the air, they seemed to have turned into a gigantic and hideous mouth in midair that wanted to devour Su Ming, who was blocking their path as they swept across the land.

Su Ming had his back against the Shamans. The hundred retreating Berserkers were several thousands of feet before him. As these people retreated, they began to realize one by one that Su Ming did not follow them. Gradually, they slowed down. Some of them even turned back to look at him standing behind them.

When they saw Su Ming, they also saw the flying dust and the murderous Shamans behind him.

"Don’t turn back, retreat to the warzone!" Su Ming bellowed.

There was a will contained within that bellow. Perhaps that will would not be as effective on the other Berserkers, but to these hundred who had followed and fought with him, the existence of that will turned those words into the strongest voice in their lives!

"Go back to the warzone and wait for me there!" When Su Ming’s voice reached the crowd, he turned around. At that moment, the advancing Shamans were already less than 4,000 feet away from him. They could already see each other’s faces clearly.

"If you charge forward when you face a powerful warrior, it is a form of courage. If you charge forward when you face hundreds and thousands of powerful warriors, it is still a form of courage… Perhaps some day, you will come to understand how it feels like." Su Ming lowered his head and his elder’s words echoed in his head.

The Shamans were getting closer. In the blink of an eye, they were already less than 3,000 feet away!

2,000 feet, 1,500 feet, 1,000 feet!

The instant these Shamans were only 1,000 feet away from Su Ming, he lifted his head and a low roar flew out through his lips. In an instant, he charged forward.

‘A life and death crisis can make the Berserker Bone in my body melt. I need to be exposed to a stronger danger and go through an even harder trial of life and death. Only then can I make that Berserker Bone melt completely, and only then can I… attempt to Sacrifice my Bones!’

At that moment, he reached his absolute fastest speed ever since he joined the war!

A strong gust of wind howled in the air. Su Ming was so fast that in an instant, he had traveled several hundreds of feet. He was now very close to that group of Shamans.

‘This is a very difficult task to complete. Even if everyone died, it would still be very hard to finish this task… There’s only one way… and that is for me to use this extreme speed to go to that place and place this cone there…

‘With my speed, it’s not impossible for me to do it. I can even return alive… but the others can’t! Besides, in this sort of danger, that Berserker Bone in me will definitely melt!

‘Faster! I need to be faster!’

Su Ming shouted in his heart. Banging sounds echoed from within his body. Under his willpower and with that unique method of refinement, his speed increased explosively once more. At the same time, due to the increase of his speed, he could clearly sense that the Berserker Bone in his body melted a tiny little bit.

‘It’s still not enough, I’m still too slow. I have to be faster so that it’ll melt even more!’ Su Ming’s felt his spirits lifting. He knew that his theory was correct, and now, the only thought in his head was to become even faster.

The desire of wanting to become faster fused with his thoughts, turning into his will. With this will, the strange black stone fragment hanging on his neck suddenly let off a dark light.

The origins of that stone were unknown, and at that moment, it was glowing with a dark light as if it had sensed Su Ming’s will. It was just like that time when he received his Berserker’s Initiation before Dark Mountain’s statue of the God of Berserkers. Due to his desire to become a Berserker, that black stone had shone with a dark light and tricked the statue to acknowledge Su Ming’s blood as good enough to become a Berserker. Right now, the feeling Su Ming obtained from the dark light was the same as the one in the past.

That dark light shone, and Su Ming suddenly felt as if his body had turned into wind. That feeling came too suddenly, and soon after, his whole body was wrecked with a pain as if he was being ripped apart. His speed increased explosively, and he left behind an afterimage right before the incoming Shamans.

A violent gust of wind howled and blew against them, and pained screams came from among the Shamans. There were even some of them who seemed like they had exploded without reason. The incoming gust of wind was so strong that it was like a typhoon.

After a moment, Su Ming had already appeared behind the crowd consisting of over a hundred Shamans. He did not stop and charged straight towards that 10,000 feet gigantic beast and the spot that the Shamans were protecting.

Besides the howls of the wind in his ears, Su Ming could hear nothing else when he used that extreme speed. The feeling as if he had turned into wind became stronger.

However, Su Ming knew that this was definitely not a speed he could achieve. That black stone fragment had used the same method it did all those years ago when he was in Dark Mountain. It had, in some unique and unknown way, turned him into the wind!

He was the wind, and even his heart and mind were immersed in the feeling of having turned into it!

There was no need for him to resist, no need for him to let wind seep through his body, because he had already become a part of it. His will was the wind’s will, and wherever he was, so would the wind be.

At that moment, he was 35,000 feet away from his destination. Su Ming did not notice that at that same moment he had the feeling as if he had turned into the wind, his body was letting off a dazzling light. That light was as blue as the sky during the day!

Similarly, he did not notice that as his body shone with that dazzling blue light, the Berserker Bone left behind by Han Mountain’s ancestor in his body was melting away at a nigh inconceivable speed.

That bone belonged to a powerful Berserker in the Bone Sacrifice Realm. Its existence had let Su Ming manifest almost 1,000 veins and had also let his power increase at a much faster rate in the Awakening Realm compared to the others.

Right then, there was only a tiny portion left of the bone compared to before, but as it continued rapidly melting away, in an instance, it… completely dissolved!

As it vanished, a large amount of energy filled Su Ming’s body, causing his power to explode forth and his speed to increase even more.

But that was not all, as Su Ming’s speed increased, the feeling as if he had become the wind turned stronger. His spine was rapidly absorbing that energy into it, and the blue light on his body actually came from his spine.

The feeling if he had turned into the wind was not just a figment of his imagination. In truth, at that moment, there was indeed wind stored in his body. That wind should have passed through his body once it crashed into him, but as Su Ming’s spine shone with that blue light, absorbing the energy in his body, the wind did not come out from within him, it was instead sucked in at a mad pace by Su his spine. It was as if it had turned into a black hole!

Su Ming also did not see that the rolling green fog in the sky was tumbling about intensely like angry waves at sea. As booming sounds continued coming from within, a burst of energy seemed to be charging forth from all directions in the sky to press on that green fog that contained the powerful warriors, as if it wanted to crush it.

Thunderous roars came from the sky. Those violent sounds shook the earth and sky, almost becoming the loudest sound in the battlefield at that moment. Many people averted their gazes from Su Ming and instinctively looked towards the sky.

Yet that one look brought about a wave of shock that not only affected the Berserkers, but the Shamans as well!

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