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The roars of the war drums thundered in the air. Even the thick green fog in the sky had also started tumbling about even more intensely. It was as if the battle between the powerful warriors within the fog was near conclusion.

Su Ming and his team of several hundred heard the war drums from Sky Mist City where they stood beyond the battlefield. The fiery war drums were filled with a strong penetrating force that reverberated through the land and echoed in Su Ming and the other people’s ears.

"Those who follow me! If you don’t die even after numerous battles, then you’ll have become a powerful warrior!"

Su Ming’s previous shout had fused with the roars from the war drums, causing the willpower of these hundreds of men to turn into a motivation for them to move forward without fear. At that moment, they had forgotten about death. In their eyes, they only saw Su Ming, only saw him as he continued moving forward.

Where that figure was, so would his willpower be. Where that figure was, so would that presence be!

At that moment, they had already attracted a large amount of attention. An increasing number of Berserkers had turned their gazes towards them, and even the aloof Tian Lan You was also looking at them coldly.

It was the same for Sky Mist City.

This small team’s performance had now reached its most intense moment. Su Ming charged right in front, and about three hundred people followed behind him, displaying an iron will that was like a murderous dragon, a furious tiger that did not care about anything and only charged forward to kill.

The idea behind the courageous one winning when two adversaries fight against each other could occasionally not be aimed at just one person, but also an entire group! Just like now, the hundreds of people right behind Su Ming were precisely like that!

Their levels of cultivation may not be equal, but they had a presence that allowed them to stare at death with an unflinching gaze!

"There’s nothing to fear about death!" With blood all over his body, Yan Bo let out a huge roar. He followed behind Su Ming with a ferocious face and started fighting madly.

The hundred something Shamans may be strong, but no matter how strong they were, there was still a limit. If one person among the hundreds of people following Su Ming could not win against that Shaman, then two of them would fight against him, if two could not make it, then they would fight with three!

If the three of them could not make it, then the person who was the most grievously injured would definitely grit his teeth and choose to self-destruct. That force triggered by the self-destruction, the thunderous rumbles, and the level of devastation brought by the fights were much more grand but tragic compared to the battles elsewhere.

Courage was needed for a person to self-destruct. That courage needed was usually more than what was required to kill someone or what was required to be killed. This was a personal choice, and that person would need to struggle with his own thoughts, would need true courage before he could do it.

Perhaps there would be plenty of times where many people did not have this sort of courage, but on a battlefield, even if someone did not choose to self-destruct, there was a high possibility that he would not be able to leave alive anyway. A true man would rather die and bring his enemy down with him!

Booming sounds reverberated through the air. The sounds of explosions caused by self-destruction continuously rang out. The vicious smirks before their faces shattered, the final words they said before their bodies exploded drove the others on, stirred up all the Berserkers who were watching them.

In the midst of the war drums roaring in the air, as the hundreds of Berserkers fought on madly, as Su Ming charged forward right at the forefront of the team, a large number of Shamans died in this close quarter battle!

Death was just one of the things that happened to them. More importantly, for the first time, their gazes as they looked at Su Ming became tainted with fear.

It was impossible for them not to fear. In the face of all those eyes filled with madness, in the face of all these people who, if they did not manage to kill them, would definitely choose to rush forward and trigger a self-destruction once they were gravely wounded, how could they… not be afraid?!

Su Ming’s battle was also horrifying to watch. His right arm was already a bloody mess, and blood poured down from his chest. His hair was in disarray, and a deep sense of fatigue continuously spread through his entire body.

However, his eyes remained clear. His left eye still retained that aloof gaze, and his right eye was still shining with that bewitching shade of red. His hair had already turned purple due to the blood, and even if it was twilight, he was still eye-catching.

He had already activated his full speed. As he moved forward in a flash of light and his followers continued chasing after him madly, the group of Shamans remaining after most of their companions had died began to crumble!

It was the breaking down of their minds, a signal that they wanted to back down!

The remaining thirty odd Shamans, including the two Hunters left, chose to retreat simultaneously. They chose to gather together with the second wave of warriors who were swiftly rushing towards them from the back.

They were afraid!

The Berserkers had also paid a huge price. Besides the people who had run away previously, now, there were only a hundred something Berserkers following behind Su Ming.

These hundred something men were all covered head to toe in blood, were all looking ahead with bloodshot eyes shining with a freezing glare, were all… heroes!

The instant these thirty odd Shamans began retreating, Su Ming panted harshly and lifted his head. Suddenly, he took a huge step forward with his right foot. With that one step, his afterimage was left behind on the ground, but his body seemed to have shot through space itself, and they could see clearly that a layer of blood mist suddenly appeared in the air not too far away from the thirty odd Shamans who were running away. Almost the instant that blood mist appeared, Su Ming, with a brief distortion of his body, stood beside the two Hunters.

Su Ming’s appearance was incredibly bizarre. Once he appeared, his legs started rapidly turning into a bloody mess. That layer of blood mist just now was due to his body being unable to withstand the effects of him activating that sort of speed for far too many times, and that layer of blood mist appeared when a part of his body exploded.

Along with his appearance came a strong gust of wind that lifted up the desolate air on the ground and charged straight towards the two Hunters from the Shaman Tribe. With a thunderous roar in the air, one of the Hunters was caught completely off guard and shivered. What awaited him was his world turning upside down, because his head had been sliced off cleanly by Su Ming’s palm.

That Hunter should not have been so weak, but his mind had been broken during the previous battle, and he had also seen the reinforcements during his escape. The instant his mind broke down and he became relaxed, Su Ming’s extreme speed brought about his doom.

However, he was still a Hunter. Almost the instant his head was sliced off, his body exploded. He’d chosen to self-destruct when he knew he was already dead.

The act of the Hunter triggering a self-destruction was borderline madness, because there were other Shamans around him besides Su Ming. Su Ming bore the brunt of the attack, but the instant the force of the explosion rammed into him and he was pushed into a crisis, while he had no idea whether it was just a misconception on his part, but at that brief instant, he had a feeling that the sacrificed bone he obtained from Han Mountain’s ancestor melted a little…

However, it had just melted a tiny little bit. Su Ming did not have time to mull over it. He activated his speed once more and quickly retreated. In a moment, he disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was already right in front of the remaining hundred odd Berserkers.

Almost the instant he appeared, thunderous booms shook the sky and earth. The Hunter’s self-destruction had dragged in many others into the explosion, causing a lot of Shamans around him to be unable to dodge it. Shrill screams of pain filled the air, and about a dozen of them died or were injured.

Blood flowed down Su Ming’s mouth and he staggered, coughing out a huge mouthful of blood. His face was stark white, and the world before his eyes became clouded. He only managed to hang on after gritting his teeth.

His heart pounded against his chest. The feeling he had during the explosion made his eyes lit up. By then, he was already very certain. During that instant just now, that bone within his body had indeed melted a little!

He stood there and looked ahead. Behind him were his hundred followers, and before him were the first wave of Shamans who suffered a huge blow to their numbers, along with the second wave of Shamans who were closing in on them rapidly.

"Su Ming, the Hunter!"

"Su Ming, the Hunter!"

No one could say who exactly was the first to start the chant among the hundred Berserkers behind Su Ming, but soon, almost every single one of them began roaring at the top of their lungs. Their eyes burned with fervor. They had seen Su Ming’s final act, seen that head in Su Ming’s hand right now!

Zhou De took a deep breath in the southern warzone and a faint smile appeared on his lips. He had seen Su Ming’s final act and heard the mad cries from the hundred Berserkers behind him.

Tian Lan Meng stared at the light screen before her blankly, looking at a certain figure on it. She looked at his blood soaked robes and the many parts of his body that had turned into a bloody mess, then she bit her lip, was immersed in her own thoughts.

As for the old man from the northern warzone who had been calculating with his fingers, he had also become visibly affected.

Only Tian Lan You frowned, remaining as aloof as ever.

The sounds of the war drums from Sky Mist City grew even more heated. The old men standing on the wall were no longer speaking, but were simply staring at the spot where Su Ming was.

The three people sitting in the ball floating on the gigantic cone in Sky Mist City had also sunk into silence.

Su Ming’s level of cultivation was not the cause for their attention, in their eyes, he was very weak and could be finished off with just one blow. They were looking at the willpower that enveloped the hundred people, the willpower that was brought to them by Su Ming as their leader.

What they valued was Su Ming’s resolution and determination, along with that courage of his!

Su Ming handed over the head in his hand to Zi Che, who was standing behind him, and panted harshly. At that moment, the second wave of Shamans were already less than 10,000 feet away from them; they would be here soon.

Behind him, the hundred Berserkers were already exhausted. They had fought for an entire day, some even longer. Compared to these well rested Shamans, they were at a disadvantage.

He could already imagine that once the second wave of Shamans rushed over, there would be very few of his companions left…

Especially when this was only the second wave. There would still be a third wave… and the dozen odd 1,000 feet beasts, and also… the 10,000 feet inferior sacred beast!

"The performance has ended! Zi Che, Yan Bo, take them and withdraw back to the southern warzone!" A resolute look appeared in Su Ming’s eyes when he suddenly opened his mouth to speak.

Zi Che was momentarily stunned, and Yan Bo instantly looked towards Su Ming.

"But sir, Commander Zhou…"

"Retreat!" Su Ming gave Yan Bo a look.

Su Ming’s one single glance made Yan Bo fall into silence and nod his head. He gritted his teeth, but there was no need for him to lay out the order. Su Ming’s words were heard by all the hundred something Berserkers.

"I want all of you to live. Now, retreat! Zi Che, you move back as well, this is the order of the ninth summit!"

Zi Che gritted his teeth and nodded.

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