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There is no right or wrong in a battlefield.

There is only obedience in a battlefield.

Since Su Ming chose to join this battle, then he must obey Zhou De’s orders. He had to give a magnificent performance and complete this blood experiment.

When he rushed out of the southern warzone and appeared on that wide expanse of land, the one thousand people followed right behind him. The area where the hundreds of Shamans were was a long distance away.

He could see the hundreds of Shamans turning their gazes towards them and looking coldly at all of them.

"Sir, do you want to split up and divide the Shamans’ forces..?" Yan Bo’s heart was pounding against his chest. He thought he was acting a little too crazy. He was originally just a nobody that no one paid attention on the battlefield leading a dozen something people to fight for his survival in this battlefield.

Yet all of these things changed drastically once he ran into Su Ming. When he led a hundred people, he had been satisfied. He had believed that with those hundred men under his command, he could let them kill more Shamans while increasing their chances of survival to the highest degree.

However, that satisfaction did not last long. Their followers increased to two hundred, then to three hundred, and their numbers grew even larger as time went by. This sort of change made Yan Bo excited, but also afraid.

The instant Commander Zhou’s orders came, there was only a heavy hearted feeling in his heart, along with resignation. He wanted to flee, but the order was as solid as a mountain. Once he retreated, then his tribe would look down on him. He could not retreat.

Behind him was Sky Mist Barrier. If he retreated, if the others also retreated, then the flames of battle would spread to the entire Berserker Tribe… That was a sight he did not dare picture, even if he continuously told himself that this battle only happened once a century and that this fight was not the final battle.

He told himself that Sky Mist Barrier would not be breached, but even so, when he truly joined the battle, he was forced to experience the brutality and terror of war.

Everything was possible.

"I don’t know the details of how I should lead them. You make the arrangements." Su Ming did not turn his head back. His eyes remained fixed on the Shamans in the distance, and as he moved forward, he spoke in a low voice.

"Sir, my thoughts are that we don’t need to change our teams. There’s about 100,000 feet from here to there. Let’s charge towards them just like this!" Yan Bo gritted his teeth. He was worried that once they split up, some people would feel shocked by their own actions and begin to feel like withdrawing. If that was the case, it was better to follow behind Su Ming.

"Are you afraid?!" Su Ming asked.

"No!" Yan Bo gritted his teeth.

"I’m not afraid either. At most, I’ll just die!" Zi Che charged out of the crowd and returned to his spot behind Su Ming once he finished sending his orders. As he ran forward, he heard Su Ming and Yan Bo’s conversation, then laughed and shouted his answer by the side.

Su Ming smiled, and his eyes were filled with fighting spirit. As he charged forward, the one thousand man team shot forward like the wind. That wind started blowing from beyond the area of Sky Mist, and as it blew, it charged straight to the crowd of Shamans.

100,000 feet, 90,000 feet, 80,000 feet, 70,000 feet!

As Su Ming and the rest charged, low roars could be heard coming from the team. They had completely left the battlefield and had by then turned into an incredibly unique and striking existence in the war.

The instant they were 60,000 feet away from the crowd of Shamans, the Shamans started moving. Five masked Hunters charged forward with around a hundred Shaman warriors behind them, rushing straight towards Su Ming.

Even if they were not the center of attention of all the people at that moment, they were well on their way towards there! Too many people had cast their gazes on them, especially those from within Sky Mist City. Besides the eight old men on the wall, there were also others who had seen the team that had charged out of the battlefield.

The tallest building in Sky Mist City was a gigantic cylinder shaped structure. On top of it was a spherical shaped ball that was 1,000 feet in size. It floated above the cylinder, and within the ball was a quiet chamber.

At that moment, there were three old men sitting cross-legged inside.

The old man in the middle had dry and dull skin. Only his eyes held a profundity that made him seem as if he had lived for tens of thousands of years. He looked in the direction before him, and if anyone looked from his spot, they would find that there were walls blocking his view. But it was as if the walls of the ball itself were invisible, allowing him to see every single spot on the battlefield clearly.

His gaze fell on Su Ming’s one thousand man team.

His eyes weren’t the only ones either. The other two old men beside him also had their gazes fixed on Su Ming’s one thousand man team.

"Most of the Berserkers in the southern warzone are from my Western Sea Clan," the blue-robed old man sitting to the right stated, smiling.

The black-robed old man sitting to the left let out a cold harrumph once he heard it, but he did not say anything.

Under their gazes, the hundred something Shamans led by the Hunters from the Shaman Tribe right before Su Ming’s team closed in on them at an incredible speed, and these two armies clashed with each other 40,000 feet away from that spot.

This was an incredibly devastating battle. There might only be a hundred something Shamans, but they were clearly different from the ones Su Ming had met in the battlefield. Their attacks were resolute and their power strikingly different from those back in the warzone. None of these Shamans were weaklings.

On the other hand, while Su Ming had a lot of people on his side, their levels of cultivation were not the same. If it was not because of Su Ming’s willpower that led them press on without stopping, they would have broken down a long time ago.

Right then, as both sides clashed, nearly a hundred of Su Ming’s men instantly died. Sounds of battle echoed in the air, and the two Hunters from the Shaman Tribe before Su Ming launched a pincer attack on him!

The two Hunters had power equivalent to those in the middle stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm. Their teamwork stopped Su Ming from advancing, but his left eye remained aloof while shining with fighting spirit, creating a stark contrast to the murderous intent in his right eye.

The battle had just begun, and almost the moment his team of Berserkers were injured, five more Hunters leading another hundred something Shamans charged forth from 40,000 feet away.

Their arrival might not have immediately incited war, but it created a large amount of pressure on Su Ming’s team. This pressure was an incredibly brilliant tactic, and its effects could even be said to rival the greatest divine abilities!

"What a great move!" Yan Bo’s face was soaked in blood. When he saw this sight as he fought, he could only let out a sigh.

Courage was required to rush out of the warzone, and it was not just a tiny amount that would allow a person to do so. Yet because one thousand people rushed out at the same time, and because Su Ming stood right in front of them, due to the force of his willpower and the general lack of change around them, there would still be people who possessed that amount of courage.

However, when they rushed out, they had run into obstacles, and in an instant, nearly a hundred of their own died. Once they saw a similar team of Shamans rushing forth from the distance, that invisible amount of pressure was enough to make many a person’s spirits crumble.

At that moment, before the second wave of Shamans arrived, some of the Berserkers who were located further down the team began to retreat under this fear…

They could see that in the start, there were only several dozens of people who retreated, and after a moment, hundreds of people no longer moved forward but chose to withdraw, and their speed as they moved back grew increasingly quicker, causing the one thousand man team to look as if it had been split in two parts.

When this scene caught Zhou De’s eyes, disappointment filled him.

The old man from the northern warzone sighed and shook his head.

As for Tian Lan Meng, her face was pale. Her gaze was fixed on Su Ming alone.

Right up to that moment, Tian Lan You from the eastern warzone had only given Su Ming’s team that one glance and that one remark about their foolishness before she no longer paid any attention to them. It was as if Su Ming’s team could not spark even the slightest bit of her interest.

The eight old men on Sky Mist City remained calm. The long years of their life had given them enough patience to watch the entire performance.

Su Ming coughed out a mouthful of blood. With a ferocious expression, he rammed his head into the Hunter’s mask before him. At such a close distance, he could see the shock in the masked male Shaman’s eyes.

Su Ming never stopped moving. He did not choose to stop the people who retreated from the team either. Instead, he used his actions to tell all these people the principle of the courageousness of coming out victorious when two adversaries met and were forced to fight each other.

‘You can retreat once, you can retreat twice, but once you retreat thrice, then even if you don’t die, you have already been abandoned by the battle…

‘This sort of person cannot become a powerful warrior! Powerful warriors are the survivors of hundreds of battles. Only they can be remade through life and death experiences!

‘Everyone can become a powerful Berserker!’

With bloodshot eyes, Su Ming continuously bashed his head against the masked Shaman’s forehead. When the opponent let out a terrified scream and tried to swiftly charge out, Su Ming grabbed that Hunter. With one rip, the Hunter’s body was torn apart and blood sprayed into the air like rain.

But Su Ming also paid a price for this action. His injuries had worsened!

"Those who follow me! If you don’t die even after numerous battles, then you’ll have become a powerful warrior!" In that bloody rain, Su Ming shouted his very first sentence ever since he rushed out to face the Shamans.

Zi Che followed behind him madly, with bloodshot eyes. Yan Bo also followed with a roar. Even if there were deserters behind them, there were still several hundreds of people in the team. These people saw Su Ming’s actions and heard his words.

This was a battlefield. It was a strange place. It was strange because it was the easiest place for conviction, reliance, and respect to form!

Over here, those with weak willpower would instinctively choose to follow those with strong willpower. This was a law, the law of war!

"I am Su Ming! I am the Hunter Su Ming! I am the wielder of Sky Mist City’s Night Plate, Su Ming! I have killed many Shamans, and those who follow me will live and die together with me!"

Su Ming took a step forward and charged straight towards the other Hunters from the Shaman Tribe. His roars shot out of his throat and reverberated in the air all around them.

As Su Ming’s shout reached the team, the remaining hundreds of people all lost their reason. At the moment, the matter of life and death, of retreating, and of fear were all tossed far away from their minds. The only thing remaining in their hearts was their own blood, boiling hotly and passionately, only thing they heard were Su Ming’s hoarse shouts ringing in their ears.

A wave of emotion was brought into play, and as a distinct change happened among them, a willpower coming from all the people in the team appeared swiftly in that battlefield like a sharpened sword showing off its edge!

Zhou De was visibly moved!

A serious look also appeared in the eyes of the old man in the northern warzone. As for Tian Lan Meng, a brief, mystified look crossed her eyes… She stared at Su Ming, and continued staring… and staring...

Tian Lan You from the eastern warzone turned her head around the second time and looked in Su Ming’s direction.

One of the eight old men on the walls of Sky Mist City suddenly spoke. "Beat the war drums solely for them!"

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Once he spoke, the sounds of war drums shot out swiftly from Sky Mist City. These sounds were filled with fire. They beat only for Su Ming and his team, only roared for Su Ming and his team!

"Sky Mist City needs a hero, and this battle also needs… a hero of the Berserker Tribe!"

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