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Su Ming remained calm before the middle-aged Berserker in the Berserker Soul Realm and wrapped his fist in his palm before bowing towards him.

"I am Su Ming from Freezing Sky Clan."

"Freezing Sky Clan?" The middle-aged man gave Su Ming another scrutinizing look. "The chances of the people from Freezing Sky Clan being here aren’t high. They’re all fighting outside the city in the land of the Shamans," he said languidly, staring at Su Ming.

His slow speech and stare instantly turned into an invisible wave of pressure that fell upon Su Ming’s body.

The other six people who were asked to stay and were all standing beside Su Ming were all soaked in blood. However, most of that blood belonged to the Shamans. Among these six people, the eldest was about sixty with flecks of white mixed in black hair, and the youngest was around thirty. Everyone’s eyes were burning brightly.

These six people had demonstrated that they were all outstanding fighters during the small-scale battle just now. They had killed an incredible amount of Shamans and were all scattered in different locations of the battlefield, catching the attention of those in their respective areas.

Their blood-soaked appearances were the best proof of just how much they loved fighting.

Among these six people was a woman. She had three scars that looked like a claw mark on her face, making it seem as if her face had been torn apart, which also caused the scars to be even more prominent. She stood at the end of the line with an indifferent look, as if she did not want to get into too much contact with the others.

"I had to leave halfway through because of something. Now I have come back." Su Ming said calmly, looking at the middle-aged man.

The pressure brought by the other’s Berserker Soul Realm was incredibly great, but since Su Ming was being honest and hadn’t done anything that would make him feel guilty, there was not a hint of emotion in his voice when he gave his reply.

"How many Shamans did you kill?" the middle-aged man asked languidly.

Su Ming did not answer. Instead, he put his right hand into his bosom and brought out a storage bag. Once he did so, he waved his arm to the side, and instantly, dozens of heads flew out from within the bag. They floated in the air, and a gory atmosphere filled the place.

Each of the heads had the expressions of the Shamans before their death.

"Alright, even if you’re a deserter from Freezing Sky Clan, you’ve proved your worth here. From now on, you are one of the Berserkers of Sky Mist City!" The middle-aged man’s gaze landed on the head of the only Spirit Medium who had died before he could kill him among the large amount of heads, and he smiled towards Su Ming.

"There are some among the seven of you from Freezing Sky Clan, and some from Western Sea Clan. The rest of you are all warriors of Sky Mist City. Now, I don’t care where you came from, the seven of you will become my followers and guards. Come with me and we’ll murder our way into the land of the Shamans!"

The middle-aged man swept his gaze across the seven people. When he spoke of Freezing Sky Clan, he had looked towards Su Ming, and when he spoke of Western Sea Clan, he had looked towards the woman whose face was ruined.

"My name is Shan Hua, and I am one of the Great Soul Generals of Freezing Sky Clan. Until I die, follow me!"

As the middle-aged man spoke, the five cracks in the sky above the Sky Mist City located in the land of the Shamans let out huge booming sounds. Dark light shone from within, and it looked as if it was about to open at any moment. It was the same for the two cracks located in the land of the Berserkers. A large amount of Berserkers were closing in on the cracks.

"Come with me!" Shan Hua lifted his head and looked in the direction of the land of the Shamans. With one move, distorted ripples immediately appeared under his feet. He charged towards the spot where he was looking.

Behind him, the seven people including Su Ming flew out almost simultaneously. The seven of them followed behind Shan Hua, and all of them turned into eight long arcs that sliced through the sky and crossed over the majestic Sky Mist City. With Shan Hua right in front, all the invisible barriers within Sky Mist City were lifted beforehand, allowing the crowd to arrive in the sky belonging to the Shamans without stopping once!

The instant they crossed over the majestic Sky Mist City, a gust of bloody wind wafted into their noses, as if the places within and beyond the city were two different worlds. This place belonged to the Shamans, and that bloody wind had turned into an indescribable oppressive feeling that could make people’s hearts race uncontrollably while also making their blood boil. It felt that if they did not react in this manner, they would not be able to withstand this oppressive feeling brought onto them.

In the most straightforward manner, the sounds of battle turned into sounds of impact that fell into their ears. Compared to the others, who were already used to this sound, this was the first time Su Ming had joined the battle in the land of the Shamans. The shrill cries, furious roars, and that bloody stench made it difficult for him to calm down.

"This is a game, brother Su."

Shan Hua moved before them while Su Ming and the other six followed behind him.They leaped forward in the face of that oppressive pressure while having to smell that bloody stench in the air. To Su Ming’s right was the young man who looked to be in his thirties. That young man’s hair was messy, but his eyes were bright. There was even a hint of excitement within them.

"This is a game where we see who is the winner in the end."

The young man licked his lips and smiled at Su Ming.

This was a battlefield that contained more than tens of thousands of people. The sky was filled with a large amount of people and beasts fighting against each other. There were Shamans, Berserkers, and ferocious beasts among them. The eight of them crossing over the land of the Shamans was nothing worthy of attention.

"We’ll rush to the third crack. Your first mission is to catch up to me!" Shan Hua’s voice came from before them, and he increased his speed. In the span of a breath, he was already 1,000 feet away from them.

Su Ming and the other six charged after him, but when they were less than several thousands of feet into the battlefield, a huge gust of wind instantly came from before them. That wind came from about a hundred ferocious beasts with huge wings. Shamans were standing on their backs.

All of these Shamans had Totems on their faces that exuded a bizarre feeling as if blood was boiling in their veins. These Shamans were mere ants to Shan Hua. He did not even bother dodging. With one charge, he immediately caused dozens of these giant winged ferocious beasts to burst, booming sounds following after him. The Shamans on them were also ripped to shreds.

This lasted only for an instant. The seven could not even see how Shan Hua attacked clearly, they could only see him breaking through without even slowing down, blood raining down around him.

Yet Su Ming and the other six could not do this as easily as Shan Hua did. A small portion of the ferocious beasts might have died, but there were dozens of them left. After splitting apart temporarily, they swiftly flocked together before rushing towards Su Ming and the other six.

"What I need are warriors who will keep following me." Shan Hua did not turn his head back, neither did he stop, but his voice still landed in their ears.

Almost the instant his voice rang in their ears, sounds of battle rose thunderously in the air. The dozens of ferocious beasts charged towards them with roars filled with a murderous aura brimming with arrogance. A dozen of the Shamans standing on them also leaped down, cracking sounds coming from their bodies. They instantly swelled up and their veins popped up, making it seem as if their blood was raging within them.

Red appeared in Su Ming’s right eye. Almost the moment the Shamans and those ferocious beasts came to stop them, he took a step and charged forward at a speed so fast it would be difficult to describe. In an instant, he had already disappeared from his original spot, and when he reappeared, he was already 2,000 feet away.

When he appeared once again, blood flowed out of Su Ming’s mouth. There were five Shamans in the invisible path he had just dashed through. At that moment, their bodies exploded into smithereens.

Their death was caused by Su Ming ramming his body into them under that high speed, while he himself was protected by his defenses!

Su Ming did not stop. When he appeared, he charged once again towards Shan Hua, who was rushing into the distance. Almost at the same moment he used that high speed to catch up to Shan Hua, only three of the six behind him used other methods to break free from being surrounded and attacked by that group of Shamans. Once they broke free, they chased after Shan Hua behind Su Ming.

Yet before they could even take ten breaths, when Shan Hua once again broke free of the group of Shamans flanking him, another one of their group of four did not manage to break free from the Shamans and chase after Shan Hua.

At that moment, only Su Ming, the woman whose face was ruined, and another middle-aged man who looked rather plain when he was among them remained behind Shan Hua.

Their breathing had become ragged as they charged forward. Clearly, following him in this manner was not an easy task for them.

By that time, Shan Hua had already rushed into the center of the battlefield. Not too far from him was the third crack. Currently, that crack was expanding nonstop and a large amount of shadows could be seen flashing within. There were faint and muffled roars as well.

If there had been no obstacles between them and the crack, Su Ming and the rest would have arrived much sooner, but that was not the reality of the situation. Four ferocious creatures about 1,000 feet in size were charging rapidly towards them from the direction of the crack.

A glint appeared in Shan Hua’s eyes. With one step, he disappeared from in front of one of these creatures, and when he reappeared, he was already behind it. That ferocious beast froze for a moment, and then its body started rapidly withering away. The Shaman standing on it was also taken aback for a moment before his eyes lost their lively spark and he fell to the ground.

Su Ming’s pupils shrank. On the way here, he had seen Shan Hua attack several times, but each time, he would use a method that made it hard for Su Ming to discern clearly what he did. Besides the word ‘bizarre’, it would be difficult to find any other word to describe what he saw.

With one flash, Shan Hua became increasingly closer to the crack. As for Su Ming and the other two behind him, they would have to face the other three ferocious beasts that were 1,000 feet tall, along with the Shamans standing on them.

A determined look appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. The moment he closed in on the incoming ferocious beast, He Feng, who had already discarded the puppet’s body and had turned into a dark shadow once again, rushed out before him. At the same time, Su Ming lifted his right hand and casted Berserker Obliteration. His speed reached its peak, and the bracelet on his right wrist turned into a bundle of black smoke that charged in the direction before him.

Roaring sounds filled the sky, and after a moment, when Su Ming went past the ferocious beast, he coughed out a huge mouthful of blood. His chestplate shattered. There was a black wooden spike that was blocked by Han Mountain Bell, but the tremors coming from that wooden spike were still enough to injure Su Ming.

Half of the creature’s body had crumbled. Blood spattered into the air. There was a shadow at its wound that was absorbing its blood madly while also trying to expand itself to envelop the creature within, but since the beast was too big, it was difficult for that shadow to do so.

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