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In the air above Sky Mist City was the battlefield that contained the intense battle between nearly a thousand people. As time passed by and the number of deaths increased, a mangled corpse fell from the sky.

The area of battle should have become increasingly smaller, but that was not the case. Instead, the area became slightly larger, because this was Sky Mist City. The number of Berserkers here was so great that it was simply unimaginable. The battle in the sky was only a minuscule and insignificant part of the entire battlefield.

Besides, the large amount of Shamans dying had made their numbers to be unable to compare to the number of Berserkers here, whose numbers had been increasing incessantly as more warriors joined the fray, since this battle was held right above their turf. That was why even though the number of Shamans was dwindling, the area of this battlefield still increased slightly.

However, the battle in the area was only a tiny portion of this small scale battle. The main event was not held here, but in the black fog high above. At that moment, as booming sounds echoed in the air, four towering statues of the God of Berserkers appeared within the black fog.

The four statues belonged to the four powerful Berserkers in the Berserker Soul Realm. These statues did not seem to contain physical form and seemed like mere illusions, as if they would scatter away when wind blew against them and were just the products of imagination.

Those in the Berserker Soul Realm could gather up their power to form their own statue of the God of Berserkers. This was the power that caused those in the Berserker Soul Realm to be so powerful that those in the Bone Sacrifice Realm could not hope to compare. In all their minds, only those within the Berserker Soul Realm could hope to kill another in the same Realm.

The battle in the black fog had reached its climax, and the battle between the Berserkers and Shamans underneath the black fog had already almost reached its end as well. The Shamans fell one after another, and the ferocious beasts they summoned, too, died in succession.

Su Ming’s robes had already been dyed red. Even if someone could tell that his robes were not originally colored red, they would still be able to sense a sort of bloodthirst and madness coming from them that would make their skins crawl.

It would be especially so if they looked into Su Ming’s eyes.

The calmness in his left eye and the blood-red hue in his right eye, the dancing of his no longer black hair in the wind, the green light from his sword surrounding him, and also the bloodied and mangled puppet with the shabby clothes following behind him. All of these things turned him into a strange sight that caught everyone’s attention in this small-scale battle.

Because no matter where this person went to and no matter what sort of power the Shaman had, all of them would die horrible deaths. Even if the Shaman was already a Medial Shaman, this person would usually just need to lift his right hand, and the bracelet on his wrist would turn into a swarm of black smoke that would surround the Shaman, and from then, it would be difficult for the Shaman to escape death.

It was a presence that screamed of nigh invulnerability, a murderous aura that was formed after slaughtering too many people. A large amount of souls seemed to have gathered on the blood-soaked robe, causing whimpering cries to echo around Su Ming as he walked.

On that day, many people took note of this person. Besides that nigh invulnerable presence he gave off, they also remembered him because whenever he appeared, he would usually save a life, a life that belonged to a Berserker.

He seemed to be a person used to silence. Su Ming did not roar on the battlefield, neither did he laugh arrogantly. He kept his silence and kept on with his slaughter.

At that moment, Su Ming appeared before a Shaman, and when that Shaman saw him, his expression instantly changed drastically. He quickly retreated, because he had seen Su Ming attack three times, and each time, one of his own would die, and among the three people who died, one of them was even a Medial Shaman who was equivalent to a Berserker in the middle stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm!

Yet that Shaman had only managed to take three steps back when all the hairs on his body stood up. Su Ming appeared right behind him like a ghost, then with one cold slash of his sword, he turned around. When he left, He Feng, who was behind him, laughed darkly and attacked the Shaman.

Su Ming rained down carnage as he walked through the battlefield. He had no idea how many people he had killed. His Divine General Armor had crumbled several times during the battle. Even with the Runes defending him, it still happened regardless.

He could no longer use the smoke to form the Runes when his armor appeared once again. His defense might have weakened, but the murderous aura around him was etched onto all the minds of those within the battlefield, making him seem to have an invisible set of armor on his person.

He had already swallowed down a lot of medicine, which was the sole reason why he could continue fighting, or else it would have been difficult for him to last on this battlefield, where no one fought against another alone.

Fortunately, Su Ming had prepared quite a lot of medicine.

He appeared behind a Shaman and rammed his body hard against his. Once he blew that already heavily injured Shaman into smithereens, Su Ming, who was just about to leave, suddenly stopped moving.

He slowly lifted his head and looked towards a person standing several thousands of feet away in the battlefield.

That person looked to be his thirties and was half naked. His entire body was dyed in blood and exuded a powerful and bold presence. It was a Shaman!

In his hands he held the body of a male Berserker and had his teeth buried deep into his neck as if he was sucking away the man’s blood. It flowed down the body and dripped down the Shaman’s mouth.

He was staring coldly at Su Ming, then lifted his head from the captured man’s neck before tearing off his head from his body. He lifted the head high into the sky, causing the blood dripping down to fall into his own mouth.

Su Ming knew that deceased Berserker. He was Zhang Tian Ta’s aloof companion, who also happened to be the first person to welcome Su Ming.

Even when the man died, his eyes were still aloof and indifferent.

Su Ming watched this sight, watched as the Shaman pointed at him with a finger of his left hand, then licked his lips and moved his mouth as if saying something, but his words were drowned out by the sounds of battle all around them. Su Ming could not hear him.

However, he could still tell what the male Shaman wanted to do, because once he threw the head away, he suddenly walked towards him. He was not slow, and as he moved, he charged towards Su Ming while stirring up a huge and violent gust of wind.

As he moved forward, a large amount of shadows manifested behind him. All of those shadows belonged to the Berserkers he’d killed, and one of them… was Zhang Tian Ta’s companion.

There were more than twenty of these shadows, and as they surrounded him, they looked as if they were ghosts that were accompanying this person as he charged towards Su Ming.

"Spirit Medium…"

Su Ming’s pupils shrank and he charged forward, bringing an even more powerful and violent gust of wind that blew in all directions as he rushed towards the man.

The distance between these two continued diminishing, and after a moment, the instant they crashed into each other, they started fighting. As the man attacked, a large amount of vengeful spirits would charge forward. Some of these vengeful spirits belonged to Berserkers, and some to the Shamans!

Su Ming was not the only one engaged in such a battle. Dozens of similar battles had begun on this battlefield, because all the Shamans that had survived up to this point were all Spirit Mediums!

A Spirit Medium’s battle prowess would be largely limited if he or she was placed in a place that did not have a large amount of dead people. However, when they were in a battlefield where a large amount of people had died, then Spirit Mediums would become incredibly powerful.

This was a tactic unique only to Spirit Mediums!

Booming sounds echoed on the battlefield. After a moment, as the people were all engaged in battle against each other, the black fog in the sky was blown open as if someone had just torn it apart, as if a pair of invisible hands had ripped it to shreds. The booming sounds reverberated in the sky, and then the Aquatic Dragon exploded. Letting out a shrill screech, it turned into a large amount of blood mist that carried the three identical old Shamans away and back to the land of the Shamans like a shield made of blood.

Two of the four powerful Berserkers from Sky Mist City were about to chase them down when the middle-aged man by their side lifted his hand and stopped them with a grim look on his face.

"My fellow tribesmen, we cannot give chase… The Shamans’ goal might be to enter our land, but they would first need to destroy Sky Mist City and occupy it, or else, even those old monsters belonging to the upper level of authority in the Shaman Tribe would have to hesitate.

"Also, there’s something off about this. An End Split Dawn can only cast a Relocation Spell like this once every half a year. Why were there only three End Shamans and one inferior sacred beast..?

"From our plans and calculations along with some of the information we obtained, there is only one pair of End Split Dawns in the Shaman Tribe. They only had a single chance like this. They should have sent much more firepower. We of Sky Mist City made detailed preparations for this, but now, the prey isn’t here and we can’t use it…" The middle-aged man frowned.

"Are you saying that they’re intentionally baiting us to pursue them?" one of the four old monsters in the Berserker Soul Realm, who was a hunchbacked old man, asked in raspy voice.

"About that…"

The middle-aged man was about to speak when his expression suddenly changed drastically. The other three old men beside him also experienced changes in their expressions, because at that moment, on the gigantic battlefield outside Sky Mist City, as the sounds of battle were so great they seemed to have filled heaven and earth, in five different locations in the sky, the same crack that had appeared right in the sky above Sky Mist City just materialized!

But that was not all. Right behind Sky Mist City, in the sky that belonged to the Berserkers, cracks also appeared, and this time, it was not one but two!

These two gigantic cracks, along with the five cracks in the sky belonging to the Shamans started shining brilliantly at the same time!

A dark look instantly appeared on the middle-aged man’s face. With one move, he charged towards the area down below.

"I’ll leave the cracks in our land to the three of you!"

As the middle-aged man’s voice echoed in the air, his body flashed several dozen times among the crowd fighting underneath. Each time his body shone, he would appear beside a Spirit Medium, and no matter what Spell that Spirit Medium casted next, and no matter how strong their mystical ability was, when that middle-aged man appeared, they would die from a jab of his finger right through the center of their brows.

The middle-aged man traveled so quickly that in the blink of an eye, he had already come to right beside Su Ming, yet the moment he appeared, the Shaman that had been fighting against Su Ming coughed out blood and was ripped from limb to limb. This was not due to the middle-aged man but Su Ming, who was putting down his right hand slowly after drawing the one slash for Berserker Obliteration.

Su Ming’s face was pale and he breathed raggedly. Only he knew just how dangerous the battle had been.

The middle-aged man gave Su Ming a look, nodded, then vanished. After a moment, when he re-appeared in midair, all the Spirit Mediums in the battlefield had died.

"You, you, and you… the seven of you, follow me. The rest of you, go to the battlefield over there!" The middle-aged man pointed towards the cracks that had appeared in the land of the Berserkers far in the distance.

As he pointed forward, the group of people instantly rushed out, and under the guidance of the three powerful Berserkers in the Berserker Soul Realm standing in the sky, they charged towards the two cracks.

More people flew out from Sky Mist City and joined them. There were even two old men in white joining them. As they moved forward, the air underneath their feet trembled, and the statue of the God of Berserkers manifested in the form of an illusion behind them. These two people were also Berserkers in the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm. The two of them flew into the sky and exchanged greetings with the previous three Berserkers in the form of wrapping their fists in their palms before all of them walked towards the cracks grimly.

Su Ming did not move, because he was among the seven people the middle-aged man had chosen to stay!

The middle-aged man’s gaze swept through the seven of them like lightning before stopping at Su Ming.

"The seven of you had the best performance in the battle just now. I’ve seen all of the others before, but you’re rather unfamiliar. What is your name and from which tribe or clan did you come from?"

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