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The Shaman standing on the ferocious beast had already leaped into the air, but there was shock on his face. A woman’s figure formed by black smoke had gathered before him and was twirling around him. The moment that smoke turned into a vortex, the Shaman casted a Spell and immediately disappeared, as if he had just run away.

The woman formed by the black smoke did not chase after him but simply fell backwards and changed back into the bracelet on Su Ming’s wrist.

Su Ming did not bother about He Feng, but instead took a step forward and charged towards Shan Hua. At that moment, Shan Hua was standing underneath the crack with his head lifted to look at the continuously expanding giant crack. His face was grim, and he looked as if he was waiting for something.

Su Ming charged towards him, and after a moment, he arrived behind Shan Hua. He, too, stopped underneath the crack, and his ragged breathing only calmed down after a long moment went by.

Just as Su Ming was calming his breathing, wind whistled by his ears, and the Western Sea Clan woman ,whose face was ruined, charged towards them swiftly. Once she stopped, she coughed out a large amount of blood. There were many wounds on her body, and her abdomen was a bloody mess, but she remained cold and aloof. As she stood there, she lowered her head and brought out some medicinal salve to spread over her wounds.

"Only the two of you came? Then so be it, you two will be my guards. Earn me the time it takes to burn an incense stick," Shan Hua suddenly said and turned around to cast a glance at Su Ming and the woman before sitting down in midair. He even closed his eyes.

A light crease appeared between the woman’s brows, but she said nothing. She simply surveyed her surroundings cautiously.

Su Ming was occupied by his own thoughts. He had no time to think about what the woman did to arrive behind him, because when he lifted his head to look at the flashing crack in the sky before turning to look into the distance, his pupils shrank.

There were powerful Berserkers like Shan Hua underneath the five cracks in the land of the Shamans. They would either be staring at them or meditating underneath, completely ignoring the battles going on around them. They looked as if they were waiting for something.

Some of them also had guards like Su Ming around them, but there were also some who were alone.

There were still a large amount of Shamans in the sky. The battles and slaughter on the ground continued without stopping. The people from both sides had already descended into a state of frenzy. There were also a continuous number of Berserkers who were rushing out from Sky Mist City to join the fray.

As time passed by and the five cracks in the sky belonging to the Shamans grew larger while looking as if they were about to rip open at any moment, roars could be heard coming from behind. It was as if there were millions of Shamans and an endless number of ferocious beasts waiting inside the crack. The moment the crack opened up, they would all rush out.

‘No one’s coming here…’

Su Ming frowned. He just noticed this. Ever since Shan Hua came here along with Su Ming and the woman, no Shaman got close to them. Most of them only circled around the area, as if they could not see the three of them.

This was not the only place where a sight like this occurred. The same thing was happening underneath all the five cracks.

‘Could it be…’

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. Suddenly, a piercing whistle came from Sky Mist City. That whistle sounded like something piercing through the air. The entire Sky Mist City looked as if it was trembling. The instant Su Ming turned his head around to look, he saw nine pillars that looked like crystals crawling out from within Sky Mist City and stretching out towards the sky.

The pillars were about several hundreds of feet in breadth. Once they shot out of the ground in Sky Mist City, they immediately started shining with a strong light. When they did so, the sun in the sky looked as if it had become duller because of them. Soon after, the lights from the nine huge crystal pillars started spreading, and once they fused together, a light beam that stole Su Ming’s breath shot towards one of the cracks!

The light beam was about 1,000 feet in breadth, and it shot out of Sky Mist City so quickly that Su Ming felt his skin crawl. It looked like a long arc that pierced through the sky, and it was so loud that he could only hear roars in his ears, which eventually became so loud that they turned into static!

Almost in an instant, the first crack that was about several tens of thousands of feet away from Sky Mist City was pierced through by the light beam.

The entire sky seemed to have turned into a sea of fire filled with waves that started spreading rapidly in all directions. The first crack shuddered viciously and turned into numerous shards that scattered away. The shards were very thin and looked like mirrors.

That was clearly not a crack, but a fake one that was created by the Shamans with some unknown method. It looked real and must have also felt real, but in truth, it was fake!

‘Of the five cracks, the first one is fake. The Shamans’ goal is to weaken Sky Mist City’s power, such as… forcing them to use this unbelievably powerful light beam!’

Su Ming sucked in a sharp breath and looked at the shattered fake between Sky Mist City and the first light beam. There was a tear in the air over there now, and wherever the light beam went to, all the living things that tried to stop it were destroyed.

Even a Berserker in the Berserker Soul Realm would find it difficult to survive under this power!

‘Sky Mist City…’

Su Ming stared at the majestic city and understood why that city could defend the Land of South Morning, preventing the Shamans from setting even one foot into their land. That city was not just shrouded in mystery, it also contained a strength that could stun the Shamans.

While Su Ming was still in shock due to the light beam, suddenly, the nine gigantic crystal pillars from Sky Mist City shone once again and the second light beam shot out.

The world seemed to tremble and a tear appeared in the air. The second light beam sliced through the air and stirred up a loud bang that spread throughout the entire battlefield, causing all the people to lift their heads and look at it, unable to help themselves. At that moment, the light beam crashed into the second crack.

It trembled and shattered into the thin shards again. The second crack… was also fake.

Su Ming lifted his head and looked at the third crack above him. The crack was expanding rapidly and the light within was flashing even more frequently. It was as if the people within were waiting anxiously, like they could not wait to rush out.

At that moment, the nine crystal pillars from Sky Mist City shone once again. The third light beam charged out with a force that shook the world once more. It did not ram into the third crack where Su Ming was, but instead fell onto the fourth crack, causing it to turn into countless shards.

This time, Su Ming could clearly feel that the light beam’s strength had dwindled slightly, as if it did not have enough power.

The killings on the battlefield clearly stopped for a moment when the light beam charged out for the third time. Looks of shock and terror appeared on all the Shamans’ faces, but in contrast, while most of the Berserkers were also shocked, they also felt their blood boiling as if they had been pumped full of life force.

Suddenly, the fourth light beam charged out from Sky Mist City. This light beam was clearly much weaker than before and was not as shocking as the previous ones. The fifth crack also shattered into pieces the instant the light beam rammed into it, yet even so, if the crack had been real, there was a high chance that the light beam would not have been able to destroy it completely.

Su Ming lifted his head swiftly and stared at the crack above his head. Almost the moment he did so, the powerful Berserkers around who had been staying underneath those fake cracks charged towards them. Clearly, they also believed that this crack was the real deal!

In an instant, the nine crystal pillars from Sky Mist City seemed to have gathered their last charge and fired the fifth light beam. That light beam seemed like the last radiance of the setting sun. It might seem incredibly grand, but anyone with eyes could see that this was the light beam’s last ounce of strength.

As the light beam charged forth, it brought with it a piercing glare that shot above Su Ming before it fell on the third crack. At that moment, Shan Hua opened his eyes.

But what happened next stunned Su Ming, because the instant the light beam rammed into the third crack, it also turned into a large amount of thin shards that disappeared into thin air.

"They’re all fake… The Shamans’ goal is to weaken the strength of Sky Mist City’s crystal pillars… because this power is a threat to the End Shamans…" Su Ming mumbled.

At that moment, a long string of laughter echoed from the world in the distance. Distortions formed in the sky belonging to the Shamans 100,000 feet away and three people walked out.

Their bodies could not be seen clearly, but when they walked out, an incredible pressure filled the entire battlefield with a loud rumble. The three people took one step forward and charged into the fray. At the same time, the two 100,000 feet sacred beasts that had previously remained in a set area, not getting closer to the battlefield, let out loud roars before charging towards Sky Mist City.

It was as if the power that prevented them from getting closer was gone.

The two Shamans who were clearly powerful warriors standing on top of the 100,000 feet sacred beasts curled their lips in cold sneers.

The advantage seemed to have fallen into the Shamans’ side. The powerful light beam that terrified them was temporarily gone, causing the three Shamans who walked out to dash forward at an incredible speed. The two 100,000 feet sacred beasts behind them also closed in easily, like how a hot knife cuts through butter.

Yet things did not end the way they wanted. Almost the moment these three people appeared and charged forward with the two 100,000 feet sacred beasts rushed following suit and entered an area 100,000 feet away from Sky Mist City, suddenly, the nine crystal pillars that had already became duller shone with a piercing bright light. The strength of that glare was even stronger that the first light beam Su Ming had seen.

With one flash of light, the entire world instantly darkened. The sun’s light could not hope to compare with the nine crystal pillars. It was as if at that moment, the crystal pillars had absorbed all the light from the world around them, and then, two light beams that shocked Su Ming to the core shot out!

Both of these light beams were several thousands of feet in breadth. They whistled through the air with a shocking screech, causing the air to instantly shatter. In the blink of an eye, Su Ming saw something unforgettable.

He saw the two light beams crashing into the two 100,000 feet sacred beasts that were already only 100,000 feet away from Sky Mist City. They did not even have time to dodge. When the light beams crashed into them, the two sacred beasts along with the powerful Shamans standing on them were instantly eviscerated by the power contained within them.

Deafening, shrill cries came from the two sacred beasts, and their bodies instantly exploded…

The entire battlefield instantly fell into dead silence.

The three powerful Shamans who had walked out and were leading the charge froze in their footsteps, as if they were stunned into silence, frozen in place.

"We also know how to set up a hoax." At that moment, Shan Hua stood up by Su Ming’s side.

Right then, an old voice shot out with a mighty power from within Sky Mist City moment. "All warriors, hear me! Rush at the Shamans and push them back until they’re 30,000 feet away!"

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The beating of war drums roared in the air from all around, causing all the Berserkers on the battlefield to instantly go mad.

"Kill them!"

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