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The Fire Ape followed right behind Su Ming. As it moved, the dozens of heads on its body started floating about, turning into an incredibly powerful murderous aura that surrounded the area, causing the ape to look as if it had just walked out of hell, making all those who saw it to be terrified.

The man and ape charged towards Sky Mist City. As they got closer, sounds of battle reached their ears from afar and grew increasingly clearer. Su Ming’s expression became grim. The shock brought from seeing and hearing the thousands upon thousands of people fighting and killing each other would either crush a person’s mind and he’d succumb to terror, or bring about an agitation and hot-bloodedness that could not be controlled within that person.

Su Ming belonged to the former and also the latter.

He was afraid, but his will to fight surpassed his fear. He was not fighting for the Berserkers in the Land of South Morning, not for Sky Mist, much less for Freezing Sky Clan!

He was fighting for the ninth summit, for the road to return home, for becoming stronger. He was… fighting for himself!

Su Ming got closer and the sounds of battle from beyond Sky Mist City fell into his ears clearly; he and the Fire Ape behind him had already arrived at Sky Mist City. Right before them was a winding staircase situated under the majestic city. That staircase was practically stuck to the city walls, allowing people to walk on them.

There was a swarm of Berserkers floating closely to each other in the air, protecting the city.

Su Ming and the Fire Ape’s arrival had long since attracted some of the attention from those in Sky Mist City, especially the ones fighting to protect the city in midair.

They belonged to Sky Mist City. When they were not in battle, their duty was to ensure the city’s safety. While a large number of them had already gone into the battlefield to fight, but those who had been switched out were still fulfilling their duties perfectly.

When Su Ming got closer, some of those calm looking guards who seemed to have already gotten used to war a long time ago turned their heads around to cast a glance at his approach..

"Stop him and make sure you know which tribe he comes from! We’re now at war. We cannot allow anyone invading our land from behind us!" one of them, a person who clearly had higher authority, ordered coldly.

The moment he spoke, two guards immediately wrapped their fists in their palms and voiced their obedience before turning into long arcs that charged towards Su Ming.

"Stranger, stop and tell us your tribe!"

Once the two guards flew into the sky towards the part of Sky Mist City that was located beyond the wall, one of them spoke to the incoming Su Ming with an aloof tone.

Su Ming also saw those two men. Right behind them was the majestic Sky Mist City. The sounds of battle were deafening and lingered in the air, refusing to disappear. When Su Ming was about several hundreds of feet away from the two men, he stopped and wrapped his fist in his palm in a salute to them.

"I am Su Ming, from Freezing Sky Clan!"

When the two guards heard Su Ming’s words, they gave him a look, and the person who spoke previously let out a cold harrumph.

"Ridiculous. Freezing Sky Clan arrived half a month ago. If you’re really from Freezing Sky Clan, then why didn’t you come with them?"

"I was stalled by something on the way, that’s why…" Su Ming was about to explain himself, but was interrupted by the Sky Mist guard who had first spoken previously.

"I don’t need your explanations and I don’t care where you come from. Right now, the Berserkers and Shamans are at war. We will not allow strangers getting near the city. Leave quickly. Once this battle is over and you’re really from Freezing Sky Clan, I will report your existence to the authorities and allow you into the city."

The person who spoke was a man in his forties. He wore a blue robe that was stained with blood. He looked rather exhausted, a clear sign that he had just returned from the battlefield.

The other person was about the same age and there was also exhaustion on his face, but his eyes shone with a freezing glint. That cold stare was not aimed at Su Ming but was born due to the battle.

Su Ming fell silent and his gaze moved to the land of the Shamans located in the distance. Over there, the battle had reached a monstrous height. Even with the distance between them, Su Ming could see a Berserker getting beheaded by a Shaman. His head was lifted into the air, and the Shaman howled as he rushed forward.

There were also numerous casualties among the Shamans on the battlefield. Yet those ferocious beasts would usually need several Berserkers launching an attack on all fronts before they could be subdued. The roars from the beasts could be heard echoing on the gigantic battlefield.

Su Ming wanted to join the fray. Only going through multiple encounters with death in this place that was the most suitable for him to train could he arrive at a breakthrough and move into the Bone Sacrifice Realm from the Awakening Realm!

However, he was late. He was a latecomer to this battle, and there was no one who could prove his identity. It would be impossible for him to join the battle now.

Even if someone managed to recognize him, that someone had to be a powerful Berserker belonging to the older generation within Freezing Sky Clan. If it was anyone else, their words would bear no weight, and they would not be able to bring a large effect during this period of war.

"Hmm? Still not leaving?" the man with the blood soaked blue robe hissed darkly, killing intent rising in his eyes.

Due to the two guards spending too much time talking to Su Ming, more people from Sky Mist City looked over. Su Ming sighed and took a few steps back.

Yet right as he retreated, suddenly, a loud bang came from Sky Mist City’s direction. That bang shook the sky and earth, and a large crack appeared in the air above Sky Mist City. That crack was not real but was caught in a state of being an illusion and a real entity as it continued shining.

The instant that crack appeared, the expressions of the guards protecting Sky Mist City changed. At the same time, an old voice reverberated through Sky Mist City.

"That is the Imagination Spell cast by an End Split Dawn. They can create a point of relocation connected to the land of the Shamans. This Spell cannot be broken, but even an End Split Dawn would need half a year before he or she could cast it once.

"Once we win against the Shamans who walk out of that crack, within half a year, no other attacks like this would appear again! Brother Chi, my dear friend Ran, little brother Zhou, this is the reason why I kept the three of you here instead of letting you fight on the battlefield."

As the old voice echoed in the air, instantly, four people stepped out of Sky Mist City. Three among the four were white-haired old men, the other was a black-robed middle-aged man. Once the four people walked out, immediately, an incredible pressure spread out from them.

Almost the instant they walked out, rumbling sounds came from within the crack in the sky, and then, it was abruptly torn apart. As the crack was ripped open, a roar came from within and an Aquatic Dragon about several tens of thousands of feet long pushed its head out, and with one bound, rushed out of the crack.

Right behind the Aquatic Dragon came laughter. Three people flew out from within the crack. All three of these people looked identical. They were all thin as bones and there were brilliantly colored pictures drawn on their bodies. Each of them held a bone cane in their hands, and the instant they flew out, a gust of black mist spread out.

The moment the three people and the Aquatic Dragon appeared, the four people out of Sky Mist City closed in on them. Without even a word, as the rumbling sounds echoed in the air, they stood together!

The weather changed. The wind and clouds tumbled backwards. Rumbling sounds shook the land all around them, and at the same time, dozens upon dozens of people shot out from the crack in the sky. All of them were Shamans, and in the blink of an eye, hundreds of Shamans had appeared from within the crack.

All the Shamans that had rushed out possessed extraordinary power.

"Kill them!!" The guards in midair charged forward without any hesitation, immediately engaging in a battle to the death with the Shamans who walked out of the crack.

More people flew up from the ground of Sky Mist City and charged towards the smaller scaled battlefield that was as devastating as the one beyond the wall.

The sounds of battle filled the sky, and the sky and earth darkened as if the sun and moon had lost their light. The two guards who had previously prevented Su Ming from joining the fray could no longer be bothered with him, as their expressions changed and they moved back to charge towards that battlefield.

That battle was happening in a spot less than 50,000 feet away from Su Ming. The level of devastation there was so great that even though the battle had just begun, shrill screams could already be heard. A lot of people had already exploded, and some of them were even torn from limb to limb.

Some of these people were Berserkers, some were Shamans.

This was not a direct conflict between two people. This was a battlefield. All of these people were not facing just one enemy but an innumerable amount of foes that filled the sky and earth. When you killed one person, you would have to be careful of the others’ divine abilities, coming from non-Berserkers charging towards you.

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He did not continue retreating, instead, as the Fire Ape bared its teeth and was about to rush out, he lifted his right hand and waved his arm towards the Fire Ape. Immediately, an incredibly hurt look flashed through its face and it was put away into the bag.

This was going to be a gruelling battle. Su Ming was worried about letting the Fire Ape fight. Once the ape killed to a frenzy, it would descend into madness, and it would definitely not be able to protect itself.

When Su Ming put away the Fire Ape, he took a step towards the battlefield that was only 50,000 feet away from him. His body seemed to not have moved after he took that one step, he looked as if he was still making the action of taking a step, but in truth, his speed had already reached its peak.

The guard whose robes were stained with blood and who also happened to be the guard who had spoken to Su Ming among the two sent to block his path had his five fingers lifted to seize the air before himself. Five wisps of mist swirled behind his back and turned into a five-colored spider that rammed into the Shaman closing in on him.

That Shaman was also an extraordinary fighter. The moment he died, he also made the five-colored spider explode. In fact, as his body let out thunderous rumbles signaling his death, he flicked out a fingernail that pierced through the guard’s chest, causing blood to seep out of the corners of his lips and forcing him to retreat.

Yet the moment he retreated, a battle axe suddenly appeared by his side. It belonged to a warrior in the Shaman Tribe. With a vicious laugh, the man swung his axe down. The guard’s eyes were instantly lit with madness and he looked as if he was about to self-destruct. The instant the thought of that even if he died, he had to kill more people appeared in his head, the space beside him suddenly distorted and the youth from before suddenly showed up.

As Su Ming appeared, green light flashed at the center of his brows. His Divine General Armor swiftly manifested on his body, and the moment the Shaman swung his axe down, he thrust his sword forward.

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