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The guard was not the only one caught off guard by Su Ming’s arrival, the Shaman had found it hard to notice him too. Yet that Shaman was clearly someone who was used to fighting. Without a hint of hesitation, he laughed viciously and swung the axe towards Su Ming instead. In the blink of an eye, that axe was already less than one foot away its target!

Su Ming stood there calmly. The small virescent sword in his right hand shone brilliantly, and the moment the Shaman’s axe swung down on his head, Su Ming thrust the sword towards the center of the man’s brows. To the eyes of those watching, it was clear that these two were fighting to see who was more vicious!

As if the one who was more vicious would come out of this duel alive!

If the man was the first to be afraid and dodged the attack, then while it would be troublesome that he wouldn’t have managed to kill this person with his attack, it would still be better than dying.

Yet if Su Ming became afraid and chose to avoid the attack, then he would immediately lose the initiative and the Shaman would definitely attack him with a force that would be difficult for him to block.

However, if the both of them did not move away, then they would surely die together!

The guard behind Su Ming was momentarily stunned. He was already prepared to self-destruct, so he did not expect that the person he had just prevented to join the battle would suddenly appear right before him.

With just one glance, the man even recognized the armor on Su Ming’s body. It… was the Divine General Armor!!

He hadn’t managed to say anything before madness appeared in the Shaman’s eyes. He was completely unbothered by the small virescent sword charging to the center of his brows. With a bang, the axe fell on Su Ming’s body.


As the bang reverberated through the air, Su Ming flinched and staggered a few steps backwards. Blood trickled out of his mouth, but there was not a hint of injury on his body. His shoulder armor was cut by the axe, but there was only a crack on it, and even that was closing up rapidly.

As for the Shaman, he did not have a chance to see this. Madness still lingering on his face, a hole could be seen at the center of his brows. Blood poured out from that hole, but it wasn’t what killed him. It was a knife that had suddenly come from behind him the instant he swung his axe down. The knife cut through his neck swiftly, causing his head to be severed by the person behind just as the center of his brows was pierced through.

The small virescent sword pierced through the Shaman’s head and brushed past the person who had suddenly appeared behind him. A fine line of blood was left behind on his face.

Su Ming knew the person who had appeared behind the Shaman before. He was the other of the two guards who had previously prevented him from joining the battle.

The middle-aged man’s gaze was cold and his expression aloof. He was completely unbothered by the gash on his face. Instead, he cast Su Ming a glance and a smile appeared on his lips. That smile held a hint of ferociousness, but there was no ill-will contained within.

"Welcome to Sky Mist City!" As he spoke, he threw the head in his hand towards Su Ming. Once Su Ming caught it, that person turned around, and with a flash, he charged towards another Shaman.

"Keep their heads. That’s an important proof for us when we’re recording your war achievements!" The voice of the guard Su Ming had just saved came from his side. The man looked rather touched as he smiled heartily.

"Thank goodness I didn’t have you leave the place yet, or else I’d have died here. My name is Zhang Tian Ta. Welcome to Sky Mist City!" The man let out a boisterous laugh and lifted his right hand. Su Ming too lifted his right hand, and once they gave each other a high five, they parted ways and charged into two different locations on the battlefield.

With that high five, Su Ming felt a wave of tremors belonging to a life force traveling up his hand. Those tremors came from Zhang Tian Ta and belonged to the battlefield filled with murder and carnage. As he turned around, red appeared in Su Ming’s right eye. Black mist surrounded his body, covering his Divine General Armor in Runes, allowing his defense to reach an incredibly powerful state.

Su Ming’s Han Mountain Bell also appeared under his Divine General Armor, albeit only in an indistinct form. With that bell, his defense could increase by another fold! Green light shone by his side. It was the small virescent sword, charging, swirling around him.

As he moved forward, Su Ming ran into a male Shaman. That Shaman wore a sackcloth. His right hand was dark and there was a small red snake biting his hand as if it was injecting poison into his veins. His left arm was not black but swollen. There was a multicolored scorpion climbing his left hand, and it looked as if it also had its fangs buried deep in his skin.

There was an enticing Totem on the young man’s face. Su Ming could not see it clearly, but there was a sort of brutality coming from it. Before he rushed at Su Ming, the young man had just killed a Berserker. Once he retrieved the Berserker’s head, he rushed towards Su Ming with a vicious sneer.

The two of them closed in on each other in the span of a breath. A flash of green appeared and charged towards the Shaman’s head, but the Shaman let out a roar and lifted his right hand. The moment his hand touched the small sword, that person’s right arm instantly exploded and turned into a large amount of black liquid that sprayed everywhere.

When the small sword touched the black liquid, instantly, there were sizzling sounds and it started swaying. At the same moment, when the black liquid fell on Su Ming’s Divine General Armor, dents appeared on it as if the liquid was corroding it. At the very least, Su Ming’s Han Mountain Bell could still block the poisonous liquid from touching him.

The young man’s right arm had originally disappeared, but the stump was wiggling around bizarrely as if it was growing into an arm again. The man increased his speed, and in the blink of an eye, he had already closed in on Su Ming. He opened his mouth and spat out a layer of poisonous fog. That poisonous fog turned into a ghost’s face before it charged towards Su Ming.

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He took a few steps backwards, and with a cold sneer, he charged forward. He looked as if he was charging straight into the poisonous fog, but in truth, in the short distance he traveled when he took the few steps backward and charged forward again, with his incredible speed, he could stir up a huge gust of wind.

That fog may be strange in a sense that a normal gust of wind couldn't blow it away, but the wind caused by Su Ming’s intense speed straight up blew it away. Su Ming then shot through the fog and appeared right behind the young man.

Using the instant his opponent was caught off guard, Su Ming lifted his right hand and pressed his palm on his head. His power in the later stage of the Awakening Realm surged into the young man’s body. The swaying small virescent sword also charged through and stabbed the man’s throat. At that instant, Su Ming tore the man’s head away from his body.

When the young man’s headless corpse fell to the ground, Su Ming held his head in a hand with a pale face, but his eyes were freezing cold. His breathing had quickened slightly. All around him were the shouts of people crying out to kill each other. Shrill screams of pain reverberated in the air, never dying down.

Right when Su Ming stopped moving, a flash of yellow light came from behind him. There was a diamond shaped beast bone in that light, and it was incredibly sharp.

Su Ming was still immersed in his first experience of this kind of a battlefield when a bone stabbed into his back, right above his heart. Even if he had the Divine General Armor blocking the attack, Su Ming still staggered a few steps forward. Blood flowed out of his mouth.

He turned around swiftly and stared at the spot where the diamond shaped beast bone came from. Over there, in the crowd where the two armies were slaughtering each other, were two Shamans working together to attack an old Berserker. One of the two was tall, and the other short. Their cries of battle had fused with the sounds around them and could not be heard clearly.

That old man’s face was pale and his hair was stained with fresh blood. He was being forced backwards.

That beast bone that had charged towards Su Ming was not actually aimed at him but was sent his way when the old man dodged it.

Right at the top of this battlefield that contained less than 1,000 people was a mass of darkness that hid the color of the sky, and the booming sounds grew increasingly stronger. As the black fog tumbled about, Su Ming could see an Aquatic Dragon occasionally revealing its body and roaring relentlessly.

Fighting against the Aquatic Dragon was a middle-aged man from among the four powerful Berserkers that had stepped out of Sky Mist City previously. The other three people were fighting against three identical Great Shamans in the black fog.

Their level of cultivation had already surpassed that of the Bone Sacrifice Realm and they were all already in the Berserker Soul Realm. However, they were merely Berserkers in the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm. The difference in power in each stage of the Berserker Soul Realm was so big that it was similar to the power gap between two Realms.

Su Ming stared at the two Shamans in the crowd and a blood-red light shining with killing intent appeared in his eyes. He took one step forward, and in the span of a breath, he disappeared. Almost the instant he disappeared, a Shaman rammed his fist into the afterimage left behind by Su Ming when he left. That person was momentarily stunned after he threw that punch, but he did not have any chance to think any further.

A Berserker not too far in the distance had chosen to self-destruct. The waves caused by the explosion surged in all directions. When the waves crashed into that Shaman, he was forced backwards and died, shot by an arrow that was flicked off in his direction from somewhere.

Su Ming traveled so quickly that he shot through multiple people fighting against each other and appeared right behind the two Shamans who were fighting against the old Berserker. The faces of the two Shamans were colored by madness. Their coordination was flawless, and there had been more than ten Berserkers who had died in their hands in this massacre.

At that moment, the number of kills they had netted increased by one. The shorter Shaman moved, and passing through the old man’s side, he took his head away with him.

With the old man’s head in his hand, the shorter Shaman grinned and laughed out loud, but the moment his laughter begun, his companion, who had been smiling with him, suddenly widened his eyes, then rushed towards him, crying out loud.

Right behind the shorter Shaman was Su Ming, taking one step to reach behind his back. His eyes were blood-red, and the moment he appeared, green light flashed and shot through the Shaman’s back, right through his heart. The green light took a sharp turn back, then pierced through the center of that Shaman’s brows.

That person had extraordinary power, but on the battlefield, while a person’s level of cultivation could help them, it would not be able to aid them fully. Luck, resolution, caution, observation, and all the other factors were keys in determining whether a person would be able to survive. None of these could be missing.

Once Su Ming killed the shorter Shaman, a chilling glare grew in his eyes when the deceased’s companion charged towards him with a roar.

"He Feng!"

The moment Su Ming opened his mouth, a dark shadow instantly appeared right behind the incoming Shaman. That shadow devoured him like a giant mouth. Su Ming was not bothered by what would happen to the person next. With a single move, he charged in another direction.

"Once you control him, destroy his appearance and the Totem symbolizing his identity as a Shaman. After that, come with me!" Once Su Ming left, his aloof command fell into He Feng’s ears.

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