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As the thrums resounded in the air, a sound wave that was formed from accumulating the voices of several tens of thousands of people spread in all directions like a bolt of lightning traveling horizontally across the land.

"Kill them!"

That shout shook the sky and earth, and even if Su Ming was still a small distance away from Sky Mist City, he could still feel the madness and bloodlust in those voices. If he stood on Sky Mist City, it would definitely be even more shocking.

Those voices did not come from Berserkers…

"It’s the shout of the Shamans attacking the city!" Wu Duo took a few steps back instinctively and spoke in a hushed tone.

"Brother Mo, I’ll have to take my leave now. If we are ever fated to meet again, then we will surely run into each other… take care!"

Wu Duo lifted his head and cast Su Ming a glance. He and Su Ming originally did not know each other, but the past half a month had indeed been enjoyable for the both of them, and there grew a sort of rapport between them as they worked together.

Su Ming also looked at Wu Duo and wrapped his fist in his palm towards him.

"You take care as well!"

Wu Duo nodded and turned into a long arc that charged in another direction, away from Sky Mist City.

The Fire Ape pursed its lips at Wu Duo leaving them as it stood behind Su Ming. At that moment, it already had nearly 30 heads tied to its body.

It could be said that all the Shamans Wu Duo knew of who entered the land using that special method before this were all hanging off its body.

The battles in the past half a month had made Su Ming’s knowledge towards the Shaman Tribe increase by quite a large margin. As he averted his gaze from the departing Wu Duo, a contemplative look appeared in his eyes.

He knew of Wu Duo’s identity. During the past half a month they had been together, and when he had woken up earlier, when he was under the effects of the boy’s mystical ability, to see the skills Wu Duo casted, there was in no way that he would not know that Wu Duo was a Fledgeling Thought Soothsayer of the Shaman Tribe!

Su Ming also had his suspicions that what he saw was not all of Wu Duo’s mystical abilities. There was a high possibility that Wu Duo was the same as Su Ming, he also kept some of his abilities a secret.

Yet no matter what, there had only been benefits and not a hint of loss for Su Ming during the half a month they had worked together. They had even grown rather fond of each other after the trip.

Su Ming shook his head and no longer mulled over it. After all, he was not a Berserker of the Land of South Morning, or else, once he learned of Wu Duo’s identity, he would have definitely killed him.

However, Su Ming believed that there was a more important reason as to why he should pretend not to know of Wu Duo’s identity.

"It doesn’t matter whether we are Berserkers or Shamans in the Land of South Morning. When the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands arrives… how many people will survive..?" Su Ming sighed. Compared to the battle at hand, this matter was still rather far away, and now was not the time to think such heavy thoughts.

Once he calmed himself down, muffled rumbles and an endless clatter of battle from the direction of Sky Mist City fell into his ears. A glint appeared in his eyes and he took a leap before charging towards the end of the sky. Standing high in the sky, he looked at Sky Mist City. What he saw shocked him.

Su Ming saw a familiar, endless mountain range that looked like a tall wall had been erected on even ground. As it lay on the land, the mountain range looked like a wall, and that was the reason why it was known as the Barrier by the Berserkers in the Land of South Morning!

Yet from Su Ming’s position, that wall was like two black dragons that were using their bodies to form a ring around the land belonging to the Berserkers in the Land of South Morning, protecting it within.

The spot where the two black dragons’ heads met was Su Ming’s destination. The name for that spot on the wall was… Sky Mist City!

It was a gigantic city that was built right on top of Sky Mist Barrier. Its tall walls were like a huge lock that had locked up Sky Mist Barrier, causing the Shamans to at most be able to get a few people into the land of the Berserkers. Yet for the entire Shaman Tribe, this was a giant gate that could not be crossed over.

The wall was majestic, and the top of it was about hundreds of thousands of feet above the ground. The world around the wall was also filled with distortions, and the distorted ripples were incessantly spreading out. It was as if the sky was using this place as the border. On one side was the sky belonging to the Shamans, and on the other was the sky belonging to the Berserkers. These two connected skies would never be able to fuse together with each other!

Strangely though, the sky of the Berserkers spanning tens of thousands of lis was clear, but the sky belonging to the Shamans was dark, with clouds tumbling about like thick smoke.

Right on top of the city were two gigantic beast heads stretching from the two opposite sides of Sky Mist Barrier, causing the absentminded feeling Su Ming had earlier to start becoming real.

This was an entirely brown city. Perhaps it had been white many years ago, or perhaps it could have even been black. If it had been white, then the brown hue on the city could only mean that it had been dyed by years of dried blood. If it was black, then it was still dyed brown by the same reason. Over the many years, a large amount of blood had seeped through the walls, turning those black walls to brown!

On both sides of the city were three rather small subordinate cities. Together, these seven cities made up most of Sky Mist City!

It only made up most of Sky Mist City because there was another city built 100,000 feet outside Sky Mist Barrier, right in the land of the Shamans!

That city was similarly tall, similarly awe-inspiring, similarly majestic, but this time, its color was completely blood-red!

Right in the middle between the two cities was a city wall about several hundreds of thousands of feet tall connecting them together to form a tunnel. That wall shone with a brilliant light and was incredibly sturdy! But that was not all. There were eighteen towering statues outside Sky Mist City. Each of the statues were hundreds of thousands of feet tall, and all of them looked different from each other as they stood tall on the ground.

No one would believe that the statues in the place were mere decorations. At that moment, right in Su Ming’s eyes, he seemed to have seen four of the eighteen statues glowing with a strange dark light before they started moving slowly.

Their large bodies were filled with a presence that could strike terror in people’s hearts, especially when they started moving like giants on the ground. With his own eyes, Su Ming saw one of the statues flinging the long whip in its hand. That whip was clearly made of stone, but as it flung out, it moved like a long snake. It let out a snap in the air and brought with it a large amount of blood and flesh.

Besides Sky Mist City, Su Ming also saw a gigantic sword floating in the air not too far from the city, on the land of the Shamans. The pressure formed by the sword made the air in the area twist. On the edge of the sword was a large amount of small white dots. There also seemed to be a gust of chilling air spreading out from the sword.

As he was rather far from the sword, Su Ming could only see that there were a lot of people standing on that sword that was 100,000 feet in size. There were even some who flew off it…

There was also an object that was just as large in another direction beyond Sky Mist City. It was a gigantic mirror. Its surface was turned towards the ground, and there were many people standing on its back.

The air around the mirror was not distorted, but there was an illusionary sea around it that was letting out the sounds of crashing waves.

The sword was Frozen Ice Sky belonging to Freezing Sky Clan, while that mirror… belonged to Western Sea Clan!

This was what Su Ming saw. This was all that belonged to the Berserkers and Sky Mist City!

Yet in his eyes, the distance before him was not occupied only by Berserkers. There were also… a countless number… of Shamans! So numerous and densely packed were they that even if Su Ming stood high in the sky, it was still difficult for him to see the end to them!

He saw Shamans riding on birds with giant wings, charging towards the city from the skies. Shamans like these covered the sky and earth, and they numbered to tens of thousands.

There were also Shamans who stood on long fishes shaped like swords. As they flew forward, their hair floated behind their heads, and they brought with them an arrogance filled with a murderous aura. They, too, numbered to nearly 100,000!

There were several thousands of Shamans standing on gigantic ferocious beasts about thousands of feet in size that could fly in the sky. Their appearances were different, their clothes were different, but they were also filled with an endless amount of brutality towards the Berserkers.

There were also dozens of ferocious beasts about 100,000 feet in size roaring as if they were the rulers of the skies. Every single time they moved forward, they would cause a tear in the air that would recover in the blink of an eye.

And… right at the end, Su Ming saw two of the Shamans’ sacred beasts. They were both about 100,000 feet in size. One of them was enveloped in flames and was a gigantic Kirin like beast. There were flames in its eyes as it stared at Sky Mist City. A man with long, flaming-red hair stood on its head. That man had his hands behind his back and simply allowed the wind to mess up his hair as he stared into the distance coldly.

The other sacred beast was a scorpion that was just as large. That scorpion was entirely green, and the area around it was also dyed in green. There was a Shaman standing on its back as well, and it was an old woman!

That was not all. There were a lot more Shamans standing on the ground that numbered to more than 100,000. They rode on ferocious black beasts that bounded through the ground. The creatures looked like leopards but were thin as a stick. However, they did not give others a feeling that they were weak. They simply looked as if they were born that way.

They charged, roaring, towards Sky Mist at high speed.

Behind them, the earth trembled, and there was another type of beast on land that numbered to nearly 100,000, charging forward. Then behind them, Su Ming saw thousands of giants that were several thousands of feet tall. These giants only had one arm that grew out of their chest. They did not have heads, but on the palm attached to their arm was a single eye that sparkled brilliantly.

There was not one but seven to eight Shamans standing on them!

There were many more Shamans that did not possess any ferocious beasts behind those giants. However, their cries for murder shook the skies as they dashed and leaped towards Sky Mist City!

And right at the end, Su Ming saw something that shocked him to the core - another gigantic beast 100,000 feet in size!

That creature did not fly but was sitting on the ground. Its face was that of a giant python and its cold eyes sparkled. A young man sat on top of its head. That young man wore a long robe and had long hair. His face was like that of a woman’s. He looked incredibly beautiful, but there was a ghastly smile on his lips.

And even that wasn’t all Su Ming saw. Right behind the three beasts that were 100,000 feet in size, as the endless amount of dark clouds tumbled about like a layer of black fog, he saw the Mackerel Pike that had once shocked him to the core!

It used the sky as its sea and leaped onto the shore. Its gargantuan body was hidden within the sea of clouds, and its size could no longer be measured by feet, only by li!

The thrums Su Ming and Wu Duo heard previously, the sound that was familiar to Su Ming, came from that Mackerel Pike.

There was a woman on that fish. The woman’s face could not be seen, but when the Mackerel Pike leaped out of the sky, her elegant figure could be seen through the sea of clouds…

Su Ming was shocked by the battlefield right before his eyes. This was the first time he saw such a large scale battle. This sort of shocking impact to his mind made him feel as if he was about to suffocate.

After a long while, a glint appeared in his eyes and he took a step forward, turning into a long arc that charged towards Sky Mist City!

He would join the battle!

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