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Su Ming’s speed reached an unbelievable pace in an instant. You Lin had always thought that while his arrow might not be the fastest in his tribe, but it was definitely much faster than a Berserker.

If the person he wanted to kill had the ability to dodge the arrow himself, then he would have a possibility of dodging the arrow during the entire process the arrow was shot from the bow.

However, if the person did not have the ability to do so and required outside assistance, then when he shot that arrow, he was confident no one would be able to save him at that instant!

When he saw Su Ming’s actions, besides the thought that appeared in You Lin’s head, there was only derision and condescendence.

Yet just as he started mocking Su Ming in his head, that derision instantly froze and was replaced by disbelief and shock!

In You Lin’s eyes, when Su Ming took that one step forward, two figures appeared. One of them maintained the action of when Su Ming took that one step, while the other shockingly appeared right before Hu Zi, and the moment that figure appeared, the arrow also closed in!

With his own eyes, You Lin saw that young man with the monstrous murderous aura in his right eye and the calmness in his left eye lifting his right hand and drawing a line. He did it as if he was drawing a picture in the direction of the approaching arrow and the ferocious Phantom Shadow formed by the blue aura.

With that one stroke, it was as if the entire world disappeared in You Lin’s eyes. The only thing left was that one line, its trajectory, and the arc formed when the youth’s finger drew that line.

It was as if that trajectory had opened the gate connecting the sky and earth. During that instant, the sky and earth fused together. During that instant, the weather changed, and that one single instant turned into a moment that seemed like it would exist for eternity!

With that one line, Su Ming’s finger slashed through the approaching arrow, and that arrow turned into two halves without a sound. The moment it split, cracks started appearing on those two halves inch by inch before they turned into dust!

As that finger fell, grief spread out and filled the hearts of all those watching! It made You Lin’s eyes turn blank and vacant. His body trembled and he started crying tears of blood. Blood flowed out of the corners of his lips and a roar rang in his mind. That grief, that sorrow which seemed to have come from the depths of his heart seemed to have surpassed the limits of what his body could take. It was as if he was being crushed by the world, being rejected by the world itself.

The moment Su Ming’s finger fell, the faint voice he’d heard when he was in the land of the Shamans spoke once again. This time, it did not stay in his heart but spread out. The aged voice spoke to everyone in the endless land.

"The place where I was born still did things according to the laws of the universe…

"When I was born, the Berserkers had weakened…

"If the heavens are heartless, then we will all be separated…

"The earth was heartless, and it made my Dark Mountain die…

"When war begins, the moon will shatter into millions of pieces…

"The roads leading to our homes will become unfamiliar to us, and we will grieve…

Su Ming lifted his head. His body was within the second shadow in the distance. As that shadow disappeared and he lifted his head, that one line of his destroyed the arrow as it slashed through the blue Phantom Shadow.

The Phantom Shadow let out a piercing scream as if it was letting out a cry of despair before it died, as if it had just discovered something that threw it into disbelief. It struggled as if it wanted to retreat, and as it did so, a pleading look for mercy, panic, and absolute terror could be seen on its face!

However, when Su Ming’s finger slashed past the Phantom Shadow, those expressions disappeared and scattered into the wind along with its body…

The Phantom died!

Almost the moment Su Ming drew that line and in turn crushed the arrow and destroyed the Phantom, one man walked swiftly past the three people kneeling in the ice house in the middle section of Northern Frontier Tribe.

That person was short and looked like a child, but his face had a boorish quality to it. Perhaps it was due to his height, but his hair was so long that it dragged on the floor.

"God of Berserkers Transformation!" A serious look appeared on the person’s face. "Bring me my bow," the short man stated languidly.

At the same time, in the quiet later section of Northern Frontier Tribe, some of the auras in the ice houses suddenly started moving with a rumble. It was as if they were drawn out by Su Ming’s line and moved like a gigantic wave that appeared on calm water.

You Lin’s face was pale where he stood on the battlefield. He staggered backwards and coughed out a mouthful of blood. His hand which held the bow trembled viciously. Blood lines also appeared in his eyes, yet the appearance of those blood lines could not give him the anger he needed to motivate him. They could only hold an endless amount of terror and shock.

Almost at the instant he staggered backwards, he saw Su Ming lifting his head to look at him. That gaze radiated mercilessness, and… a chill that could freeze bones!

This was the final gaze and the final scene You Lin ever saw in his life. A green figure walked out from behind him and swept his cold hands across his neck gently; then those hands brought with them… a human head gushing with blood!

Second senior brother carried You Lin’s head in his hand, and with a gentle expression, he looked towards Su Ming. As he did so, a smile curled up on his lips and admiration appeared on his face.

"Let him sleep. He won’t be harmed over here." While speaking, second senior brother averted his gaze from Hu Zi’s body and turned to look at the deeper parts of Northern Frontier. "Youngest junior brother, have you given a name for that line of yours?"

"Not yet," Su Ming replied softly.

"Then call it Berserker Obliteration…"

Su Ming remained silent for a moment, then nodded his head.

"I look forward to the day you complete Berserker Obliteration and play the full piece with the xun…"

As second senior brother spoke with Su Ming, the two of them turned into long arcs and charged into the deeper parts of Northern Frontier Tribe. No one dared to stop them as they passed through. Even the remaining Berserkers scattered here and there retreated, allowing Su Ming and his second senior brother to be able to travel faster.

After a moment, they arrived at the border between the front and middle sections of Northern Frontier Tribe. Over there, they saw the middle section lying just 10,000 feet away, and that section belonged to Phantom Dais Tribe!

They also saw three middle-aged men looking at them coldly from one particular ice house within the tribe. They lifted the bows in their hands and blue aura surrounded them as Phantom howls echoed in the air. Behind the three men was a short man who held a bow that was about half his size!

That man stabbed that bow onto the ground and grabbed the bowstring. As he drew it out, thick black aura grew from the string, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into a savage, malicious Phantom in midair, roaring at Su Ming.

Before it finished roaring, a dozen people appeared from within the middle section of the tribe. All of them had different lengths of hair, and with their hands, they began drawing out the bows they held!

A fierce killing intent gathered swiftly in the air!

"Second senior brother, I have a second Style after Berserker Obliteration… Please help me name it as well." While speaking, Su Ming took a step forward.

The moment he took that one step, his body appeared 500 feet away from where he was previously. His speed was so quick it was indescribable. The instant he did so, one of the eight ice hoops on his legs exploded with a bang!

His speed increased explosively!

The explosion of the ice hoop made shock appear on second senior brother’s face.

"Youngest junior brother was actually… wearing those things?!"

The breaking of the first ice hoop made Su Ming’s entire body instantly feel as if a large weight had been lifted. The moment he felt as if his body had abruptly become lighter, he crossed another 1,000 feet in the time he he had previously taken to cross 500 feet.

When he crossed that distance, the others could no longer see Su Ming, they could only see an afterimage warping to the end of those 1,000 feet.

By that time, most of the Phantom Dais tribe members in the middle section had only started drawing their bows. Su Ming’s astonishing speed made Zhuo Ge’s short older brother’s pupils shrink. Shock appeared on the faces of the three people before him.

"This speed…"

Before the short man could finish uttering his words, which had come out of lips instinctively, banging sounds rang once again around Su Ming’s body. Almost the second he crossed those 1,000 feet, another two ice hoops on his legs exploded.

There were only five ice hoops left on his person. His speed became even quicker, and in an instant, he crossed a few hundred feet and rushed towards the short man with the big bow.

The short man widened his eyes and let out a low roar. "Shoot him!"

In the wake of that roar, arrows sliced through the air and charged towards Su Ming!

But just as the arrows left the bowstrings and flew into the air at incredible speeds, banging sounds once again came from Su Ming’s feet. Three more ice hoops exploded simultaneously!

At that moment, he only had two ice hoops on his person. Yet even so, his speed had reached a terrifying level. In just an instant, Su Ming crossed 5,000 feet as if he flew through time itself, as if he passed through space, and as if he had just turned those 5,000 feet into an inch!

Right then, the world before Su Ming’s eyes seemed to have slowed down. Those arrows also slowed down to a pace that was even slower than an arrow shot by a normal person. Those arrows may have seemed to have passed through Su Ming, but in truth, they only shot through his afterimage!

Not only did the arrows slow down, even the actions of the three middle-aged men before him letting go of the bowstrings in their hands also slowed down. In fact, even though Su Ming was already standing before these three people, their eyes did not seem to have seen him. It was as if Su Ming was invisible and the three of them were still looking into the distance...

...Right until the moment Su Ming lifted his right hand and pushed forward!

When he pressed forward, his palm seemed to have struck air, but the skin of the three people before him sank down, their hair flew up slowly, and their bodies started trembling.

Su Ming did not stop. He hurled another punch towards the air!

That one punch caused the three people to cough fresh blood and let go of the bowstrings, causing the three arrows to change direction and lose their accuracy.

Finally, Su Ming lifted his right hand, unfurled his fist, then tapped at the air with one finger!

When his finger landed in the air, the heads of the three middle-aged men who were gambling just now exploded. Only at the moment of their deaths did Su Ming’s reflection appear in their eyes, and that was the end of their lives.

‘So uncle master Bai’s palm strike, punch, and tap… can be done at extreme speeds…’ Su Ming understood then.

et the instant those three people died and the world’s speed returned to normal, a black arrow suddenly appeared right in Su Ming’s line of vision, then once it sent the three people’s flesh and blood flying into the sky, it shot through and charged towards him!

There were ferocious and malicious Phantoms howling on the black arrow. Coming from behind that arrow was the short man’s killing intent, and hidden underneath that killing intent was his shock and alarm. Still caught in his shock, the short man felt a faint gust of wind blowing towards him from the cold sky above him...

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