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Where did the wind come from?

The wind started from this place itself!

Su Ming’s expression was calm besides the murderous aura in his right eye. At the moment the black arrow and the ferocious Phantom Shadow on it closed in on him, the final two ice hoops on his body exploded!

Six of the eight ice hoops had shattered while he was on the way there. Every single time one of them was destroyed, Su Ming’s speed would exceed his previous state’s and would raise once again in an inconceivable fashion. At that moment, when the final two ice hoops broke in succession, in Su Ming’s eyes, be it the black arrow or the Phantom Shadow formed by the black aura, or even the Phantom Dais tribe members that appeared around him in the middle section of Northern Frontier Tribe, all of these things seemed to have come to a standstill.

The black arrow seemed to have frozen in the sky and looked as if it did not even move. The only thing that seemed to be moving in the entire world was Su Ming’s body. He moved forward and walked past the black arrow, past the ferocious Phantom Shadow, and arrived before Zhuo Ge’s older brother.

This was a powerful Berserker with power equal to those in the Bone Sacrifice Realm. Even if he was not in the later stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm, judging by how thick the black aura was on the arrow he shot, it could be determined that his power was around the peak of the initial stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm. If he wanted to, he could arrive at the middle stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm any time he wanted.

However, this person was not the strongest person Su Ming had ever defeated!

He walked past this person and the Virescent Light Sword in his right hand glowed before it sliced through the short man’s neck.

When Su Ming delivered that slash and stood behind the short man, at that moment, it was as if the world returned to normal. It changed abruptly back from that frozen state, and a shrill cry came from behind Su Ming, followed by the sound of a corpse falling to the ground and an arrow shooting into the sky. Within the whistle of that arrow was also the wretched shriek of the malicious Phantom who also died because its Host passing away.

There were many other sounds mixed within, and they all came from the Phantom Dais tribe members in the middle section of Northern Frontier Tribe. Those were the sounds of them drawing their bows and shooting their arrows. At that moment, those arrows let out whistling sounds as they sliced through the air and fell to the ground.

Su Ming was so quick that he managed to kill three people in a go, followed by another kill, and all of this happened in the span of an arrow being shot. When the arrows flew into the sky, he took his first step, and they only fell to the ground when he had stopped.

Su Ming’s face was slightly pale, but his expression was calm, save the glint from the murderous aura in his right eye. He looked around his surroundings and at all the Phantom Dais tribe members who were looking at him with shock and horrified surprise on their faces.

When these Phantom Dais tribe members looked at Su Ming, disbelief and shock could be seen in their eyes. They did not see just how Su Ming had managed to kill those four people.

They only saw him taking one step 10,000 feet away. When that step landed, he was already standing at the spot he was now, and lying closest to his back were those three people whose bodies were completely mangled, and their arrows were broken while their Phantoms destroyed!

Then slightly further away was the brother of Zhuo Ge. That Black Arrow Berserker seemed as if he could not even resist before his head flew into the air and his Phantom Shadow died with a wretched screech!

Su Ming’s speed had surpassed everyone’s imagination, causing them to be unable to believe what they just saw. Only their hearts remained pounding increasingly faster against their chest, which then turned into nervousness and fear. At that moment, silence fell upon the area.

Ten thousand feet away, second senior brother also widened his eyes. He took a deep breath after a long while, and when he looked at Su Ming, his gaze was filled with praise and shock. He had watched Su Ming move during the entire process, but even so, when Su Ming killed the short man at the end, he too had lost sight of him for an instant.

This could only mean that Su Ming’s speed at that instant had surpassed second senior brother’s senses. If his speed was quicker and he could disappear for a long time from a powerful warrior’s sight, then he would also become a powerful warrior!

He was a gust of wind. A gust of wind that people could only feel blowing against their faces but could not see!

When Su Ming’s gaze swept through all the Phantom Dais tribe members around him in the middle section of Northern Frontier Tribe, all the faces of those who had fallen into his line of vision were instantly drained of blood, and rumbling sounds echoed in their heads.

It was as if Su Ming’s gaze contained numerous sharp swords that could pierce through their eyes and crash into their souls, leaving behind a deep brand. That brand was a feeling of powerlessness that made them feel as if they could not resist, as if the person before them was someone they could not hope to win against.

With this feeling in their hearts, under Su Ming’s gaze, and as their hearts raced even more quickly in their chests, those whom had fallen into Su Ming’s line of vision as he swept his gaze through the area instinctively knelt down before him. They placed the bows in their hands next to their legs, wrapped their arms around their chests, and lowered their heads.

When Su Ming’s gaze swept past all the people in the area, all of them, no matter the length of their hair or whether they were a Berserker or a normal person, knelt down and worshipped him.

"The second Style is like a moment that only lasts for an instant, and during that moment, all ghosts and phantoms are destroyed. It is a power that is incomparable… How about naming it Phantom Flash?" second senior brother asked gently as he walked towards Su Ming.

"Phantom Flash… Alright!"

Su Ming nodded his head, his face growing somewhat pale. The speed just now was already his limit. When the final two ice hoops exploded, he sensed that the speed had slightly surpassed what his body could bear. If it was not because he had been training his physical body for the past few months, then it was highly likely that he would have been torn to shreds under that astonishing speed.

"However, youngest junior brother… that Style may be stunning, but… it’s still lacking." Second senior brother walked towards Su Ming slowly, and when he was behind him, he cast a glance at the ground, specifically at the short man’s corpse, who had his head separated from his body.

"It might not be accurate for me to say that it’s lacking. After all, you’re the one who Created it… but I think, when you’re traveling in that speed, your observational skills fall." As second senior brother spoke, a glint appeared in his eyes, and instantly, a large amount of grass appeared out of nowhere around the short man’s corpse.

"You’re recovering, I see…"

The instant second senior brother’s words were said, the short man’s head started melting and turned into an innumerable amount of black bugs that spread out on the ground. The corpse did the same thing and turned into numerous black bugs. As they filled the entire ground, these black bugs let out a piercing screech and flew into the sky simultaneously.

Yet the moment they flew up, the grass on the ground also shot up and ensnared them. The black bugs moved about incessantly, trying to escape from the grass, but it was clear they would not succeed.

Su Ming lifted his head and looked at the black bugs in the sky. His gaze turned cold.

"My Creation is unlike Third’s when he Enters Dream. It’s also largely different from the Pictures you Draw… My Creation is that of seeking Death when walking the path of Life… just like how day searches for night…"

While speaking, second senior brother lowered his head to look at his left hand before he slowly lifted it and seized the air in the direction of the bugs that were trying to escape from the grass in the sky.

The moment he did so, the grass that had ensnared the bugs turned brown as if having lost all its life force, as if it was a flower in spring that rapidly withered away under autumn wind.

Yet the moment it withered away, that loss of life seemed to spread and covered the black bugs. When second senior brother lowered his hand, those black bugs fell from the sky and crashed into a mangled heap of flesh on the ground. When all the bugs fell, they did not remain as the carcasses of those bugs but transformed back into the short man’s corpse.

"When you use Phantom Flash next time, don’t cast your attention on your surroundings. Focus on the enemy you want to kill and observe his life… See whether it is still there or whether it is hidden… If you’re not certain, then remember one thing: Always treat it as if he is still alive and kill him again, maybe twice, or even more." As second senior brother spoke, he moved to the side of the mass of flesh, lifted his foot, and started stomping on it.

His expression was still gentle, and it was a huge contrast to what he was doing at the moment.

"Now, he’s truly dead. Absolutely, and without a doubt, dead!" second senior brother said softly, lifting his head with a smile towards Su Ming.

His actions made the Phantom Dais tribe members who were gathered around them feel an endless chill creeping up their hearts. Right then, to them, this man who had been smiling all this while was even more terrifying than Su Ming.

This terror did not come from his power but from his actions!

Su Ming was silent for a moment, then nodded deeply.

"Let’s go and see just how many people will come out to stop us in the later section of Northern Frontier Tribe." Second senior brother smiled and patted Su Ming’s shoulder. There was still a look of praise in his eyes.

Su Ming was just about to follow him, but the moment he lifted his foot, his body trembled, and he lifted his head to look towards his second senior brother standing by his side. He saw a hint of paleness appearing on his second senior brother’s smiling face.

"Second senior brother …" Su Ming opened his mouth, about to say something more.

"It’s fine. I’m your senior brother, this is what I should do. Let’s go." Second senior brother shook his head and smiled before he moved forward.

Su Ming stared at his second senior brother blankly, and warm affection appeared in his eyes. Just now, when his second senior brother patted his shoulder, he clearly felt a surge of warmth traveling from second senior brother’s hand into his body. That warmth circulated through him once and turned into an abundance of life force. This life force was like a powerful medicinal pill that almost entirely healed the injuries Su Ming’s body had sustained due to that unbelievable speed.

Yet it was clear that this was not an easy task for second senior brother to do either!

The kindness of the Sect was carved into Su Ming’s heart. For all eternity, he would never forget… the ninth summit!

As the two of them moved forward, no one tried to stop them anymore. The Phantom Dais tribe members around them simply watched Su Ming and second senior brother walking further into the distance. Gradually, they arrived at the later section of Northern Frontier Tribe built on the snow plain.

What was revealed before Su Ming and second senior brother were the quiet ice houses located at the very end of the tribe, along with the black leaved tree at the edge of the snow plains, and the house underneath that tree.

"Phantom Dais Tribe… lives up to its name. Youngest junior brother, there are about a hundred people living within the ice houses in this area, and there are about a dozen of them whose power is equivalent to those in the Bone Sacrifice Realm." Second senior brother swept his gaze across those ice houses, then smiled at Su Ming before he lifted his head to look at the weather.

"Youngest junior brother, it’s dark now…" The moment those words left second senior brother’s lips, his previously gentle demeanor changed so drastically it was as if heaven was overturned!

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