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Right at the end of the hundreds of houses was the end of the snow plains, a cliff with an abyss underneath, stretching hundreds of thousands of feet downwards. The cliff was dyed white by snow, and at the edge of it was an ice house. There was a big white tree with black leaves next to it. There were cracks on the tree trunk that grouped together to form a human face with his eyes closed.

Underneath the cliff was the other part of Northern Frontier Tribe!

If anyone stood at the edge of the cliff and looked down, they would see that the other part of Northern Frontier Tribe below the cliff was actually a city!

In truth, while the people staying at the front section may be Northern Frontier tribe members, they were not part of Phantom Dais Tribe! This was something not even Bai Su knew!

The ones staying there were other tribes that were forced to surrender to the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky when the tribe became powerful in the past. They merged with Phantom Dais, and that was how Northern Frontier was formed.

In truth, there were blood descendents from several tribes within Northern Frontier Tribe. Among them, Phantom Dais was the strongest, that was why Phantom Dais was in control of the tribe. Since the past, all the Elders who were chosen also came from Phantom Dais.

Even if the distinction between the different blood lines have faded, but under the might of Phantom Dais Tribe, those who were not from Phantom Dais Tribe could only stay at the front of the tribe. This was related to the customs of Phantom Dais. They believed that those who stayed in front were subordinates, and only those who stayed at the back were the masters.

At that moment, at the forefront of Northern Frontier Tribe, the tribal land that stretched out hundreds of thousands of feet, stood a middle-aged man with a ghastly expression and hair that reached his waist. He wore clothes made of beast skins and held a bow made of bone. Blue aura surrounded that bow, and a faint black thread could be seen within that blue aura.

Behind him were nearly 100 Northern Frontier tribe members standing in silence. However, these people did not have bows in their hands because they were not from Phantom Dais Tribe!

Yet they still listened to the man with the bow. Within Northern Frontier Tribe, those who could obtain bows were worthy of respect.

The middle-aged man’s gaze was like lightning when he looked at Su Ming and the other two fighting with another batch of dozens of Northern Frontier Berserkers tens of thousands of feet away. A scornful and condescending sneer appeared on his lips.

"If it wasn’t because the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky used a despicable method to win, then Freezing Sky Clan would be known as Phantom Dais Clan right now," the man said in a chilling voice. The blue aura in the bow in his hands coiled up as if it was responding to his words.

"Sir You Lin, they’re looking for Zhuo Ge…" a man from Northern Frontier Tribe standing beside the middle-aged man said in a low voice.

"Are you saying that since they’re looking for people of Phantom Dais Tribe, that’s why your people don’t have to fight against them?" the middle aged man asked coldly as he turned around and stared at the man.

It was clear that the man’s status was also quite high, yet under You Lin’s gaze, especially when he saw the blue aura around the bow in his hand turning into a Phantom Shadow and opening its mouth to howl soundlessly, sweat gradually beaded on the man’s forehead.

He lowered his head.

"I wouldn’t dare…"

"If you don’t dare, then shut up!" You Lin’s gaze turned colder.

"But… sir!" The man gritted his teeth, then lifted his head swiftly and looked at You Lin.

"With your power and your Phantom, if you act now, then fewer of my tribesmen will have to die! And these aren’t just my thoughts alone, the other tribes have the same thoughts."

The man’s heart pounded against his chest. If it was not because he saw many of his tribe’s Berserkers dying and he felt his heart aching in pain for them, he would definitely not have said that.

You Lin stared at the man. After a long while, a cold sneer appeared on his lips. He lifted his right hand and patted the man’s shoulders.

"You’re right! It’s about time this farce ended!" With his right hand raised, You Lin pointed at Su Ming and the others.

"All warriors of the tribes in Northern Frontier Tribe’s front get together and take the heads of those three people there. Anyone who doesn’t go will be considered a traitor and be punished accordingly!"

"Sir!" The man froze momentarily, then frowned.

"Do it, or die." You Lin narrowed his eyes and killing intent appeared within them.

The man fell silent, then gritted his teeth and let out a low growl before he bounded forward and charged towards the battleground tens of thousands of feet away. Behind him, the other Northern Frontier tribe members that numbered to nearly a hundred rushed out in silence. These people charged towards Su Ming and the others like a billowing tidal wave.

At the same time, low growls echoed in the front section of Northern Frontier Tribe.

More Berserkers turned into mere shadows and stormed towards Su Ming and the other two!

When almost all of the Berserkers within the front section of Northern Frontier Tribe rushed out, You Lin licked his lips and watched the sight.

"Kill as much as you want. This is a rare chance. This time, perhaps my Phantom will get enough blood and complete the second transformation…"

At the Northern Frontier Gate, Su Ming, Hu Zi, and second senior brother traveled about like three long arcs. All those who tried to stop them in their path died. Behind them, the ground was covered in grass. Besides blood, there were also dozens of corpses lying on the grass.

Hu Zi had already killed until he went into a frenzy. As he drank, he swung his axe. On his body, there seemed to be an unknown number of layers of invisible armor. Right then, as he fought right in front of the three of them, he howled, and completely ignored the blows landing on his body.

Second senior brother employed a more gentle method. He did not do something as gruesome as Hu Zi, but there was also practically no need for him to act. Most of the time, before anyone could even get close to him, they would turn into human plants and die.

Over at Su Ming’s side, the murderous aura in his right eye was thick, and a layer of lightning swam around him. Anyone who touched that lightning would find themselves freezing for a moment, and what awaited those people would be their heads flying in the air.

The small virescent sword in Su Ming’s hand continued dripping with fresh blood. Even if Su Ming had his eyes closed, he could still sense what was happening around him with his divine sense. Even as he moved forward, he could still observe what was happening to Hu Zi and his second senior brother. There was a relaxed air coming from his calm demeanor.

"Second senior brother, the people here aren’t from Phantom Dais Tribe…" Su Ming said languidly, walking forward.

"If the people of Phantom Dais Tribe refuse to come out, then we will slaughter until they come out." Second senior brother smiled and moved forward.

Su Ming and his two senior brothers continued with the slaughter and almost entered the front section of Northern Frontier Tribe when, suddenly, roars traveled forth, and more than one hundred Berserkers charged towards them from up ahead.

There were seven people leading the charge, and all of them held power that would not lose to Zi Che. When they got closer, they looked like a swarm that had covered the sky and earth under the light from the dark sky.

With his divine sense, Su Ming immediately noticed a person looking towards them from several tens of thousands of feet behind the incoming people. That person had a cruel smirk on his face and held a big bow in his hand. His hair was so long that it reached his waist!

Right at the instant these one hundred or so Berserkers charged towards them, a glare appeared in second senior brother’s eyes. He was just about to move forward when Su Ming also lifted his foot and Han Mountain Bell began faintly forming behind him.

Far too many things happened at that instant.

The Berserkers charged forward madly, and in the distance, anticipation and eagerness appeared in You Lin’s eyes. The blue aura around the bow in his hand started swaying fiercely, and turned into the Phantom Shadow. Within its eyes were greed and bloodlust.

The seven people at the front of the charging Berserkers had unwilling looks on their faces, but they had to attack.

In the land behind Su Ming, a wisp of black smoke was charging forth, and behind that black smoke was a thin old man walking forth with his hands behind his back.

All these things froze in an instant due to one thing!

Hu Zi stood before his two brothers. Right at the moment those one hundred something Berserkers closed in, he loosened his grip on the axe. It landed with a thud on the snow. The wine gourd in his left hand no longer had any wine left, but he still placed it to his lips and seemingly drank a huge mouthful from it before he let go.

The wine gourd fell to the ground, and as it fell, Hu Zi spread his arms wide and looked at the sky.

"Enter… Dream…"

His soft first syllable soon turned into a shocking roar. That roar reverberated through the air and covered an area of 10,000 feet of the front section of Northern Frontier Tribe. As his voice echoed in the air, that wine gourd crashed into the ground with a bang.

As if it was a coincidence, when that sound rang out, Hu Zi’s eyes fell shut. Right then, an indescribable pressure swept out with his body acting as the center. A thick alcoholic scent filled the air, along with snoring sounds.

The places where the sound and alcoholic scent passed through made Su Ming widen his eyes and suck in a sharp breath. Those charging Berserkers suddenly froze, and with confused looks on their faces, they shut their eyes and fell to the ground.

At that instant, the area of 10,000 feet at the front section of Northern Frontier Tribe turned into a land where everyone was in deep sleep. Besides Su Ming and his second senior brother, all the living souls closed their eyes and fell unconscious.

"Enter… Dream…" Su Ming mumbled. He looked at Hu Zi. At that moment, Hu Zi stood on the ground with his eyes closed as if he was in deep sleep.

Second senior brother was momentarily stunned before an ecstatic look appeared on his face and he laughed heartily. "Third made it!"

Yet the moment second senior brother’s laughter left his lips, a sharp whistle that shocked the skies traveled forth from tens of thousands of feet away, bringing with it an indescribable killing intent. It was an arrow!

It was an arrow surrounded by blue aura, and as the aura floated through the air, it turned into a malicious Phantom. That malicious Phantom surrounded the arrow, and with a nigh indescribable speed, charged… towards Hu Zi!!

Every single inch of earth that the arrow passed through started cracking. All those within its path, be it the buildings or the Northern Frontier tribe members, would be destroyed abruptly. The buildings would crumble, and the living would have their flesh and skin disappear, turning into skeletons. They were all absorbed by that arrow. Like thunder, it turned into the one and only sound in the sky.

Tens of thousands of feet away, You Lin still had his hand lifted up. The bowstring he let loose was still trembling and humming. There was anger lying underneath his ferocious expression.

At that moment, everything in Su Ming’s sight became blurry. The only thing he saw was Hu Zi, who had his eyes closed, and the charging arrow. There was no communication between him and his second senior brother beside him, but the two of them seemed to have known what the other was thinking and the both of them did two completely different things!

Su Ming took one step forward, and as if piercing through air itself, he rushed towards Hu Zi.

Second senior brother also took one step forward, but he did not move towards Hu Zi. Instead… he charged towards You Lin, whose bow was still humming in the distance!

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