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Hu Zi was like a tiger jumping down a mountain. Once his feet landed on the ground, the snow there flew into the air, causing the area to look clouded, but from that indistinct view, he charged abruptly out with the giant axe now in his right hand. Su Ming had never seen that axe before. The blade was rusted in several places, but the axe’s handle was made with a beast bone.

When Hu Zi stormed out, a faint tiger’s howl that shook the skies broke through Northern Frontier Tribe’s gate!

Second senior brother held himself in an imposing manner that made him seem like a tidal wave. That one step he took had caused the earth to tremble, and as snow shot into the air, green appeared under his foot. Grass had completely covered the area over there in a bizarre fashion.

"You are far too rude. I was courteous towards you, and yet you treated me like this? You went too far this time!"

Second senior brother’s face was flushed with rage and his smile was no longer present. Moving forward, he lifted his right hand and waved it towards the people who came to stop them from entering.

When he waved his arm, green appeared on the white snow and fell on the hair and shoulders of the three people charging towards second senior brother. Snow spread through the bodies of these ferocious looking Northern Frontier tribe members.

Almost at the same moment, green grass shot out from underneath the feet of these three Northern Frontier tribe members who had rushed out, covering their bodies at a monstrous speed. When the three arrived before second senior brother, their whole bodies had already been covered by green grass and their faces were as pale as death itself. They struggled but could not move.

"Second senior brother, it’s not that they’re rude, it’s because we’re wearing hoods. No matter how polite you are to them, anyone who sees us coming will know what we want to do, so why would they bother being f*cking courteous to you?!" Hu Zi was swinging his axe not too far away, but he still did not forget to turn his head back to shout at his second senior brother.

Second senior brother was momentarily stunned and touched the hood covering his face instinctively before he shook his head and sighed deeply.

"I didn’t manage to frame Gong Sun Hu. That bugger should consider himself lucky."

Su Ming had a calm expression on his face, and only the murderous aura in his right eye was revealed. He moved forward, but without the shocking, imposing manner of his second senior brother or the domineering pressure of Hu Zi. Yet as he moved, he held a green sword in his hand, and lightning sparked at the tip of the sword.

Right before him, there were three people storming toward him. Su Ming let them. The moment he was about to cross paths with them, he suddenly increased his speed and moved away from them so quickly that he seemed to have overlapped his body with theirs for an instant when he moved past them. Immediately, blood gushed out from the three people’s necks and their heads fell to the ground.

Su Ming calmly held the sword in his hand and moved forward.

The three brothers were within Northern Frontier Tribe’s gate, right under the two giant, malicious Phantom statues. Behind them was the vast snow plain where freezing wind moaned in the air.

Before them was the large Northern Frontier Tribe whose end could not be seen. The sounds of war drums being hit reverberated through the air and traveled forth from deep within Northern Frontier Tribe. The war drums were deep and exuded an oppressive presence. It spread through the air, telling the entire tribe that they were attacked by strong enemies.

People charged out from within the tribe and stormed towards where the three brothers were. There were also quite a number of normal Northern Frontier tribe members around Su Ming and the other two.

They looked different from the normal people Su Ming had seen before. Not much fear could be seen on their faces. In fact, very few of them left in panic. At most, they retreated a little, making enough space between themselves and the attackers, before stopping still and watching the three of them coldly.

There were many people who had charged out from the tribe. With just one glance, Su Ming counted at least a few dozen of them. As they closed in, they split into three parts and stormed towards Su Ming, Hu Zi, and second senior brother.

Hu Zi grinned, took a big swig of alcohol, then took an unstable step forward. He placed the axe by his side, spread out his arms, and shouted towards the sky.

"Enter… Dream…"

His shout shook the sky and earth, and the Northern Frontier tribe members who had split into three parts were all stunned, but they were only taken aback for a moment. Snoring sounds echoed in the air, and Hu Zi fell to the side just like when Su Ming fought against Si Ma Xin, deep in sleep.

A strange look appeared on Su Ming’s face. Second senior brother sighed and moved to where Hu Zi was to kick him.

With that one kick, Hu Zi immediately opened his eyes and picked up the axe beside him with embarrassment on his face.

"Third, don’t always… enter your dreams…"

Second senior brother shook his head and walked towards the dozens of Northern Frontier people. He lifted his arms, and immediately, green appeared on his hands. He slammed them on the ground.

The snow on the ground rapidly melted and green grass rose before it started growing in a bizarre manner, turning the entire area into a plain of grass. The moment the Northern Frontier tribe members charging towards second senior brother arrived, the grass on the ground broke off from its roots and charged towards those people like arrows.

Hu Zi was angered by what had happened just now and picked up his axe to engage the dozen people charging towards him. This was the first time Su Ming witnessed Hu Zi’s valor. He did not care about pain or getting injured at all. With a terrifying force, he rushed into the crowd like a fierce tiger and started slaughtering those people.

There was one thing that caught Su Ming’s attention. Every single time Hu Zi was attacked, a light would flash and he would appear to be completely unharmed. It was as if there was a layer of invisible armor around him, causing the blows that landed on him to be painless.

Hu Zi threw his back and laughed. As he continued with his slaughter, his eyes filled with red. Eventually, he spread his arms and made the gesture as if he was about to Enter his Dream again, but right then, second senior brother let out a fake cough. Only then did Hu Zi stop.

Su Ming moved to his side. The Northern Frontier tribe members all had different levels of cultivation, but the instant they got close, lightning shot out from around Su Ming and spread swiftly in all directions. The lightning appeared too suddenly, and all the people who were enveloped in it froze momentarily.

The second they did so, Su Ming charged forth. Green light swept through his foes, and a dozen heads flew into the air in the midst of blood.

After Su Ming killed these dozen people, he lifted his head and shouted towards the deeper parts of Northern Frontier Tribe, "Zhuo Ge, come out!"

Before the echoes of his shout faded away, cracking sounds came from around Hu Zi, and a loud rumbling shot into the sky. An invisible, mirror-like thing shattered around Hu Zi’s body. The numerous invisible shards shot out in all directions from around him, causing the people who had surrounded him to fall back screaming as their bodies were shot full of holes.

"Hey, a**holes, this is your Grandpa Hu’s latest invention, the invincible armor!" Hu Zi shouted towards the sky proudly. "Zhuo Ge, come out!"

It was also at that moment that second senior brother swept away the snow on his clothes. Before him were a dozen corpses that had been pierced by grass. He lifted his head and looked towards the deeper part of Northern Frontier Tribe with a faint smile. He, too, shouted those four words.

"Zhuo Ge, come out!"

Their voices fused together and turned into a powerful sound wave that rumbled through the entire area.

The normal Northern Frontier tribe members could no longer remain unperturbed. Their expressions drastically changed.

"Bone Sacrifice! That person who used grass to kill is a powerful Berserker in the Bone Sacrifice Realm!"

"Just what is going on with that man with the axe? How could he resist so many hits? It may have seemed to explode at the end, but the ones who were injured were our tribe members!"

"There’s also the one with the green light flashing and lightning swimming around his body. His power may not be great, but he’s incredibly fast. Yet by the looks of it, he should be the weakest among the three of them!"

About 100,000 feet away from Su Ming was the middle part of Northern Frontier Tribe. There were a large amount of ice buildings over there. The faint sounds of fighting from the tribe’s gate had become much weaker when they reached that particular section.

There were numerous Northern Frontier tribe members over there, and their expressions were all aloof, as if they were unconcerned with the battle at the front of the tribe.

There was a house that was clearly much taller than the other ice houses in the middle section of Northern Frontier Tribe, and outside that house was a bonfire. Three men sat beside it.

They were three middle-aged men, and all of them had hair that reached their waists. Their hair was braided so that it would not look messy. They sat by the fire with calm expressions as their followers standing by their side roasted a small beast. At times, they would wipe some spices on the food.

"I bet they won’t be able to come here," one of the three men said calmly.

"That won’t do. Of course they won’t be able to come here. We talked about gambling time, right? I bet that within an hour, their heads will be hanging at the gate," another person said, smiling.

"Alright then. I’ll bet two hours. That person who’s good at using grass doesn’t seem too bad. He should be able to live a little longer."

"If that’s the case, I’ll bet on the time for one incense stick. Don’t forget, while the front section is occupied by those who are only affiliated to us and they don’t have any warriors from Phantom Dais Tribe, but… the one who led the team out to patrol today is You Lin.

"His power is around the same level as mine. I even heard that he already has a black thread in his Arrow Aura. His Phantom is about to go through the second transformation as well."

The three of them spoke as if they were completely unbothered by what was happening in front of their tribe. Instead, they decided to turn it into their entertainment and started betting against each other.

Yet as the three of them spoke, a dark voice traveled out from the house behind them that was clearly different from the other ice houses in the middle section of Northern Frontier Tribe.

"I bet that they can come here, and I will drink their blood and tear off their hair to give it to that useless little brother of mine, Zhuo Ge."

When that voice spoke, the bonfire in the middle of the three people dimmed a little, as if it no longer dared burn too wantonly. The three men immediately stood up and bowed towards the ice house with devout expressions tainted with zealousness.

If things were quiet in the middle section of Northern Frontier Tribe, then it was much more so for those living at the later section on the snow plains. The tribe members who could stay there were all of much higher status. Besides the sound of war drums echoing there, it was completely silent. No sound of battle reached that place.

There were hundreds of houses there, and in each of those houses, a strong presence resided.

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