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3821 All Are Simply Routines (1)

Li Moying’s first reaction was that it was impossible.

Although the clan had always wanted to find him a fiancée, but not just anyone can fall into the eyes of the Elders, at least she must be a heavenly gifted girl who can match him in identity .

Therefore, what Liu Buyan said sounded very unreliable.

Liu Buyan gloated and laughed, “Tsk tsk, you still don’t believe me? Why should I lie to you? To tell you the truth, this incident has spread throughout Amethyst Paramount Palace! We rarely leave the back mountain , that’s why we didn’t know. When I went to the East Hall this time, and I don’t know how many girls in spring are secretly thinking about their Young Master!”

Hearing this, the expression on Li Moying’s face froze immediately.

Although he really didn’t want to believe that such a thing would happen, but the manner in which Liu Buyan was speaking, it really didn’t seem like he was lying…

With a thump in his heart, he immediately turned to Huang Yueli, eagerly expressing his loyalty. “Little Li’er, don’t listen to his nonsense! How could such a thing happen! This is definitely just a rumour, only someone as unreliable as Liu Buyan would believe it…”

“So, do you think I’m an unreliable person?” Huang Yueli pursed her lips and glared at him.

Li Moying was startled, “Little Li’er, you…you don’t really believe his nonsense, do you?”

Huang Yueli snorted, and said angrily: “I’m not sure if what Senior Brother said is true or not, but I’ve only been out of the hut for a while, and I’ve already heard the news. Not only that, but someone came to ask me for your information and that’s going to be sold to these noble daughters who are going to curry favour with you!”

“What?!” Li Moying gasped!

He never expected that what Liu Buyan said was actually true!

Not only is it true, but even his little fox already knows about it…

This was simply a bolt out of the blue!

Li Moying hurried over, raised his hand to the sky, and swore, “Little Li’er, I really don’t know anything. We’ve been married for so long, how can I have any fiancée? Besides, those women look so ugly, not as good-looking as your little finger, I have such a beautiful wife in my family, how could I look at other women…”

“Then if Patriarch Li really finds you a woman who is more beautiful than my Junior Sister, will you take a closer look?” Liu Buyan interrupted him.

Li Moying froze, and shot his dagger glare immediately at him.

Liu Buyan was not afraid of him at all, and there was a smirk on the corner of his mouth, “Junior Sister, let me tell you, men usually only think with their lower bodies, look at our Young Master Li, this has revealed the truth in his heart, you better think about it…”

Li Moying was so angry that he was about to vomit blood!

He knew that as long as there was Liu Buyan, nothing good would happen!

If he had known, he should have shut him out just now, why did he let him in for? It was akin to attracting wolves into the house!

However, at this critical moment, he couldn’t care less about Liu Buyan, and immediately turned to Huang Yueli, and said pitifully, “Little Li’er, was it also because of this that you lost your temper with me just now? I swear to God, I don’t know anything, this is all the Patriarch’s wishful thinking, if I knew, I would have rejected it on the spot! You must believe me!”