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3820 Really Wronged (8)

Huang Yueli bit her lips, and quickly clarified: “We didn’t do anything! We were just talking inside!”

“You didn’t do anything, and it took you so long to come out? Isn’t that too disrespectful to Senior Brother?”

Liu Buyan raised his eyebrows, with a playful smile on the corner of his mouth, as if he understood clearly.

Huang Yueli was speechless immediately. She blamed Li Moying for being bad. Now, in her Senior Brother’s heart, her image was completely ruined!

She hastily laughed dryly, tried to pull brush it off foolishly and moved a few steps to let Liu Buyan come in.

“Senior Brother, come and take a look for Moying. His advancement this time was an accident, so I don’t know if his meridians can bear it?”

Liu Buyan turned his head to look at Li Moying, and as expected, he received several vicious dagger stares from the other party. He laughed and said, “What’s wrong with him? I’ve already said that you can’t cultivate any dual cultivation yet, so he still doesn’t listen to me?”

Having said that, he still walked up to Li Moying, “Where’s your hand? Quickly stretch it out! Asking for medical treatment, you must have a begging attitude! I’m a very busy doctor, alright? Don’t waste my time!”

Li Moying snorted coldly, if it wasn’t for reassuring his Little Li’er’s, he wouldn’t have let him take his pulse at all!

He felt that he was very good from head to toe, and the only bad thing was the part that was provoked by the little fox just now.

“Senior Brother, he is like this. He doesn’t like seeing a doctor, so don’t argue with him.” Seeing Li Moying’s cold face, Huang Yueli walked over by herself, grabbed his wrist, and handed his arm to Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan said in a dramatic manner: “Well, the veins of Young Master Li…”

He prolonged his tone on purpose, which really made Huang Yueli nervous, “How is it? What’s wrong with Moying’s pulse?”

Liu Buyan said: “It’s not right, it’s so wrong! Young people, you still need to be more restrained. If you are always so excited, you will easily have various problems when you get old, such as kidney deficiency, back pain, and…”

Liu Buyan hadn’t finished speaking when he felt an explosive profound force coming from his hand!

Even though he had been prepared for a long time and immediately let go of his hands and stepped back, he was still hit by the impact, and he took a dozen steps back before stopping.

“Don’t bother!” Li Moying said in a cold voice with displeasure.

Huang Yueli was teased by Liu Buyan, and she was speechless when her husband suddenly shot and shook her away.

“Moying, what are you doing? Senior Brother is kind enough to diagnose your pulse, so can’t you be nice to him?”

When Li Moying heard that her little fox was not on his side, he immediately became even more unhappy, “What about you? Can’t you treat me better? I’m your husband. Which side are you on?”

Liu Buyan moved his stiff wrists, with a smile on his lips, “What? Young Master Li still remembers that he is my Junior Sister’s husband? Why didn’t I hear that when I went out this time?”

Li Moying was taken aback when he heard the words, frowned slightly, and asked in puzzlement, “What do you mean?”

“What do you mean? It means…Young Master Li, you have a lot of good luck! One Li Leyun left, and a lot of other noble daughters came. I heard that the Patriarch Li has already let the news that all the girls of the right age in the family , as long as they can gain the favor of the Young Master, they can marry you, if there are too many people, even three wives and four concubines are not a problem!”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Liu Buyan, don’t try to provoke us!” Li Moying defended himself immediately.