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3822 All Are Simply Routines (2)

Looking at the anxious face of the man, Huang Yueli finally felt a little better.

Of course, it is impossible for her not to trust her husband. The two of them have experienced many kinds of ups and downs over the past few years. Naturally, it was impossible for her to have any misunderstandings because of Li Moying’s rotten peach blossoms.

However, she was still very upset that her husband was always coveted by the butterflies outside, and she will vent it when she finds an opportunity.

Seeing that Huang Yueli’s expression softened, Liu Buyan also guessed what was going on in her heart.

He quickly coughed again, “Young Master Li, do you think it’s useful for you to refuse? Patriarch Li has announced this to the outside world, but he didn’t tell you, isn’t it because he was afraid of your rejection? You can go to him now and he’ll just pretend that he doesn’t know anything!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Moying shot him a death stare yet again.

Li Moying was so depressed, Liu Buyan was intending on fighting with him to the end!

Liu Buyan smiled smugly, who told him to show off their affection every day, without any sense of public morality!

If he doesn’t punish him, he would really think that he did not have any temper because he was single!

Afraid that Huang Yueli would get angry, Li Moying immediately said: “In this case, I will make it clear to the Patriarch directly that I have already been married, and I can’t get entangled with other women, and I don’t plan to marry another woman!”

He said, turned around and walked towards the door.

Huang Yueli originally planned to drag it on a little longer, so that Li Moying would be more nervous and coax her, but who knows, in the blink of an eye, Li Moying walked out of the room directly.

Recalling what he said just now, Huang Yueli jumped up in shock and ran out to chase him.

“Moying, Moying! What are you going to do? Come back quickly!”

However, Li Moying’s attitude was very firm. Even when he heard his little fox calling from behind, he didn’t show any signs of stopping.

Huang Yueli chased after a few steps, and found that she couldn’t keep up with Li Moying’s speed!

“Damn it, after he advanced, his speed is twice as fast as before!”

However, she still has a way to stop him!

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes, stopped altogether, raised her foot and kicked a small tree by the side of the road, breaking a branch, and at the same time, said “Ouch”.

The man who was still walking quickly in front of him suddenly froze when he heard this sound, and stopped immediately.

He turned around quickly, looking very nervous, “Little Li’er, how are you doing? Did you fall somewhere?”

As soon as Li Moying turned around, she saw a slender figure suddenly rushing out from the corner and flew into his arms.

Caught off guard, he was almost thrown down.

Huang Yueli hugged him tightly, “What are you doing? You ran outside without listening to me! What? We’ve been married for a long time, and you don’t even have the patience to listen to me?”

Li Moying held her shoulders, and said in a deep voice: “I know what you mean. However, the Patriarch and the others have always hoped that I can get married soon, so even if they don’t succeed this time, they will definitely keep coming up with ideas. A new idea. In order to prevent future troubles, the best way is to make our relationship public…”

“Stop, stop!”

Huang Yueli hastily yelled to stop, “This can’t be done! You know very well that my identity is very sensitive. When I was in Medial Arch City, Li Yuntao and the others firmly opposed our affairs, and it is even more impossible for Patriarch Li to accept it.”