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3677 Amazing Skills (7)

Even though he had the gloves Huang Yueli gave him to protect his body, he let go very quickly, and he didn’t let any evil qi enter his body.

However, when he was approached by that cold breath, he still clearly felt dizzy and nauseated, and his body also faintly radiated a chill.

“This is really… so evil!”

Liu Buyan shuddered all over, and immediately straightened up.

Realising the danger of the evil qi, he didn’t dare to be negligent in the slightest, and became extra cautious when administering the needles.

He inserted the golden needles into various acupuncture points on Number 23’s body one by one. His technique was fast and accurate, and the time of contact with the golden needles was minimised as much as possible.

In fact, what he told Li Yuntao and the others was not entirely a lie.

Although he could never find a second set of golden needles in his hand, the technique he used to administer the needles was a technique passed down from generation to generation by the White Fen Clan, and he obtained it in the inheritance secret realm of the White Fen Clan.

This set of acupuncture methods was indeed used to enhance the efficacy of pills and speed up the circulation of profound energy in the meridians.

If not, Liu Buyan would not have dared to administer this treatment to people on such occasions based on his superficial knowledge of golden needle acupuncture that Liu Buyan had learned while he was in Soaring Heavens Continent.

Liu Buyan administered the needles behind the screen, while the others waited outside, all more excited and nervous than him.

Even Li Yuntao and the others stared at the screen closely, not even daring to take a deep breath, for fear of missing something.

After all, this Number 23 was the one whose illness was closest to Li Moying’s!

If Liu Buyan really has the ability to wake up Number 23, then there is a great possibility that he could wake Li Moying up!

However, half an hour passed, and there was still no sound behind the screen.

Li Yuntao frowned slightly, feeling a little uneasy in his heart. Although it was indeed time-consuming for the Spirit Medicine Master to administer the golden needles, it seems that there was no movement at all, so it doesn’t seem to be a normal thing, right?

“Qianyue, go ask…”

Li Yuntao raised his hand to call Li Qianyue, and was about to continue his words when a cry of pain suddenly came from behind the screen!

Pain, horror, and shock were mixed in this call, and it was really scary.

However, when Li Yuntao and the others heard this, their faces quickly revealed expressions of ecstasy!

“What’s the situation? Qianyue, hurry up and see if Young Master Liu has woken up the person?”

Li Qianyue nodded hurriedly, but before he could turn around, Li Yuntao suddenly stood up from his seat again, “Wait, I’d better go over and ask myself…”

However, even Li Yuntao’s movements were a step slower!

Li Shihong, who was sitting on the main seat, didn’t say a word, but he stood up impatiently, and appeared in front of the screen with a flash.

The guards on the side were all taken aback, but they didn’t react for a while.

No one expected that the Patriarch, who was usually aloof, would appear in front of them so suddenly and so eagerly!

Li Shihong was about to rush in, but the moment he walked in front of the screen, his feet suddenly stopped.

“Divine Divine Doctor Liu, I’m Li Shihong. I heard some noise just now, is patient Number 23 already awake? If you’ve finished with the acupuncture, can I come in and take a look?”

When everyone heard this, a sense of disobedience emerged in their hearts.

This was the Patriarch of the Ancient God Clan!

To be so polite to such a young Spirit Medicine Master, even a little cautious!