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3676 Amazing Skills (6)

Seeing Liu Buyan’s confident appearance, he must be particularly confident about his acupuncture techniques.

As a Spirit Medicine Master, who wouldn’t want to see it?

It’s a pity that the Cloudy Qilin Clan not only moved the screen to block Liu Buyan and patient Number 23, but also sent several cultivators to guard nearby, so that no one could see anything inside.

Elder Lu stared at the movements of the silhouettes on the screen and frowned.

“This brat actually has the skills of administering golden needles! If he can cure such a disease with acupuncture, then he isn’t ordinary! No, it’s impossible! He’s just an earth-ranked Spirit Medicine Master, so it’s impossible for him to have such a means ! Moreover, if he’s really a disciple of some kind of Divine Doctor, he would have declared his family name when he came to the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, how could he not say so until now?”

Although he found various reasons for himself in his heart and fought for a long time, he was still uneasy.

Behind the screen, there was no sound at all.

What exactly was Liu Buyan doing?

In fact, Liu Buyan was indeed administering needles to Patient Number 23. However, everyone guessed wrongly. The key to curing the disease was not his technique, but… the set of golden needles in his hand!

It was refined by Huang Yueli over these three days and nights, without sleep or rest and exhausted all her energy!

This set of golden needles was imbued with the evil qi that has been refined in Huang Yueli’s body.

Evil qi has the effect of attracting each other, and the weaker evil qi will spontaneously move towards the stronger side.

And the Number 23 cultivator in front of him was just a heaven ranked talent, and his soul was not particularly powerful. He absorbed a lot of evil qi, but he didn’t go crazy immediately, but fell into a coma. This already shows that the evil qi in the body itself was not very strong.

At least, it’s impossible to compare with what’s in Huang Yueli’s and Li Moying’s bodies.

So, if Huang Yueli came here in person, all the evil qi in Number 23 would be drawn out in less than three breaths.

Now, due to the restrictions of the competition rules, Huang Yueli could not be present in person, so she came up with this method, refined a set of golden needles, and poured her own evil qi into it to absorb the evil qi in Number 23’s dantian.

Liu Buyan originally did not believe that Huang Yueli could refine such a thing.

Even though he has witnessed Huang Yueli’s incredible skill in refining weapons countless times, the thing that Huang Yueli was going to refine now was completely unheard of!

It could be said that no such thing can be found in the entire God Realm!

It all came about based on Huang Yueli’s own ideas.

How could this be possible?

However, the two of them had no other better way, so they could only give it a try.

In the end, Huang Yueli actually made this set of golden needles!

Liu Buyan placed the jade box with seventy-two golden needles on the side of the stretcher, and gently brushed the needles with his fingers.

Immediately, he flipped his wrist, grabbed a golden needle, and stabbed it on Number 23’s forehead!

Since Number 23 was in a deep coma, he didn’t respond to the needle.

However, Liu Buyan, who was in charge of doing it, could clearly feel that when the needle tip entered the opponent’s body, a cold aura rose up from the needle point!

Liu Buyan shook his hands, and quickly released the tail of the golden needle. At the same time, the muscles on his face couldn’t help but twitch.

It turns out that that is… evil qi!

That feeling…