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3703 The Only Way (2)

Without saying anything, Liu Buyan walked directly towards the door.

“I’ll ask Patriarch Li and the others to come in, and we’ll end here first today…”

“Wait!” Huang Yueli hurriedly stopped him.

“Senior Brother, why don’t you believe me? Let’s try this one last time! I need to understand the situation in Moying’s dantian more clearly, and I can think of a solution when I go back.”

Huang Yueli’s voice was soft, and she clasped her hands together, revealing the eyes of a small animal begging.

Liu Buyan glanced back and couldn’t help breathing.

This little girl usually looks confident and takes the lead in everything. She rarely shows such a look with plea.

It has to be said that she still has a talent for being cute. With such a pitiful little expression, it was really unbearable to refuse any of her requests.

Liu Buyan’s footsteps stopped, he raised his chin, and looked at her from above, “Then…the last time!”

The pitiful expression on Huang Yueli’s face disappeared immediately, and a bright smile appeared, “Senior Brother, I knew you’re the best!”

Liu Buyan: “…”

How does he feel that he just fell into her beauty trap and was deceived!

Was it too late for him to regret it now?

The answer, of course, was too late.

As soon as Liu Buyan finished speaking, Huang Yueli immediately climbed onto Li Moying’s bed again and got into position.

“Alright, hurry up, let’s hurry up. Otherwise, Patriarch Li and the others might not be able to wait!”

Liu Buyan had no choice but to take out the whole set of golden needles again and returned to his position and sat in front of Li Moying.