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3675 Amazing Skills (5)

Liu Buyan turned to Elder Lu with a smile on his lips, “Elder Lu knows me better! He’s right, I can only refine heaven ranked pills because of my limited medicinal pill skills. So, although This medicinal pill is suitable for the symptoms, but it is really difficult for the patient to absorb all the power of the medicine…”

Hearing this, Elder Lu was taken aback, but not long after, a sneer appeared on the corner of his lips.

This brat… was really a complete idiot!

Those Spirit Medicine Masters kindly wanted to excuse him, but he was so ignorant that he went downhill without haste, and insisted on saying that the medicine’s effect is slow!

Isn’t this courting death? What is it?

He was worried that Liu Buyan would have escaped, but he didn’t expect that this brat would hit the knife’s edge by himself!

Elder Lu laughed secretly in his heart, twirled his beard, and said, “Since that’s the case, Divine Divine Doctor Liu, tell me how long it will take for the medicine to fully exert its effect? We can’t wait here forever, can we?”

Liu Buyan chuckled and said, “Elder Lu is right! Young Master Li is still waiting for us to heal him. We really can’t wait too long… then I can only make a fool of myself in front of everyone!”

“Make a fool of yourself? What do you mean?” Elder Lu frowned, unable to understand.

Liu Buyan didn’t answer him, but turned to Li Yuntao and the others on the high platform, bowed his hands and saluted them, and then said: “Several Elders, there is a secret method of golden needle acupuncture I’ve inherited which can accelerate the speed at which the medicinal effect of the pill flowing through the meridians. Hence, I would like to administer acupuncture for this patient.”

When Li Yuntao and the others heard this, their eyes lit up immediately.

The golden needle acupuncture!

This was a special skill of Spirit Medicine Masters!

Generally, those who have the ability to administer acupuncture with golden needles are all well-known Spirit Medicine Masters, because the methods of crossing acupuncture points with golden needles were all handed down from Master to apprentice, and there were basically no records kept in the classic texts.

Moreover, Liu Buyan still intended to administer acupuncture to such a patient suffering from an intractable problem, which reflects his level.

“Alright, alright! Since Divine Divine Doctor Liu has this skill, let’s be daring!” Naturally, Li Yuntao did not refuse.

Liu Buyan glanced at Elder Lu, and said again: “However, my method of crossing the acupoints with golden needles is a secret of my Master’s sect, and no one else can see it when I administer the needles…”

When Li Yuntao heard this, he hesitated for a while.

However, he also knew the rules of Spirit Medicine Masters, so he only thought about it for a while before nodding.

“Then please invite Divine Divine Doctor Liu to administer the needles behind the high platform. There is a screen to block it, so other people can’t see your technique. Do you think this will work?”

Liu Buyan nodded, “Yes.”

When he heard him agree, Li Yuntao sent two young cultivators over to carry patient Number 23 to the back of the high platform.

Liu Buyan followed closely and passed by.

The other Spirit Medicine Masters were naturally extremely curious. They stretched their necks one by one, eager to see how Liu Buyan was going to administer the needles!

Just now, many people saw that the medicinal pill that Liu Buyan gave Number 23 was just a very common heaven grade medicinal pill for clearing internal heat.

At first, everyone thought it was strange, and they always felt that this medicinal pill could not cure such a complicated disease.

Now that they think about it, it seems that the key to the cure… lies in Liu Buyan’s acupuncture!

As for enhancing the effect of the medicine, that was just an excuse.