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3674 Amazing Skills (4)

Elder Lu was not the only one who discovered this.

Some Spirit Medicine Masters even let out a soft cry of “Huh”.

Everyone watched helplessly as Liu Buyan stuffed these heaven grade pills into Number 23’s mouth, and then…

Time passed bit by bit, and everyone was waiting to see how Number 23 would react.

Seeing Liu Buyan’s calm and confident appearance, the pill he refined should be very effective, right?

But who knows, after Number 23 swallowed the medicinal pill, let alone opened his eyes, he didn’t even move his fingers. He was still lying flat on the stretcher with a lifeless expression on his face.

For a while, everyone was a little overwhelmed.

Li Yuntao and others originally placed high hopes on Liu Buyan, but the result turned out to be like this, and they couldn’t help but look at each other in blank dismay.

After Elder Lu came to his senses, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

There was no sound in the venue at this time, and his laughter suddenly sounded very harsh.

However, no one thought he was impolite, because everyone had the same thoughts as him, and they all thought that Liu Buyan’s matter…was so funny!

Elder Lu came out with a smile, and walked behind Liu Buyan, “Young Master Liu, oh no I mean Divine Doctor Liu, what are you doing? You are the number one in the first two rounds of this competition. The first one to pick, I think with your level of medical skills, curing him would just be a piece of cake!”

He stretched out his head, deliberately looked left and right, and then made an exaggerated shocked expression, “Oh, what’s going on? Why hasn’t Number 23 woke up yet? Oh, I see, for sure It’s because his condition was more serious, it will take some time to fully absorb the power of the medicine, right?”

Hearing Elder Lu’s words, some kind-hearted Spirit Medicine Masters felt that they could no longer listen.

Liu Buyan was so young, it’s not easy to get to where he was today. It can be said that he was one of the top geniuses in alchemy.

Even if he was eliminated in the last round, it cannot be said that his medical skills are not good, it can only be said that he was still too young and inexperienced!

And Elder Lu tried his best to run on Liu Buyan, anyone with a discerning eye would know that he had bad intentions!

He deliberately wanted to take this opportunity to beat this top medical genius to the ground!

“Elder Lu, aren’t you asking this question knowingly? Young Master Liu probably misdiagnosed it.”

“Inexperienced doctors may evidently misdiagnose, it’s nothing!”

“Young Master Liu is only a heaven ranked Spirit Medicine Master after all. When he reaches the next level, it will definitely be a breeze to treat these diseases.”

The Spirit Medicine Masters spoke one after another and found a way out for Liu Buyan. At the same time, some people forcibly changed the subject, saying that the competition was over, and they couldn’t wait to see Young Master Li!

Elder Lu secretly scolded these Spirit Medicine Masters as idiots, and wanted to say something more to bring the topic back.

He managed to find an opportunity to taunt Liu Buyan, so he couldn’t just let it go!

However, at this moment, Liu Buyan himself spoke up.

“Dear Divine Doctors, what are you misunderstanding? When did I say that I can’t cure patient Number 23?”


“What? What did you say?”

Everyone looked at him blankly with confused expressions, completely unable to believe what they heard just now.