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3623 Really Cried (10)

Sixteen pieces of middle-grade crystal jade was quite a fortune for ordinary cultivators.

However, for Liu Buyan, getting this little money was far from enough.

“I took it wrong? How is it possible?” The lead judge said, “This is the fee for your diagnosis and treatment. There is nothing wrong with it!”

Liu Buyan’s face darkened, “What, are you sending the beggar for this little money?”

The lead judge snorted coldly, and said: “You really think highly of yourself! You are just an earth-level Spirit Medicine Master, and the cost of seeing a doctor is so high?! If you don’t believe me, you can have a look yourself.” Take a look at the price of diagnosis and treatment hanging at the gate of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda for medicinal pill. It’s just a little guy who just started, does he really think he’s a Saint ranked Spirit Medicine Master?”

Hearing this, Huang Yueli, who was standing in the crowd, turned her head subconsciously and looked towards the entrance of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda.

Sure enough, there was an exquisite small plaque hanging there, on which was written the various fees for consultation and medicinal pills by Spirit Medicine Masters of all levels.

“I didn’t expect that the regulations of the medicinal pill would be so detailed!” Huang Yueli muttered to herself, slightly surprised.

Thinking about it, the headquarters of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, has a good idea. It is hoped that more cultivators can be treated at a standardized price.

But in fact, it was impossible to do it.

Because the number of Spirit Medicine Masters was very scarce, and ordinary people don’t know about medicinal pill techniques, if they want to treat them carefully, they must pay extra money, which must far exceed the price on the plaque.

Some saint level Spirit Medicine Masters with great reputations rarely appear in the Heaven Elixir Pagoda. If you want to invite them to see you, you can only do it by entrusting various connections and spending countless amounts of money and time.

Therefore, even if it is the earth-level Spirit Medicine Master of Arcane City’s Heaven Elixir Pagoda, it is impossible to only take this little diagnosis and treatment fee.

Most cultivators understand this truth in their hearts.

However, the lead judge said it in such a high-sounding tone, it was impossible to say that he was wrong.

After all, the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, the medicinal pill, was really stipulated this way. It’s just that there were many accidents when it was implemented. However, it was definitely impossible to say publicly about the things under the table, and it was impossible to make sense of them.

Many people thought that Liu Buyan’s actions were self-defeating.

He was determined to suffer from this loss.

Unexpectedly, Liu Buyan didn’t look back at the writing on the plaque at all. Instead, he stuffed the crystal jade back into the purse, and slapped the leading judge in the face with a wave of his hand.

Most of the Spirit Medicine Masters’ martial arts cultivation bases were not very good.

Liu Buyan’s shot was quick and accurate, he couldn’t dodge it in time, and was hit directly at the bridge of his nose.


When the hard crystal jade hit the nasal bone, not only did it hurt, but also a sore feeling came from his face immediately. The lead judge opened his mouth, and tears flowed down his face.

The cultivators in the audience all exclaimed in shock!

The lead judge also realized that his current appearance was very embarrassing, and tried hard to hold back his tears.

It’s a pity that no matter how hard he tried, it didn’t work.

Because he will cry, mainly not because the pain is unbearable, but a physiological reaction, this was simply unbearable!

“Oh, you… What’s the matter with you? It’s just a dozen or so mid-grade crystal jades, why did it make you cry?” Liu Buyan’s face gradually showed an exaggerated expression of shock.

“What do you mean? You dare to be rough to a Spirit Medicine Master!”