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3622 Really Cried (9)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations

Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

After hearing these words, the four judges were completely stunned. In the situation just now, everyone subconsciously thought that Liu Buyan treated Lu Dongfeng because he was eager to prove his medical skills and suppress them.

No one would have thought that Liu Buyan would still charge money!

No wonder he was so talkative just now, and he didn’t force them to call him Senior anymore. It turns out that he had a more vicious trick waiting here!

The leading judge’s face was blue and white, and after a while, he choked out, “What do you mean? When you took out the medicinal pill just now, you didn’t say we had to pay for it. How can you…”

Liu Buyan said coldly: “You need to pay money for seeing a doctor, and you need money to buy medicines. Do you need me to tell you about such a simple matter? Everyone is a Spirit Medicine Master. Is it like this when you usually treat others? Wow, I really respect you, you don’t even accept money?”

“This…this…” Several people were tongue-tied.

When the surrounding cultivators heard this, they all reacted one by one.

Although most people also understand that Liu Buyan just dug a hole for a few judges to jump into!

However, what Liu Buyan said was completely impeccable, making it impossible to refute.

“Yes, yes, how can you not pay for medical treatment?”

“Isn’t it? When I went to the Heaven Elixir Pagoda to ask a few Spirit Medicine Masters for medical treatment, the fees you charged for the treatment were so expensive that we ordinary cultivators would go bankrupt. How could it be your turn to renege on your bill ?”

“That’s right, you guys are so poor in medical skills, yet you still charge a high price. This young man in white has such superb medical skills, and his medication worked so well. Of course, he should charge money, and he should charge a little more!”

Relying on their own skills, the Spirit Medicine Masters of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda not only charge extremely high fees for diagnosis and treatment, but also often take advantage of the cultivator’s ignorance of the spirit medicine technique to deliberately charge exorbitant fees. Some people have long been dissatisfied.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, everyone ridiculed them, obviously speaking for Liu Buyan, but secretly complaining about Spirit Medicine Masters.

The four judges were so scolded that they couldn’t lift their heads, and their faces were extremely ugly.

The leading judge coughed heavily, and said sharply, “Enough! Who allowed you to make such a noise at the gate of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda? Shut up! When did I say I won’t pay?”

After finishing speaking, he turned to Liu Buyan, and said unwillingly: “Young Master saved our Young Master Lu, no one else can ask for this opportunity. Here, take it!”

As the lead judge said, he took out a money bag from his sleeve, and threw it at Liu Buyan in the face.

He really wanted to smash Liu Buyan’s handsome face!

Just such a suave-looking little boy, actually managed to play with all of them, Senior Spirit Medicine Masters!

Today, they really underestimated him, and they were completely tricked!

It’s a pity that the deepest wishes of the judges have absolutely no possibility of coming true.

Liu Buyan’s skill was much better than they imagined. He stretched out his hand and caught it casually.

He immediately took out the money bag and shook out the money inside in front of everyone.

“One, two, three… fourteen, fifteen, sixteen. A total of sixteen pieces of middle-grade crystal jade.”

Liu Buyan finished counting, frowned slightly, and turned to the leading judge, “Did you take the wrong money bag?”