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3624 Really Cried (11)

Seeing this scene, the other three judges were startled and angry, and could no longer hide behind the leader, so they quickly stood up and questioned Liu Buyan’s action together.

Liu Buyan blinked his eyes, and said innocently: “What do you mean by this? Violence? How can I be violent?”

“You…you threw your money bag in Doctor Chen’s face, and you said you didn’t use any violence? You’re clearly insulting him!” One Spirit Medicine Master said angrily.

Liu Buyan still looked innocent, “This…what did you say? Throwing a money bag at the face, isn’t it the etiquette among the Spirit Medicine Masters of Arcane City? This Doctor Chen just gave the money to me in the same way. As for what I did, I learned from him because I was afraid that I would not be well-mannered when I first arrived here!”


When Huang Yueli heard his ‘innocent explanation’ she almost burst out in laughter.

Her Senior Brother was also very black-bellied. Don’t simply look at the fact that he came from the lower realm, he was quite stable in front of himself and Li Moying. In fact, if you provoke him, the consequences will be very serious!

Today, these Spirit Medicine Masters provoked him, and it was regarded as their bad luck for eight lifetimes.

Huang Yueli’s smile broke the silence in the crowd.

The people who were stunned just now came to their senses now, and laughed mockingly.

Liu Buyan’s move was really amazing!


If others were rude to him, he would return it as it is!

Not only that, but he was able to act so innocent, knowing that what he said was ironic, but it was irrefutable!

Several judges blushed with anger, but there was nothing they could do.

However, what made them even more desperate was yet to come.

Liu Buyan walked under the small plaque with the price, pointed to a line of small characters on it, and said, “Actually, everyone is a colleague of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, and the method of diagnosis and treatment I just had is very simple. I’m also a bit embarrassed about the middle-grade crystal jade, but the money…forget it!”

Liu Buyan’s words surprised everyone.

Did he… feel that he had achieved his goal, and decided to accept it?

The judges and Lu Dongfeng who was lying on the stretcher all looked at him in surprise. They couldn’t believe that Liu Buyan would be so kind.

“You… What are you planning? Would you be willing not to take money?” Lu Dongfeng said in a trembling voice.

Liu Buyan smiled and said, “Does Doctor Lu have any misunderstandings about me? I said no fee for diagnosis and treatment. It’s just that I won’t charge consultation fee! But…”


He paused, and then said: “However, for the sake of everyone being a Spirit Medicine Master, consultation fee may not be charged, but you still have to pay me for the medicinal pill? It is written on the plaque that if during consultation that medicinal pills were needed as part of the treatment plan, then the medicinal pills will be charged separately. The medicinal pill which I took out just now was a saint level medicinal pill! I am just an earth-level Spirit Medicine Master, and I am very poor. I’m sure you can understand that I can’t give away such things for free.”

Upon hearing this, the faces of Lu Dongfeng and the others turned green!

They knew it! He wouldn’t be so kind!

He also said that the consultation fee for diagnosis and treatment will not be charged. It turns out that he was waiting to collect the money for the medicinal pill!

Lu Dongfeng really wanted to say that he didn’t want to take this medicinal pill at all, but Liu Buyan forced it into him. If he had known earlier that this was a saint level medicinal pill and had to pay for it, then he would rather suffer for a few more days than take it casually!

But now, he had already eaten it and his injury had healed, so it was already too late to say anything more!