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3562 Secret Inheritance (5)

Huang Yueli explained: “This is a long story, we have to start from twenty years ago…”

“Twenty years ago?” Saint Iniquitous Shadow frowned, but then he seemed to think of something, and his gaze towards Huang Yueli became deeper and sharper.

Huang Yueli nodded and continued, “Yes, twenty years ago! At that time, I was a cultivator in the lower realm, and I was hunted down by my enemies. Due to the large number of opponents, I had no choice but to explode my soul! At this time, my husband arrived, but he was one step too late after all, and could only helplessly watch me perish in front of him…!”

“My husband and I have gone through many hardships to be together. He was unwilling to be reconciled to such a result, so from an ancient manual, he found the technique left by you, Senior Iniquitous Shadow—the legendary soul splitting technique!”

Hearing this, the eyes of Saint Iniquitous Shadow suddenly shone with excitement.

Although he had guessed a moment ago, he was not as excited as hearing the news with his own ears.

“What did you say? Soul-splitting technique?? How did my skills spread to the lower realm? Forget it, this is not important, then did your husband really use the soul-splitting technique? He used the soul-splitting technique The technique saved your primordial spirit and saved you? Then what happened afterwards?”

As Saint Iniquitous Shadow spoke, he became more and more excited, and couldn’t help but rush to Huang Yueli in two or three steps.

Huang Yueli was taken aback by his eager expression, but she still nodded and said: “Yes, my husband did learn the art of splitting the soul, and gave me half of his primordial spirit. Later, we both reincarnated, we experienced a lot of things, and finally we are together again…”

Although she only briefly explained the situation at that time, recalling the scene of Li Moying tearing his soul apart for her, Huang Yueli still couldn’t help but tremble all over.

Sometimes in her dreams, the scene of the night when she saw Li Moying’s soul splitting, occasionally became her nightmare.

She has always been afraid that Li Moying will encounter danger again in order to protect her.

Because of this, she has been working hard to improve herself, in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Today, Li Moying almost died because of her again!

Fortunately, people from the Cloudy Qilin Clan showed up in time.

Although Li Leyun tried to kill her just now, if time goes back, she still hopes that people from the Cloudy Qilin Clan can arrive. At least, Li Moying was safe and sound now…

While Huang Yueli was in a daze, Saint Iniquitous Shadow had been sizing her up.

After a while, he suddenly asked: “That’s not right, after splitting your soul, your soul should be in an extremely unstable state, but your soul is very complete, moreover, it’s stronger than ordinary young cultivators.” It must be hundreds of times stronger, and there is no damage at all, so what is going on?”

Huang Yueli lowered her eyes slightly, “That’s because my husband and I got married again later and successfully consummated…”

“What? Successfully consummated??” Hearing this, Saint Iniquitous Shadow couldn’t help exclaiming, “Then how can you still be alive? What about your husband? Isn’t he too unreliable? Did you consummate? Or is it that the exercises he got are incomplete?”

When Huang Yueli heard what he said about Li Moying, she immediately put on a stern face, “How can my husband be unreliable? If it wasn’t because he saved me, I would have been dead twenty years ago!”