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3563 Secret Inheritance (6)

Saint Iniquitous Shadow was full of disapproval, “Yes, he did save you. However, he should also know that once the marriage is consummated with you, that part of your primordial spirit will return to him. In this way, all his efforts to save you will be in vain! Unless he is tired of you and wants to take this opportunity to get rid of you…”

“Shut up! Although you are a senior, you can’t slander my husband like this!”

Huang Yueli was still explaining well at first, but after hearing such wild speculations from Saint Iniquitous Shadow, she finally couldn’t help it.

What she can’t accept the most is someone slandering Li Moying!

Not a single person!

Saint Iniquitous Shadow glanced at her coldly, “What? Am I wrong?”

Huang Yueli snorted, “Of course not! Besides, you were the one who wrote this manual, and you must know that if I don’t consummate the marriage with him, then sooner or later he will die due to the exhaustion of his soul! How can I just watch him die?”

Saint Iniquitous Shadow said nonchalantly: “Since he has chosen to save you even at the expense of cutting his soul, he probably regards you as more important than his own life! If that’s the case, how can he give up halfway!”

Huang Yueli said seriously: “I’ll say it again, he didn’t give up halfway, but I must save him! At that time we were trapped by the enemies, both of us were going to die, and I also peeked at the secret manual he hid, knowing that consummating our marriage can save him, and it can also greatly increase his strength, so I… For him, my life is more important than his, so why not for me?”

Saint Iniquitous Shadow had no expression at first.

However, after hearing Huang Yueli’s accusation, his expression became more and more serious.

After Huang Yueli finished speaking, he didn’t reply immediately, but narrowed his eyes slightly, as if he remembered something.

After a while, he sighed deeply, “You and your husband have a deep relationship, which is rare in the God Realm.”

After a pause, he asked again: “However, in this way, your own life will be lost. Why are you still alive now? And the soul is so stable? Could it be that… with the help of some top-grade treasure? If you rely on treasures, it’s not impossible, but… this at least has to be the natal Spirit Armament of a strong man in the Profound Fate Realm, right? Moreover, there must be a strong external force to help your primordial spirit and Spirit Armament Fusion!”

It seems that what Huang Yueli said just now moved Saint Iniquitous Shadow. Now, his tone has become much calmer, and his gaze towards Huang Yueli has also become gentler.

Huang Yueli didn’t intend to tell the truth at first, but she didn’t expect Saint Iniquitous Shadow’s eyes to be so sharp. Hearing what she said at the beginning, she deduced that she had a Spirit Armament on her body.

Huang Yueli realized that in front of a top powerhouse like Saint Iniquitous Shadow, she couldn’t hide her little secrets from him at all.

After a little thought, she chose to tell the truth, “Yes, I did have a Spirit Armament to recognize me as its master at the time, and the circumstances at that time were very coincidental. The lower realm we were in was originally covered by demonic qi, which cut off communication. On the way to the God Realm, the barrier formed by the demonic qi was broken at that time, and a large amount of profound energy poured in, which happened to be absorbed by me, helping me complete the fusion of the primordial spirit and the Spirit Armament.”

Hearing Huang Yueli’s words, a man as well-informed as Saint Iniquitous Shadow couldn’t help showing some surprise.