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3561 Secret Inheritance (4)

If so much evil qi is poured into the body of an ordinary cultivator, it will definitely be the result of instant kill!

She was able to survive, so it was definitely a blessing!

However, she was not completely out of harm’s way, at least for now… she was still completely unable to move!

Moreover, she could also clearly feel that the influence of evil qi in her body has not been eliminated, but that these evil qi feel fear in front of Saint Iniquitous Shadow, and she has hibernated herself. Once Saint Iniquitous Shadow leaves, the torment she had endured just now will definitely reappear!

“Senior Iniquitous Shadow, then… what should I do now? So much evil qi has invaded my body, can I force them out again? Please give me some pointers!”

Saint Iniquitous Shadow smiled and said: “Forcing it out? Why do you want to force it out? Although you can’t completely refine the qi contained in these evil qi, as long as you practice my unique technique, you can store them in the dantian, it won’t affect you anymore, just refine it slowly in the future.”

A look of anxiety appeared on Huang Yueli’s face.

“But…Senior Iniquitous Shadow, I don’t want to cultivate evil cultivator’s practices. You must have noticed that I am a cultivator of the ancient gods. When I was in the secret realm, I didn’t absorb the evil qi in the air because of this consideration…”

Huang Yueli spoke very cautiously, for fear of angering Saint Iniquitous Shadow.

But upon hearing her refusal, Saint Iniquitous Shadow still showed obvious anger on his face, “Little girl, what do you mean? I am also a cultivator in the Fate Profound Realm after all, and I am willing to accept you as a closed disciple. If you can’t ask for it, you don’t like it anymore? You, like those vulgar people outside, think that evil cultivators are some villains who are insane and do evil, don’t you?”

Actually, Huang Yueli really had some considerations like this.

Not long after she arrived in the God Realm, she had a falling out with her clan again. She didn’t plan to have another identity as an evil cultivator at this time. It would be conceivable that a lot of trouble would come to her, which would not help her improve her strength at all.

Even if the inheritance of a powerhouse in the Profound Fate Realm is really powerful, for her, the loss outweighs the gain.

After all, with her talent, she could become a top expert in the God Realm through normal practice, so there is absolutely no need to follow such deviated ways.

However, she didn’t dare to tell the truth to Saint Iniquitous Shadow.

But Saint Iniquitous Shadow was not someone who had not seen the world, so he already guessed it in his heart.

The gaze towards Huang Yueli became more and more harsh.

Huang Yueli was sweating profusely from behind. She knew that although Saint Iniquitous Shadow looked gentle and refined on the outside, there was no one who could be easily provoked by such a peerless powerhouse with such a cultivation level!

She suddenly thought of a reason, and quickly said: “Senior Iniquitous Shadow, please don’t get me wrong! I just don’t want to lie to you and let you take in the wrong disciple!”

“Take in the wrong disciple? What do you mean?” Saint Iniquitous Shadow frowned and said, “I’m lucky to be able to receive an disciple with god-level talent!”

Huang Yueli hurriedly said: “Senior, although I’m a god-level genius, it’s true that I was able to absorb these evil qi not because of my inborn special constitution, but because of other reasons. I’m afraid I’m not the successor you’re looking for!”

“Another reason?” Saint Iniquitous Shadow sized her up for a while, then asked suspiciously: “What reason? As far as I know, apart from possessing the physique of evil cultivators, no one can absorb so much evil qi.”