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Chapter 3516: Bringing Home Tons of Stuff (5)

It seems that men don’t appreciate it when they get it!

In the past, this man always praised her for being smart, how could he say she was stupid!

However, listening to Li Moying’s words, it should not really be like Li Tianyi and the others guessed, relying on absolute strength to open the ban left by Saint Iniquitous Shadow, but using a clever method…

What would that be?


Li Moying looked at the bulging cheeks of the girl beside him, and secretly laughed in his heart. The angry look of his little fox was actually the cutest, causing him to keep teasing her whenever he found an opportunity.

Huang Yueli’s eyes fell on the inscription outside the box again, and after thinking for a moment, a light flashed in her mind.

“Ah! I understand!” After she let out a low voice, she lowered her voice abruptly, “Is it your profound strength… is it similar to that of the Saint Iniquitous Shadow…”

She used her profound strength to transmit sound, and no one else could hear it.

A glint flashed by Li Moying’s eyes and there was a hint of approval in them.

His family’s Little Li’er has always been so smart, she’s always the one who knows him best and understands him!

“Not bad!” Li Moying nodded.

Huang Yueli supported her chin with her hand, and said thoughtfully: “Speaking of which, we really have a fate with this Saint Iniquitous Shadow! If he has left behind any inheritance, with your talent and special profound energy, it is not impossible to obtain this inheritance!”

Li Moying’s lips raised into a smile, and said, “You said that my profound strength and special profound energy are special, aren’t you the same? If I can get the inheritance, you must be able to do so too!”

Huang Yueli said: “That’s right, but, I’ve walked around the hut just now, and I can’t see where there is a possibility of inheritance… With the experience and strength of Saint Iniquitous Shadow, what he left behind, the most precious thing will definitely not be some foreign objects such as spirit crystal cores, but the inheritance of his lifelong cultivation base! Not necessarily, only these mysterious techniques, right?”

Huang Yueli pointed to the few books of unique profound skills in the box.

These were indeed very precious, but what could be recorded in words was only a small part of the most obvious inheritance.

The real inheritance itself could not be described in words at all.

It’s like what Huang Yueli got from the Holy Phoenix Inheritance Tower in Soaring Heavens Continent!

As long as you have experienced inheritance, your strength will immediately increase rapidly!

Li Moying also looked very disappointed, “Yes, I believe that there should be more things left here, we must look for it! After the disappearance of the Saint Iniquitous Shadow, the whereabouts of the saint have remained a mystery, and people in the God Realm don’t even know where he died. If he has an inheritance, the biggest possibility is in this abode.”

Huang Yueli nodded, “Alright, let’s look carefully!”

After they packed up the things in the box, Li Moying instructed the few guards to search outside the hut separately.

Huang Yueli took the two divine beast cubs out and stayed in the hut to open the restrictions on the cabinets by the wall one by one.

These restrictions were not the same as those in the previous box, and they could not be broken open only by brute force.

However, Huang Yueli also learned from Li Moying’s experience and knew that her profound strength was compatible with the attributes of Saint Iniquitous Shadow. Using this advantage, she could break these restrictions faster.

After a few hours, Huang Yueli finally broke all the restrictions on the cabinets.