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Chapter 3517: Bringing Home Tons of Stuff (6)

She also attained the conception illustration that she had been thinking about for the longest time!

As soon as Huang Yueli put away the conception illustration, the two divine beast cubs who were waiting impatiently jumped up.

One hugged her thigh, the other tugged at her collar, eager to drag her to the backyard, and take out all the spirit beast crystal cores hidden in the haystack for them!

“Female Devil, hurry up, hurry up! I’m getting impatient!”


“Lil’ Big Sister, after eating the crystal core of the thunder attribute, I can become a cute girl~”

Under the cute attack of the two little things, Huang Yueli was defeated.

“Alright… well, I didn’t say I won’t help you guys!”

She also didn’t bother to look for Li Moying, and was directly dragged by the two little ones to get the crystal cores for them.

After finally cracking the traps and arrays outside the haystacks, it was already dark when Huang Yueli returned to the hut.

Li Moying and the four guards had already rested in the room.

Seeing Huang Yueli coming in, everyone spread the things they found today on the ground and began to count them.

“This secret realm is not big. Apart from this hut and the backyard, there is a large medicine field in front of it. There are a total of forty kinds of high-level spirit herbs planted on it. We picked most of them, however, we kept the roots and did not dig out all of them. After tens of thousands of years, if descendants find this secret realm again, they should be able to pick new herbs…”

“In front of the medicine field, there is a meadow and a small lake, which should have been specially created by Saint Iniquitous Shadow by filling it with spirit water drawn from the outside. There are a lot of aquatic plants in this lake, and there are a lot of spirit beasts on the grass, but these spirit beasts are very powerful, and some of them can’t even be dealt with by the Young Master. Fortunately, there are restrictions outside the lake, so they don’t seem to be able to get close to the hut, otherwise things wouldn’t be so smooth today…”

“Further to the west…”

Listening to Li Tianyi and Li Tianer’s report, Huang Yueli pursed her lips and thought quickly.

As expected of them, they were from a big family and had a rich experience. They also knew that these high-level spirit herbs were treasures of heaven and earth, and it was not easy to grow them alive in the secret realm, so they didn’t dig out the roots along with it.

Huang Yueli immediately thought of her Sky Phoenix Ring.

By the time tomorrow dawns, she can just dig out one or two roots of each of those herbs and plant them in the medicine field in her space.

As for those spirit beasts…

She also knows that the spirit beasts captured by the strong in the Life Profound Realm must be very powerful! If you can tame a few, it will definitely be a big help in the future!

If she can’t tame the big ones, what if she could get a few cubs to raise…

Li Moying’s thoughts were obviously the same as hers, and he said: “I have been observing the grassland for a long time, although those spirit beasts are fierce, but it is not impossible to tame them, it’s just that it’s late today and it’s not convenient to do it. Wait until tomorrow to try again!”

Several guards were shocked, “Young Master, you have already figured out a way to tame the beast?”

In their eyes, Li Moying is usually amazing enough, but now after entering a secret realm for experience, they realised that Li Moying was much more powerful than they had ever imagined!

Not to mention just casually opening the seal of an exponent in the Life Profound Realm, now, even such a ferocious spirit beast could be tamed? ?

Li Moying smiled slightly, and glanced at Huang Yueli.