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Chapter 3515: Bringing Home Tons of Stuff (4)

How could it be possible for someone in the mid-stage of the Heart Profound Realm to have as strong a strength as a peerless powerhouse in the Life Profound Realm?

This spanned across two great realms!

How could there be such an outrageous thing in the world? ?

When the few people were looking at each other, suddenly, a crisp voice came from behind them: “What happened just now? What are you all watching here with your mouths wide open?”


The four of them suddenly turned their heads and saw Huang Yueli’s incomparably charming little face appearing behind them.

She walked over slowly from not far away, blinking her big eyes, her face full of curiosity!

The sound emitted when the box was opened just now interrupted her thoughts and made her notice the situation here.

She was afraid that Li Moying would be in danger, so she hurried over. However, after getting closer, she found that there didn’t seem to be any danger here, but it looked like a scene of opening treasures?

Several guards quickly made way for her.

Li Tianyi explained in a low voice: “Madame, Young Master, he actually…opened the seal and restriction set by an exponent in the Life Profound Realm! This…is simply too terrifying!”

“The seal of an exponent in the Life Profound Realm?” Hearing this, even Huang Yueli was taken aback!

She knows Li Moying’s strength best.

To say that Li Moying was stronger than some weak Dao Profound Realm experts, she will not have any doubts, but to say that he could actually compare with the Life Profound Realm experts…

This…she didn’t believe it was true either.

Huang Yueli quickly glanced at the box on the ground.

She was more familiar with these array inscriptions than Li Moying, and she recognized it at a glance. This was indeed the basic sealing array.

When Li Moying heard the voice of his little fox, he quickly urged her over: “Little Li’er, come and have a look, there are many good things here! Look at this sky crystal spirit jade, didn’t you mention it last time, saying that you can raise the grade of the armament, but is it extremely rare? There is such a big piece in it!”

“What…. What did you say?! Sky crystal spirit jade!!”

When Huang Yueli heard this, she was elated and rushed to Li Moying’s side in excitement.

The two of them squatted together, getting very close, and rummaged through the contents of the box together.

This was indeed a treasure chest specially collected by the Saint Iniquitous Shadow. There were indeed a lot of treasures in it. In addition to rare materials, there were also several unique profound techniques written by the Saint Iniquitous Shadow himself!

The value of this was much higher than the piles of cheat books of various attributes outside!

The unique profound skills of every Life Profound Realm expert cannot be copied, and some cultivators won’t even teach them easily to their disciples.

They haven’t heard of any personal disciples left behind by the Saint Iniquitous Shadow. Maybe these mysterious skills have long been lost in the current God Realm!

The two rummaged through the treasures in the box.

Huang Yueli raised her hand to wipe the sweat off her forehead, then turned her head to look at Li Moying’s deep and handsome side face, her heart moved, and she suddenly remembered what Li Tianyi said just now.

She asked curiously: “Husband, do you really have…ahem, do you have the profound strength of someone at the Life Profound Realm?”

Li Moying paused, glanced at her lightly, and said with a half-smile: “You actually believe the stupid things those brats said?!”

“Uh!” Huang Yueli froze!

What did Li Moying mean by this?

If she also believed the stupid things others say, doesn’t that mean that she was also stupid?

She pouted immediately and threw Li Moying a disgruntled frown.