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Chapter 3473: Entering the Secret Realm (4)

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“Wait! I actually prepared something for you!”

Li Moying stopped, turned to look at her, frowned slightly, “Oh, is that right?”

Obviously, he doesn’t really believe it.

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes and looked innocent, “Really! I prepared something for you, just in case you don’t like it!”

Saying that, she took out a silver-white robe from her interspatial ring and held it in front of Li Moying.


Li Moying couldn’t help but was startled, “This… this is for me? But, this is not… this is not a Spirit Armament, right?”

The robe Huang Yueli took out had a silver-white background and was embroidered with intricate patterns with gold and silver silk threads. It looked low-key and extravagant.

Moreover, Li Moying could see at a glance that this size was completely made according to his figure, and it was much larger than ordinary men’s clothes.

But, no matter what, this was just an ordinary robe.

It looks good, but it doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t have any defensive power…

Huang Yueli said with a smile: “I made this robe myself, how is it? It’s beautiful, right? You already have a treasure-level profound armour, and I can’t improve it if I make another profound armour. Your defense power will actually make you overburdened and affect your speed, so after thinking about it, I made you an ordinary robe. Although it has no defense power, it is very light and thin. It also looks so good!”

“Also, look at these patterns, I also incorporated a few arrays on it, which can increase your speed a little bit. These arrays also increase wear resistance, so even though it looks very thin, but it’s durable!”

Although the profound armour could also be made into the style of ordinary robes, it just looks light and thin, the weight of the material still exists, and the weight of each piece was quite considerable.

After Huang Yueli finished her introduction, she said excitedly, “How is it? I didn’t forget you, did I? Hurry up, wear it and let me see it!”

As soon as these words came out, Li Moying didn’t act immediately, but frowned slightly and froze in place.

Huang Yueli had expected this for a long time, and couldn’t help but secretly laugh in her heart, but she still had a look of anticipation on her face.

“Don’t you blame me for not preparing it for you? Although this is not a Spirit Armament, I made it myself. Don’t you want to wear it? Is it because you dislike my poor craftsmanship?”

Saying that, she pouted and lowered her head with a disappointed expression.

In fact, this robe was not made by Huang Yueli over the past few days, but it has been made a long time ago, and it was made in Soaring Heavens Continent.

However, Li Moying has always liked black robes and disliked white, so he refused to wear them.

Huang Yueli also thought of various ways to coax him to wear it, because she felt that her husband was so handsome, wearing white must be more elegant.

But Li Moying didn’t buy it at all, and made excuses to slip away every time.

While pretending to be pitiful, Huang Yueli peeked at Li Moying from under her drooping eyelashes, and said to herself, “Let you be arrogant! Now that I’m talking about this, do you want to wear it?”

Li Moying stared at Huang Yueli for a while.

Although she knew that her little fox was very cunning, seeing her so disappointed, she tried her best to emphasize how much thought she had put into this dress…

Li Moying felt a sense of guilt, as if not doing what she said would hurt his little fox’s heart!